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By: beachbiscuit
Halo Rescue
Wow, I can't believe the reviews prior. My experience was quite the opposite.. I adopted 2 kittens who were 4 months old this summer. Usually I adopt adult cats, but thought after my one cat died, my surviving cat might enjoy some young ones. They helped me select a kitten that was very friendly and had no fear. Boy they got that right, the first day she went right up to my dog and cat. I also adopted her last littermate as she screeched when the one was taken out of the cage. I am so glad as my kittens renamed Mango and Coconut are so happy together and with my dog and other cat. The staff were great, the animals well cared for. They checked my references as I moved here from NJ. The fees are reasonable and they include updated follow up visits. The staff and volunteers work very hard to find a good home for all the animals. My kittens now 1 year old are doing great. I take them there for their nail trims which are free as they were adopted there-and take my dog and other cat for nail trims---only $5. I also have donated to them, as I think they care about the animals...and work hard to keep getting them their forever homes. I have visited many times and it is always clean, animals well cared for, and they are very busy helping people find there new pet. I would recommend it.
By: Carol B.
Halo Rescue
I can't express how wonderful halo has been to me. I choose a shepard mix to adopt and after a few days took her back with a broken heart. I loved this dog from day one, but I also had at home an old beagle that I share with my kids next door. He was never socialized, he didn't want to share his home with this new dog, bit her on the nose, so of course she was fighting back. Halo helped me learn, with help of a behavior Specilist, Allen, how to handle the situation.They llet me take Kona back and it's been 3 months. I have the most lovable dog I have had my whole life, this wouldn't have worked out with out the understanding and compassion, and help from Halo.
By: Larry W.
Halo Rescue
For the person that lost her dog and had a bad experience with Halo, I can only tell you that is is up to all of us to correct problems instead of elevate them. Halo is the only no-kill shelter in this county and instead of you asking what you can do to help, your question was what can I do to "hurt"! Let me give you some good advice, every organization that starts and is able to survive eventually repairs all of the weak links in their chains. It is up to us, the public to support and make sure that they are able to survive, as do their animals. Halo was founded on a vision of love and caring, please understand that and give it some help!
By: treasurecoastfl
Halo Rescue
This is a great shelter! They help connect people with animals in need of a home - dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and occasionally birds, guinea pigs, and other small pets. They have helped thousands of pets find new homes. Do they ask questions of applicants? You betca! They want to make sure they are pairing animals with a forever home, not a "till its not convenient" home. I've adopted several times from HALO and I love my animals! While others may have encountered difficulties. I have had a very positive experience and I've adopted, as well as donated.
By: Lori V.
Halo Rescue
HALO is a wonderful place for all types of Animals, dogs, cats, birds and bunnys. The owner, staff and volunteers are dedicated and hard working. HALO can always use donations especially money, I know all donations are appreciated but money is what pays the bills, the vets and fixes what is broken. They have Animals with Medical problems as well and Vets are not free, they have to pay like everyone else does. So if you choose a Charity or Organization to Donate to yearly or more often then that....remember.... PLEASE CHOOSE HALO.
By: barb322
Halo Rescue
I had planned to contact them to make a donation - but after reading your comments, I'm hesitant to do so.
Tips & Advices
Most city and county shelters offer affordable spay/neuter services. SPCA and Humane Society shelters also are known for their low-cost spay/neuter programs.
Shelters typically offer spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchipping and some essential medical treatment (deworming, mange treatment) to animals being adopted from the shelter. For other veterinary services, you will need to find a vet.
No-kill and low-kill shelters will state it in their online profile and other official materials. They will usually explain what their process/policy is for looking after the animals in their care. These are also known as “limited admission” shelters because they are usually at full capacity most or all of the time. Also, they often work with rescue organizations or county Animal Services authorities to accommodate animals living in inhumane conditions, abandoned or injured animals.
Anyone can bring a lost animal to a county or municipal shelter. However, private shelters affiliated with rescues often will not accept animals, whether lost or surrendered by owners. Shelters with low-kill policies often have a limited admission capability.
Adopting an adult dog from a county or city shelter usually costs $75-$100. Young adult purebreds and puppies often have a higher adoption fee.  The fee to adopt a cat is usually about $50– sometimes with discounts if one new owner adopts two cats. The adoption fee usually covers the cost of spay/neuter surgery and essential vaccinations.

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