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By: Erin C.
The UPS Store
I work at a nearby college and need to ship high-security items on a regular basis, both with pre-paid labels and by purchasing them with a corporate card --- no experience with other services like printing, packing, faxing, etc.I have to say my experience has been fairly positive and largely problem-free. The items we ship often require a great deal of shipping speed and a high level of insurance. We've had no issues with either.It's true this business doesn't strike me as a wildly happy place to work. Jim, the owner, can be blunt with both customers and staff, although he's never been rude to or around me personally. (Besides, knowing Broadway and Capitol Hill, I sort of sympathize with what they must put up with.) The staff seem kind of cowed, but they do their best to get the job done. There is a lot of turnover, but there have been a few who stuck around for awhile that I was sorry to see leave. During peak times (Christmas, the end of the college year in June, etc) things can get pretty crazy and they look stressed out. . . but it's probably the same at the post office.It could be that, as a regular customer who is known to the staff --- including the owner --- my experience is different from random one-time customers, but I've been pretty happy with it so far
By: Mark S.
The UPS Store
I had a very happy experience at this UPS Store yesterday. After a long day of problems and hassles, I came into the store to return some cable TV equipment to Comcast. I was helped by a man named Jim, who manages the store. Although I had the wrong packaging and no shipping label, Jim happily re-packaged the equipment and arranged for shipping at no charge (apparently they have an arrangement with Comcast). While Jim was working on this, I noticed that he was using a mouse pad that resembled a miniature Persian rug. "That's a nice mouse pad," I said, "I ought to get one like that." Jim smiled, and when he was finished processing my package, he handed me the mouse pad as a gift, which blew me away.I have the mouse pad on my desk right now. Whenever I use it, I'll think of Jim's calm, positive manner, and how he made a bad day better.
By: Gam B.
The UPS Store
I never thought I would have a go-to UPS store, and in fact I've never paid to mail anything via UPS, but as a dedicated Zappos shopper I end up doing free returns somewhat regularly, and this is my usual spot. It's located next to Marination on the roof level of QFC, which means there's always free parking available in the small lot - nice when you're hauling boxes! The store is clean and well maintained and I've never seen a line of more than one or two people, so you can get in and out quickly. They always get my boxes scanned and my shipping receipt quickly and efficiently. Recently I had them hold a Xmas delivery for a small fee ($5/box), and that worked out well - they had written my name on the boxes, knew exactly where they were, and got them immediately. Much better than other UPS pickups I've done at other locations.
By: Troutman T.
The UPS Store
I live on Kitsap Peninsula and have had a UPS mailbox at this store for over two and a half years. In response to a recent post that was negative toward Mr. Jim Brown, I will say that he has gone above and beyond his call of duty more than once. He took a painting to my son in Tukwila that was too large to mail. He could have crated it at $250+, and taken my money. Instead, he offered to drop it off himself and charged me only $100! He may not be a morning person, but he warms up nicely as the day goes on. I have never, ever had a problem with package deliveries. Ever. I often ask them to send my mail by UPS to Kitsap when I can't get into Seattle, and the UPS guys on the Kitsap side are courteous, and efficient. I love UPS! I think Mr. Brown is an excellent business owner, so there!
By: April G.
The UPS Store
Seriously who doesn't love to receive packages? Because I know I sure do! So I have been to this location more than once. And every single time the service is always great. I dealt with almost all of their employees and every single one of them is extremely friendly. Plus you don't have to worry about bringing in your package boxed and ready to ship. Because they'll box up whatever you bring in at a very fair price. So in my book that extra charge is totally worth it. And in case you forgot grandma's birthday don't fret, because they have greeting cards on hand. Plus there is a Bartell's just a few steps away if your granny needs something more like the Clapper.
By: Zenia H.
The UPS Store
Because of the friendly staff, great location, and convenient parking, I always use this UPS location when I have to ship. I've visited this location a number of times over the past year and have always been met with friendly help, which I NEED. Another plus, I've never had trouble finding parking in the lot. As a shipping novice, I usually need all the help I can get. Jon has helped me on multiple occasions and has always had fast and friendly service. Today he trimmed down the box I was shipping, which ended up minimizing my shipping cost. Thanks Jon, and see you next time!
By: Cam L.
The UPS Store
These folks always help me. But last weekend in particular they were absolutely professional and total sweethearts. Last Saturday I walked in at 20 till close with 7 boxes. No one sighed or was otherwise rude. They helped me till the very last box--plus the four statues that they had to pack themselves.Then my credit card got declined. And Jim was so kind. He waited until a friend could come bail me out--well over half an hour past close. I am indebted to these folks.I recommend them strongly. And also I only use ups and not fedex because ups has a union and fedex doesn't.
By: Merr B.
The UPS Store
I have been in several times over the past few months and I have been really impressed by the customer service here, and I had such exemplary customer service here yesterday that I am writing this....because who ever gets good customer service at copy and print shops? It's as if they know you have other things to do, and they help you take care of business and get it done as fast as possible, and it's the first time I have ever had that experience at such a place. They are proactively helpful and efficient. Quite remarkable, so much so I felt the need to write this.
By: Leo F.
The UPS Store
I have had a maiing box here for several years. JIm and staff have always treated me with the best service I could ask for, always cheerfully retrieving the mounds of packages I receive there. I moved from the neghborhood two years ago but decided to keep a mail box there as I appreciate their service and easy parking! "Mr. Ponytail" whom another reviewer mentioned, is Jon, and he is a veritable Rock of Gibralter of calmness and good service even when the place is packed with 20 people...thank you, Jon, for all your good work!
By: Corinaa L.
The UPS Store
We brought in seven packages, including a full set of very fancy dishes we had received for our wedding and needed to return, sending across the country. Jim assessed the situation and quickly let us know that they had a snowball's chance in hell of arriving intact, and why - despite our best intentions. He proceeded to give us his undivided attention and personally re-packed the entire set, insured them, and had us on our way.

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