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By: Elvi S.
Pierre Ford
I can't believe I am writing a good review for a car salesman, for those of you who don't know me, I hate this breed of human and have, on multiple occasions, walked out of a dealership due to how pushy they get. Just ask the Chevy dealer across the street.This review is for buying a CMAX energi with Captain. we got SUPER lucky and found Captain on our last go round and I have to say he is the best car salesman I have ever met. Just outstanding. Actually, he may be the best salesman I have ever met, in the, best to work with from a customer perspective. Why Captain is fantastic and you should ask for him by name:Does not pressure you: This is huge, he never pushed us. We went and drove some cars and he asked for all our info as they do. He was so nice and laid back I actually gave it to him. He did stay in touch, but never in a creepy way. Just checked if we had questions. If I told him we needed a few weeks, he didn't write for a few weeks. He did follow-up after that time but I know had I told him not to write me anymore, he would have respected that as he did all my other requests. Also, I told him I don't like phone calls and he never called, just texts. So again, he listens and communicates how you want him to.Super accommodating: We were buying a car because we are expecting a little one. I used to have a mini, and I loved that car. It was kind of unnatural how much I loved that car. In an effort to keep it, we decided to try and put a car seat in the back to be 100% certain I couldn't keep it. That was about as hilarious and sad as you can imagine. Needless to say, a 6'1'' husband and a car seat don't both fit in the mini. I had a mild freak out moment at this news and we actually called Captain and asked if we could go measure the CMAX. We weren't gonna buy it yet, but we wanted another look at it. He said yes and not only that, but he took out the car seat from his own car and attached it to the CMAX so we could see how it looked. He even showed us how it works attaching it. We didn't buy the car that day and he didn't push us to. Just gave us the info we needed.Helped us find the car we wanted:We actually went in looking for the small SUV (Escape) and were loving it. My husband started asking about gas mileage and when he saw how important that was to him he suggested the CMax. That turned out to be the best car for us. He could have pushed us and pressured us into the Escape, it would have been easy, but no, he took the extra time, knowing we weren't buying that day, to go on another test drive with us.Personality:Ok, he's just a funny guy. On top of not pushing you, he listens and has a great sense of humor. If you gotta be stuck in a car with a guy for 20 minutes at a time, this is a good one to be stuck with.this was the easiest we have ever had. They got us a decent deal and great financing so we are happy with how it went down. One thing that's useful to note, if you buy at the end of the month on a month where they need to sell cars to make a quota, you get a better deal, that's just how it goes, buy at the end of the month.Overall, Captain is awesome, if I ever need a car and it's a Ford, I'm calling him. Other salesmen here are not as cool, so before you go, call an ask for an apt with him.
By: aamirkhan47
Elliott Bay Auto Brokers
I called about a 2007 X5. More curious than anything because I had never driven one but was in love with the shape. Zack answered the phone and my first impressions were extremely skeptical; independent dealership, “we take good care of our cars”, “we do right by the customer” and more. A lot of big promises that I have heard from other dealers before and have always been unpleasantly surprised to find are untrue. Upon arriving at the dealership, there is a very large show room and a lot of inventory. Zack was with a customer and passed me onto James because they are not commissioned sales people. Not commissioned? - now that I like. James was very knowledgeable about all the packages, features and quirks about the X5. He was even able to give me a detailed break down of the differences between the X5, Q7 and ML. I was really impressed by his knowledge and pointing out things I hadn’t considered. When I wanted to test drive the car he took my info and just gave me the keys. I wasn't sure about the size of the trunk and had previously been thinking about a Q7. James not only gave me freedom to test drive the X5 but had a Q7 pulled up and ready when I returned for a side by side comparison. This was a lot of running around for him for me when I had clearly said I was just looking. When I compared the two cars side by side, he was right about all the quirks particular to my situation and the X5 was a clear winner. There was absolutely no pressure to buy anything but we sat down to look at some pricing anyway. I was blown away by how open both he and Zack were about everything. There are no managers (the worst types of human beings) or finance guys so all the decision-making was with these guys. They actually printed out a rate sheet from the bank and showed me the rates available to me without increasing them. When it came to my trade in they allowed me to remove my customized parts and gave me a very fair price. It was the tax advantage that James shared with me which ultimately sealed the deal. I had originally gone down there to just look but the excellent customer services, knowledge, honesty and great deal got me a new car ☺My story and great experience would have ended there. HOWEVER, after buying the car as-is with no warranty, I drove it to Mt. Baker ski lodge for a family trip with my kids. Upon arriving at the lodge the X5 started leaking coolant violently and before I new it the car was ready to overheat. $!@$ was my reaction. I knew that the dealership would give me the standard “as-is” disclaimer. I was stuck on a mountaintop with a broken down car, kids, miles from home and no warranty. I thought I would call Elliott Bay just in case, even though I knew what to expect. To my surprise, these guys not only took care of the parts and labor to fix the coolant tank but covered the several hundred dollar tow from Mt baker back a 128 miles to Seattle. I was blown away. They even gave as another x5 as a loaner and sent the car back to have another inspection performed on it just incase anything else was wrong. My experience James, Zack, Spencer, Adam, Dan and Elliott Bay has been nothing short of spectacular and I would thoroughly recommend them!
By: monyguy
Elliott Bay Auto Brokers
First let me tell you I’m no novice to car shopping or financing. I have bought many, many, many cars from dealerships since I was 16 years old prior to us moving to Washington. It was time for a new vehicle so my wife and I were in the market for a late model BMW 750Li and had been searching for quite some time. We first went to a local Puyallup dealer “Tent Sale” just to look and they (in the typical car lot sales pressure fashion) did everything they could to “put me into” everything they felt they could sell me, just because they did not have the car we wanted to buy. A real waste of time! The search went on…. FORTUNATLEY, we met Zac & Rob at ELLIOTT BAY AUTO BROKERS in Seattle, Wa. We were amazed at their inventory of fine automobiles all in excellent condition, super clean, with low miles and best of all at Amazing Prices too! The sales experience was relaxed, pleasurable and totally pressure free. Their financing was easy, lightning fast and what a Great Rate! And the owner Jim, well you couldn’t meet a nicer guy that knows his business and really cares about his customers. I wouldn’t be surprised if a good number of Elliott Bay’s business is from return customers. As busy business professionals we will certainly be back on our next vehicle purchase. Thanks’ again Jim, Rob, Zac & everyone at ELLIOTT BAY AUTO BROKERS for making or recent vehicle purchase an absolute “BEST IN CLASS” automobile shopping experience!
By: Anderson W.
First National Fleet & Lease
I know nothing about cars, have embarrassingly bad credit (I'm working on it) and was beyond nervous about buying a car, but my experience with first national could not have been better. I drove home that same day in a 2013 ford escape with the option to get it inspected before anything was finalized. My mechanic indicated it was a solid vehicle with a slight alignment issue. The dealership fixed the alignment issue, and I drove away happy. 6 months later, every novice car buyers worst nightmare. Odd noises and weird handling out of the blue. I take it in, and they tell me it comes back to the original alignment issue. I called the dealership very upset but after half a year I was honestly expecting to be told to suck it up and deal with it- I had bought a used vehicle and it's buyers beware in most car lots in america, after all. Instead John Yang (sp?) personally handled my call, told me they'd investigate, and reached out to Les Schwab on my behalf. Upon follow up, he told me they're talking care of the full repair on their account, got my finish date moved up a full week, and was a consummate professional through and through. I think the real mark of a company is how it stands behind its work, and I've been beyond pleased with how First National has stood behind the car they sold me.
By: N.b. M.
First National Fleet & Lease
This was by far the best experience I have ever had buying a car. Everyone there was very friendly and quick with a hand shake and even looked you square in the eyes while doing it! The vehicle I purchased was well under blue book and to top it off, a very nice in good condition truck. My salesman Ahmed was top notch. When I first met him his first words were "I'm not going to BS you in anyway". At first I was skeptical, but to my surprise and relief he didn't. Very up front, first thing he did was show me the few flaws the truck had which weren't many. Usually a dealer tries to hide those from you by pointing out the shiny rims or something. So to wrap this glowing review up. You can't go wrong at First National Fleet and Lease. Go see Ahmed when you do go he'll treat you right. To top it all off when I was leaving I even got a bro hug from the owner. That's good people!!
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By: Gerardo S.
CB Credit King
I went to CB Credit King to shop for a Truck , & i found that they have this 2005 GMC Sierra w/c was really in top & excellent condition ,& I met this guy , Mike who helped to test drive the Truck & I was satisfied with the excellent customer service they showed to me & I was introduced to their Boss Kirk , who was so being accomodating & helped all the way through the whole process by helping me getting the right terms & conditions in order for me to acquire the Truck that I want . And I was very satisfied with all helped I got , so I like to thanks all the guys like Mike , Gerald & their Boss Kirk the Very good job they have done in helping me to buy the truck . Thanks , Guys , Good Job ! I will introduced this dealership to all my friends in the future when it comes to satisfied Car buying experience.. Gerry Sicat
By: Nicola D.
First National Fleet & Lease
I read alot of reviews on this dealership, of course you read the bad first. But I was really interested in a car they had so I went anyway. The car was beautiful, it was having a few repairs done, to make sure it was in the best condition possible, and I returned when it was ready to drive. I love my new Nissan!! The staff at First National were great! I had some issues with my credit and they got me a loan and even worked with me on the down payment. I have had a couple concerns since I brought my car home and they have been handled. I'm just glad I knew that it's usually unhappy people that post online and rarely the happy ones. But I wanted to let people know that this was a great place and I will be a return customer. Glad I didn't miss out on my car...I love it!!
By: Justine W.
Emerald City Auto Inc
My husband was in need of a new work van, so he stopped in at Emerald City Auto in Seattle. The salesman "Robert" was amazing!! My husband is difficult to deal with, and Robert was extremely patient and was the perfect man for the job because he made my husband a happy man and got him the right van at the right price. there were a few little things my husband wanted dealt with and Robert was right on top of it and had it taken care of immediately. Everything is clean and well taken care of at Emerald City from what we could see, and we HIGHLY recamend this car lot!! They will make sure you are happy when you leave. Look for Robert he is amazing!! Thank you Robert for making my husband a happy man! Brett & Justine Webber
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By: Danielle K.
CB Credit King
I filled out an online application, thinking I would never really hear back from any one. just a couple hours, a very charming gentleman called me back. Eric, asked me if I was still interested in the 2008 Ford Escape I had applied for. I told him I was currently at another dealership and would have to get back to him. Even after that, he was so polite. Asked me what I was looking for and how much I wanted to pay and a couple other questions. Next thing I know, I get a text saying he can MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!! And, he did! I got exactly what I wanted and what I wanted to pay for it! In just a few hours, I was driving away in my new truck! I could not be happier!!!!
By: Dela M.
First National Fleet & Lease
Just bought a 2007 Saturn outlook with only 35000 miles. The staff were very helpful and courteous. We are on a fixed income so price was a big factor not to mention my approval from the bank only allowed for 100% loan to value. After learning this the sales manager Yonas went to the owner and got special approval to allow a deep discount on the asking price for the vehicle so that it would match with what USAA said the vehicle was worth. Couldn't be happier with our purchase and the exceptional service provided by first national. If you are a veteran or just want a great car for the right price definitely go here.
Tips & Advices
The cost of repairing a radiator can range from $15-$200 or more. A new hose can be purchased you can get the job done by purchasing a hose for between $15-$50.  If the water pump needs replacement, one can be purchased for $35-$75. Hiring a professional mechanic to repair a radiator will cost $80-$125 hour, and repairs typically take one or two hours.
Self-installing a radiator can be difficult without having  previous experience working under a car's hood. The process involves allowing the radiator to cool, and then draining all the coolant. The radiator's sensors, hoses, and fans need to be unhooked. Next, the radiator is unscrewed and removed from the frame, and the new radiator is installed.
When selecting a new radiator, look for one made by a brand with a strong reputation, since quality can vary tremendously among brands. Crossflow radiators tend to be more efficient, but some older cars will only accommodate downflow radiators. Determine whether you want to purchase a plastic, aluminum, or copper radiator. Aluminum radiators offer superior cooling capacity.
Aftermarket radiators are safe to use. The benefit of aftermarket radiators is that they are often less expensive than radiators from the car's manufacturer. It's possible to find high-quality aftermarket radiators, and there are many solid choices out there. However, the quality can vary significantly from brand to brand.
Radiators can be repaired. If the temperature gauge on the car's dash is reading higher than normal, it's a good idea to get a mechanic to take a look at the car's radiator and cooling system to see if repairs are necessary. Prompt radiator repair can help avoid costly engine damage.

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