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By: Sayoko K.
Renewal By Andersen
Renewal By Andersen = High-Quality Products + Excellent Customer Service through and through!! We have an old, custom-build house where nothing is "standard." We had a big job--replacing windows and doors throughout the house. A sales agent, Eric J., was very knowledgeable and informative. He suggested good solutions and alternative for us. Measure Tech Robert M. further clarified our plan down to minute details that only a specialist would notice. Coordinator Cory V. was always on top of things. On the first day of installation, two installers, Coltin G. and Waylin E., showed up on time, clean, neat, and courteous. Boy, did they work hard for the next 5 day! I was at home for the entire time. Installing windows correctly takes a lot of skills and communication (and patience) between the two, one on the inside and the other on the outside of the house. I have never heard their voice raised as they adjusted windows down to the last millimeter. They methodically worked together. They protected the area they worked very well. Each day, the area they worked in was cleaned up. I am a daughter of a general contractor and know a bit about building/remodeling projects. So, I always anticipate unforeseen issues to pop up. The caliber of a contractor is often determined by how they solve those unexpected issues. Given the size of the project, all in all things went smoothly. But there were a couple of issues. Coltin and Waylin presented a solution each time and never made them my problems. Renewal By Andersen is a tightly knit company where everyone actually communicates with each other. I felt they care about us, the customer. Now that all the work is completed, we are VERY happy with both their products and service.
By: Scott B.
Renewal By Andersen
My wife and I agonized for a few years about replacing the windows in our house. We spoke to 2 or 3 companies and they were all disappointing. Hesitantly, we scheduled Renewal by Andersen to give us a quote. They sent a gentleman by the name of David D. to our home. He was precisely the type of salesperson that works for us - helpful but not pushy, expedient but not rushed and, best of all, realistic. He worked with us to come up with a fair price to replace 10 windows in our home. When he left we were very happy and excited about our new windows.The company was then quick to send an installation supervisor, Chad M., to our home to get the final measurements. Chad did a great job of explaining exactly what they needed to do to replace our windows. Some of our windows were a bit tricky but Chad correctly and accurately assessed what we needed.3-4 weeks later the Installer Team of Waylin and Casper arrived at our home. The plan was for them to install all 10 windows in one day. They arrived on time and quickly got to work. To say that they did a great job would be an understatement. Waylin and Casper did an amazing job. They were friendly, hard working and very considerate of our home. They completed the job in one day and left no mess behind. Our windows look amazing and we couldn't be happier. The new windows have made huge difference in our home. No longer do we suffer in the heat. Every representative from Renewal by Andersen exceeded our expectations - especially David and Waylin. We highly recommend Renewal by Andersen. Great company and great people.
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By: Anders I.
Renewal By Andersen
After shopping around we decided to go with Renewal by Anderson to replace our 9 windows in our older 1930’s house. The price felt a bit high at first but after the project was finished it was well worth the cost.At the 2015 home show in Seattle we requested a sales rep to come visit our house to share with us what options Anderson provided. There was a detailed presentation on the windows and my wife picked out the styles she wanted. The financing was wonderful since it was a 0% interest for 24 months.The team of installers (Coltin, Waylin, Klinton and Kraig) arrived early for the installation. They put down cloth and plastic throughout entire house which I appreciated. The quality and speed of the work was fantastic. We’ve had many contractors working around our property the past few months and none came close to being as wonderful as the team from Renewal by Anderson. I appreciate the time they took to perfect the job around our new egress window.The job was completed in 1 day which was amazing. We love the new windows and will definitely have Renewal by Andersen replace any future windows and recommend to all family and friends.
By: Nancy R.
Renewal By Andersen
I've replaced 19 windows now with Andersen, and in a couple of weeks they'll also replace a sliding glass door which opens onto a deck. It's been great working with the Seattle division, and particularly with the installing crew who just finished the bulk of the windows, Coltin Gilles and Waylin Eckley. They were efficient, personable, and caring about the job they did here. When I mentioned that I was afraid there were so many vehicles parked in the street that the garbage truck couldn't get by, Coltin parked the truck that morning with its wheels up on the sidewalk, just so the collecting trucks could get by easily. I appreciated that. It was apparent that I wasn't the ONLY one in the world who cared, even if it had been a hand-wringing, little-old-lady concern. Love the new windows, and there's a real difference in an Andersen window!
By: raytman
Renewal By Andersen
These guys are great. Their showroom is very nice and the people that work there are very knowledgeable and friendly. They have, in my opinion, the best products around. And their installation crew that did our house was the best installation people I have ever dealt with. They were very careful and courteous and they did a great job and most important, respective towards our house. The prices for their products are a bit high but you are getting the best. Me and my wife had Andersen install a Bow window in our front room and a sliding glass door that leads out to our patio. Both of these items are absolutely beautiful. And the function-ability of these items is absolutely great. If you want the best products and the best installation around then this is the place you want to go. I highly recommend this company.
By: Michael F.
Renewal By Andersen
Had 3 large windows installed in our home yesterday by Coltin, Waylin and Mark. The windows are superb and these guys are true craftsmen. They took great care in making sure the windows were perfectly installed. It was a cold, rainy and windy day and they were mindful of not tracking in mud and leaves; they covered areas both inside and out of the house where they'd be working to protect plants, hardwood floors, rugs and furniture. They were meticulous in their installation and, once finished, reinspected everything. They also identified some very small flaws in the glass (ones that I probably wouldn't have noticed) that they reported to have replaced. Our home was noticeably warmer and we were able to lower the settings on the thermostat for all times of the day and night. We couldn't be happier!!!
By: William W.
Renewal By Andersen
After putting it off for years, we finally decided to replace the windows in our bedroom and living room plus replacing one of the windows with a door. We met first with Eric Jacobson who helped us decide on the type and style of the replacements. Then Colton Gilles and his crew of Dan M., Matt V., and Steve S. went to work . Besides replacing the windows they also had to install two large picture windows on a wall that previously had two very small windows and two 9 foot box windows. They worked fast and clean, always checking that they were doing just what we wanted. We love the new windows and admire the workmanship.
By: Justin J.
Renewal By Andersen
Every interaction I had with this company was top notch. They replaced my aluminum single pane windows with windows that are much more attractive and energy efficient. It has made a huge difference in the temperature of my home. My wife hasn't complained about being cold in the house since they were installed. My installers were respectful of our space and worked efficiently. They did the job well and left it 100% complete. No painting or cleaning left over for me to do.
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By: Paul P.
Renewal By Andersen
The 5 star review is for the installers Kraig and Klinton Chupp. They exceeded our expectations with their professionalism, quality of workmanship, protection of our interior possessions and landscaping. Their cordial and genuine personalities were a pleasure to have in our home. They are a major asset to Renewal by Andersen or any other company that is fortunate to have them work for them. The rest of Renewal by Andersen could learn a major lesson from these two men.
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By: Cheryl H.
Renewal By Andersen
Wow, of course I love the windows as over the years as I have remodeled I had Andersen Windows put in so I know about the quality of the windows. What impressed me most was the efficiency and quality of the work of the two personable installers Kraig and Klinton. They worked together with no time lost and when they were done restored everything as it had been on arrival. I couldn't believe that the three windows could be replaced in such a short amount of thime.
Tips & Advices
Windows that open from the top are safest for children, assuming the child can't reach the opening. Parents who have windows that open from the bottom or sides can childproof them with wedges or window guards.
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have any references or past work I can see?
  • Do you provide free estimates?
  • How much will the project cost?
  • When will the project be completed?
  • Is the crew hired or contracted, and do you conduct background checks?
  • Who will be in my home?
  • Do you offer a warranty?
Not necessarily. Unless all the windows are equally damaged or pose equal danger, homeowners can stagger their replacements to suit their budget.
  • Wood frames are beautiful and can be customized with paint and stains, but they also expand and contract as the weather changes. They're also susceptible to rot, mold, and pests. As such, wood frames require constant maintenance.
  • Vinyl frames are far more durable than wood. They resist moisture and are usually created with ultraviolet light stabilizers. This prevents the sun from damaging the frames over time. In addition, vinyl frames can be filled with insulation.
  • Aluminum frames are light and weather resistant, but they also conduct heat rapidly.
  • Fiberglass frames are the sturdiest option. Like vinyl options, they can be filled with insulation. Fiberglass frames also resist weather damage and do not crack, peel, expand, contract, bend, or warp.
Single-pane windows use one sheet of glass. Double-pane windows use two sheets of glass held together by a sealant. A small space between the panes is filled with air or gas to minimize the transfer of heat. Triple-pane windows add another sheet of glass and insulating space.

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