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722 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105

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Cuisine: Mediterranean, Italian, European, Pizza

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  • Truly the worst club experience ever.

    -Terrible experience.
    -Harassed by extremely hostile bouncers.
    -$20 cover when they told us we'd be on the VIP list.
    -The bouncer at the door basically molested me while frisking me.
    -Never again!

    When exiting the club we were followed by about 5-10 bouncers to my car for no particular reason. We were parked in a public parking lot and not quite ready to drive. I tried to explain that but rather than listening they surrounded us in an extremely intimidating manner and started photographing us to assure that we could never come back to the club. Never experienced such bizarre treatment in my life.

  • Ridiculous

    This place is ridiculous. The dress code is something like: no t-shirts (all shirts must have a collar), no logoed clothes, no sports clothes or screened clothes, no hoodies, shirts must be tucked in, no baggy pants (fitted pants only), no slip-on or velcroed shoes (laced shoes only), pants must have belt loops.

    And after going through all of that and the equally ridiculous multiple security checks, getting frisked each time, the food was slow to arrive and crappy when it finally did arrive, and the drinks were mixed wrong.

    Oh, and lingerie bartenders really means bartenders dressed in Halloween costumes.

  • Avoid at all costs!

    I showed up at 11:00 on a Friday, the line was long so it seemed like it would be fun, the bouncer said they were open till 4AM, so I figured I'd stay.

    We got in at 12:30 and headed straight to the bar, upon leaving the bar, I was patted down (seriously) to make sure I wasn't sneaking a drink out of the bar...the place is SO small that even if I was sneaking a drink, I don't know where I would be sneaking it to. The music is good. The DJ uses a strategy to start playing techno music at 2AM because the crowd is mostly hip-hop, I had a large group of friends who happen to like techno and they kicked us out at 3...damn liars! We thought it was open till 4? Nonetheless, the club is ok if you're bored and don't have anywhere else to go.

  • Teenyboppers go Home!

    Fusion lounge is a great place to have a drink because of the ambiance and the bar tender is cool, other than that though, we went in on a friday night and all we saw were teeny boppers starting fights and being thrown out. I don't think underage people are mature enough to spend time in a cocktail lounge, they just ruin it for everybody. Go back to Deviate. Fusion should ban any underagers into their place before I will ever go back.

  • Worst Happy Hour in Seattle!!

    This place is lame! Happy hour?? Surely you jest!! More like an hour of anger, annoyance, and bitterness. A friend and I decided to try out Fusion for happy hour the other day. I was looking forward to relaxing, catching up with my friend, and enjoying good food & drinks after a long day at work. Much to my dismay, I had to deal with HORRIBLE customer service and instead of relaxing, I left with a HUGE headache.

    When we entered Fusion and took our seats, it took about 10 minutes before anyone came to take our drink orders. When the waitress finally brought our drinks, she spilled some of mine on the table and all over my napkin. However, instead of apologizing and bringing me a new (dry) napkin, she just walked off.

    By this point we were hungry and annoyed that no one had brought us a food menu. We had to ask for a food menu and then proceeded to order appetizers. The waitress acted as if she had a great memory and took our order without writing anything down. 20 minutes later she returned to confirm that we had ordered quesadillas , WHICH WE HAD NOT!!! Another 25 minutes went by and still NO FOOD. I began to get ANGRIER and ANGRIER. Finally, the waitress showed up with our food and PLACED QUESADILLAS ON OUR TABLE!! I calmly told her again that we did not order quesadillas and she began to argue and imply that we did order it and must have changed our minds. Additionally, she only brought HALF of our order.

    We waited another 20 minutes for the rest of our food and finally got fed-up. We asked for our bill and were stunned to see that they had OVERCHARGED us for drinks. Needless to say, we had them correct the bill and DID NOT LEAVE A TIP. I will NEVER visit Fusion again. They are unprofessional and lack customer service. The waitress acted like she didn't want to be there! Do yourself a favor and avoid Fusion like the plague!!!

  • UnHappy Hour...

    Tried Fusion for a midweek Happy Hour. Got there at 6:30 PM, confused because the sign outside says Happy Hour is 4-6 PM?
    1/2-price apps and 2.50 for tap beers sounds great and the place had an ultra cool vibe, especially the upstairs semi-private VIP booths. Plenty of flat screens everywhere with good sound to go with the music videos so we loved that...
    Tried to order a drink and 3 apps. but bartender was way way too busy unless you had a seat at the bar! And forget about table service! Finally got a drink (myself) and 1 of 3 apps. arrived, problem was the bacon wrapped around the shrimp was still raw in the middle...yuck!
    Waited over 35 minutes for our other 2 apps., asked the bartender and he said, with attitude, ""it takes at least 20 minutes for food everywhere, honey!"" That clinched the deal. I won't be back.

  • Where have all the servers gone?

    Here is what you can expect to experience at Fusion Ultra Lounge in Seattle's U-District:

    5:12 pm -- arrive at Fusion - 15-20 strangers are already there - 2 waitresses, 2 bartenders, 2 cooks
    5:30 p.m. - waitress #1 finally strolls over to take drink orders - ask for food menu
    5:50 p.m. - drinks arrive - ask again for food menu
    6:00 p.m. - menu finally appears on table
    6:08 p.m. - flag down waitress #2 to order 4 items from menu (stuffed bacon jalapenos, chicken wings, bacon wrapped prawns, & steak skewers) - waitress #2 memorizes order & leaves
    6:25 p.m. - waitress #2 confirms order of quesadillas - restate order
    6:40 p.m. - waitress #1 brings chicken wings & quesadillas - refuse quesadillas & restate order
    6:50 p.m. - stuffed, bacon jalapeno appetizer arrives - very spicy - ask waitress #1 for water
    7:15 p.m. - no water or 2 remaining appetizers
    7:20 p.m. - still no water or appetizers - fed up - decide to leave - go to bar for bill
    7:22 p.m. - bill promptly arrives - waitress #2 comps appetizers & blames kitchen staff - overcharged on drinks - send bill back - peak in kitchen - see staff with nothing to do
    7:25 p.m. - new bill arrives - pay bill & leave.

  • Bad drinks; hopefully the food is better
    cam smom

    I've been in Fusion Ultra Lounge 3 or 4 times, usually to have a drink before going to a movie at the Metro. I've yet to get a good drink. How can you screw up a cranberry & vodka??? That takes effort. I didn't blame them as much when they couldn't make a bloody mary because I think that takes a little more knowledge. But I've yet to get a well made drink. I've also had three different bartenders there. I just don't get it.

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