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By: Gordon M.
Albert M. Raines PLLC
I sat in Albert Raines' court years ago as a defendant. His conduct was beyond deplorable. Clearly City of Kirkland wanted to feel good about having a black judge, so they looked past the fact that Raines was an unscrupulous, incompetent, unethical POS.
By: Peter P.
Albert M. Raines PLLC
Albert Raines was disbarred for theft from client trust funds. He was hired as a judge by the City of Kirkland based on their desire to hire a person of color rather than an experienced jurist. It cost them millions.
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By: marcus.reed.56884
Puckett & Redford PLLC
Had a court case and we agreed id be out on the 31st both signed saying no eviction and had it stamped. Yesterday on the 18th i get a posted eviction notice saying i need to be out and the sheriff will remove my stuff and my dog by the 25th. Im in indiana on a business trip. What dispicable law firm is this? Ive never seen a legal firm go and seriously just do blatantly whatever they want.
By: Jo L.
Goldberg & Jones
Very infomative, answered all of my questions, and guided me through this very difficult time in my life.
By: Mehdi D.
The Blankenship Law Firm, PS
We hired Mr. Blankenship after my wife lost her job of 9.5 years. It was devastating to lose her job and restart her career. Trying to find gainful employment and rebuild her reputation was very difficult. It took the Blankenship law firm years and years to handle the case. Years later, Mr. Blankenship walked away with the settlement and told us we should be happy. It is devastating that a law firm can do this to clients with their fee agreement.
By: Sue S.
The Blankenship Law Firm, PS
Beware of this law firm! Their fee agreement works to their benefit and to the clients disadvantage. Mr. Scott Blankenship will then send you threatening emails to remove your posts because he does not want the public to know. I regret working with this law firm. I hope the public do not make the same error I did in choosing to work with them.
By: Sue S.
Scott Blankenship Atty
Beware of this law firm. Their fee agreement will only work towards their advantage and you as a client will suffer. Coming from someone who hired them and now has threatening emails from Mr. Blankenship to remove my posts because he does not want the public to know.
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By: Mike H.
Anne LW Gould Legal Dept
She has no legal expertise. Anne's recommendations resulted in the court finding that I acting in "bad faith." My children were then ripped from Washington due to a legal technicality that she was not aware of.She is unprepared. We were in court several times and EACH time she was unable to make reasonable arguments. She spent most of her time rifling through paper notes. She would spend several BILLABLE hours (according to her) studying our case but then had no idea how to respond to any line of questioning.She is dishonest. When Anne represented me there were several letters that needed to be written for trial. I personally wrote each of these letters and then sent them to her for formatting. She submitted these word for word as I had written them. She then CHARGED me several hours of "writing legal responses." She is a fraud. I fired Anne after 7 months of misrepresentation. After Anne agreed to forgive "overcharged" hours she then SUED ME for over $8k.
By: Sue S.
The Blankenship Law Firm, PS
The Blankenship law firm agreement will work to your disadvantage as a client and to their advantage as a law firm. You will be billed for Scott Blankenship to eat lunch at $500/hour, lunch tabs, dinner tabs, cab rides, ethics counsel for the law firm and as a client you will not see 1 REAL invoice for 3 years that shows what they really bill you. They will take your entire settlement so it is not worth it to use this law firm. Find a law firm that works to your advantage as a client. They took over 80% of my settlement and the fee agreement leads you to believe it is 40%. The fine print is misleading and they will not even attempt to file your case for an entire year. Stay away from this law firm. Mr. Blankenship even posts your case on the internet without your permission and sends other confidential cases by accident to you as a client.
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By: Christy D.
Nle Design
Neil has done suck a fantastic job for us. Not only do all of our drawing look amazing!!! He was very helpful in the processes, helping us construct our custom home design with an ADU. He advised us when there would be additional cost for the actual construction based on the window heights we were trying to use, fancy roof styles, ect. We appreciate him very much for all that he has done and we are now in the permitting stage. We would highly recommend Neil and NLE Design to ALL AND ANYONE in need of an AMAZING Architect. He is very honest, reliable and fair priced!! Thanks Neil :-)
Tips & Advices
The best time of day to water a lawn is early morning or evenings - the cooler times of the day. Steer clear of watering during peak warmth and sun activity; not only can it be potentially damaging to plants, but more water is lost from evaporation, reducing efficiency.
Provided the pressure and flow are identical, and the length of time watering is equal, there should be no difference in in the amount of water delivered between manual or timed sprinkler systems. It’s all about pressure and flow that determines delivery amount.
In the warmer months you want to water three to five times a week. In cooler months, two to three times a week should be plenty. The goal is to get ¾ of an inch to 1 inch of water delivered each time. A good rule of thumb is a little more in summer, a little less in winter. If you live in a rainy area, you might not need to manually water at all in the winter.
A check valve is a valve that only allows flow in one direction, while preventing flow in the opposite direction.
The first variable to determining how long to run your sprinklers is seasonal; the second is sprinkler output. In warmer months, or peak growing season, water for approximately 20-30 minutes a day, every three to five days. Ideally your grass wants 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch of water. In the cooler, slower growing seasons, 10-15 minutes, two to three times per week. If you use automatic sprinklers, be sure to adjust them seasonally.

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