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By: Elvi S.
Pierre Ford
I can't believe I am writing a good review for a car salesman, for those of you who don't know me, I hate this breed of human and have, on multiple occasions, walked out of a dealership due to how pushy they get. Just ask the Chevy dealer across the street.This review is for buying a CMAX energi with Captain. we got SUPER lucky and found Captain on our last go round and I have to say he is the best car salesman I have ever met. Just outstanding. Actually, he may be the best salesman I have ever met, in the, best to work with from a customer perspective. Why Captain is fantastic and you should ask for him by name:Does not pressure you: This is huge, he never pushed us. We went and drove some cars and he asked for all our info as they do. He was so nice and laid back I actually gave it to him. He did stay in touch, but never in a creepy way. Just checked if we had questions. If I told him we needed a few weeks, he didn't write for a few weeks. He did follow-up after that time but I know had I told him not to write me anymore, he would have respected that as he did all my other requests. Also, I told him I don't like phone calls and he never called, just texts. So again, he listens and communicates how you want him to.Super accommodating: We were buying a car because we are expecting a little one. I used to have a mini, and I loved that car. It was kind of unnatural how much I loved that car. In an effort to keep it, we decided to try and put a car seat in the back to be 100% certain I couldn't keep it. That was about as hilarious and sad as you can imagine. Needless to say, a 6'1'' husband and a car seat don't both fit in the mini. I had a mild freak out moment at this news and we actually called Captain and asked if we could go measure the CMAX. We weren't gonna buy it yet, but we wanted another look at it. He said yes and not only that, but he took out the car seat from his own car and attached it to the CMAX so we could see how it looked. He even showed us how it works attaching it. We didn't buy the car that day and he didn't push us to. Just gave us the info we needed.Helped us find the car we wanted:We actually went in looking for the small SUV (Escape) and were loving it. My husband started asking about gas mileage and when he saw how important that was to him he suggested the CMax. That turned out to be the best car for us. He could have pushed us and pressured us into the Escape, it would have been easy, but no, he took the extra time, knowing we weren't buying that day, to go on another test drive with us.Personality:Ok, he's just a funny guy. On top of not pushing you, he listens and has a great sense of humor. If you gotta be stuck in a car with a guy for 20 minutes at a time, this is a good one to be stuck with.this was the easiest we have ever had. They got us a decent deal and great financing so we are happy with how it went down. One thing that's useful to note, if you buy at the end of the month on a month where they need to sell cars to make a quota, you get a better deal, that's just how it goes, buy at the end of the month.Overall, Captain is awesome, if I ever need a car and it's a Ford, I'm calling him. Other salesmen here are not as cool, so before you go, call an ask for an apt with him.
By: Anderson W.
First National Fleet & Lease
I know nothing about cars, have embarrassingly bad credit (I'm working on it) and was beyond nervous about buying a car, but my experience with first national could not have been better. I drove home that same day in a 2013 ford escape with the option to get it inspected before anything was finalized. My mechanic indicated it was a solid vehicle with a slight alignment issue. The dealership fixed the alignment issue, and I drove away happy. 6 months later, every novice car buyers worst nightmare. Odd noises and weird handling out of the blue. I take it in, and they tell me it comes back to the original alignment issue. I called the dealership very upset but after half a year I was honestly expecting to be told to suck it up and deal with it- I had bought a used vehicle and it's buyers beware in most car lots in america, after all. Instead John Yang (sp?) personally handled my call, told me they'd investigate, and reached out to Les Schwab on my behalf. Upon follow up, he told me they're talking care of the full repair on their account, got my finish date moved up a full week, and was a consummate professional through and through. I think the real mark of a company is how it stands behind its work, and I've been beyond pleased with how First National has stood behind the car they sold me.
By: N.b. M.
First National Fleet & Lease
This was by far the best experience I have ever had buying a car. Everyone there was very friendly and quick with a hand shake and even looked you square in the eyes while doing it! The vehicle I purchased was well under blue book and to top it off, a very nice in good condition truck. My salesman Ahmed was top notch. When I first met him his first words were "I'm not going to BS you in anyway". At first I was skeptical, but to my surprise and relief he didn't. Very up front, first thing he did was show me the few flaws the truck had which weren't many. Usually a dealer tries to hide those from you by pointing out the shiny rims or something. So to wrap this glowing review up. You can't go wrong at First National Fleet and Lease. Go see Ahmed when you do go he'll treat you right. To top it all off when I was leaving I even got a bro hug from the owner. That's good people!!
By: Nicola D.
First National Fleet & Lease
I read alot of reviews on this dealership, of course you read the bad first. But I was really interested in a car they had so I went anyway. The car was beautiful, it was having a few repairs done, to make sure it was in the best condition possible, and I returned when it was ready to drive. I love my new Nissan!! The staff at First National were great! I had some issues with my credit and they got me a loan and even worked with me on the down payment. I have had a couple concerns since I brought my car home and they have been handled. I'm just glad I knew that it's usually unhappy people that post online and rarely the happy ones. But I wanted to let people know that this was a great place and I will be a return customer. Glad I didn't miss out on my car...I love it!!
By: Dela M.
First National Fleet & Lease
Just bought a 2007 Saturn outlook with only 35000 miles. The staff were very helpful and courteous. We are on a fixed income so price was a big factor not to mention my approval from the bank only allowed for 100% loan to value. After learning this the sales manager Yonas went to the owner and got special approval to allow a deep discount on the asking price for the vehicle so that it would match with what USAA said the vehicle was worth. Couldn't be happier with our purchase and the exceptional service provided by first national. If you are a veteran or just want a great car for the right price definitely go here.
By: Jewel R.
First National Fleet & Lease
5 stars+++++Ahmed was our salesman and he was awesome!!!!!!! He worked hard to get us a great SUV a like new 2015 Dodge. We have poor credit and he did a great job at explaining everything and getting us a loan. It's not some random bank it was through capital one. We went a couple other places like northwest motor sports and all of their customer service sucked. Ahmed answered the phone and gave us a quote so I wasn't driving an 1.5 hour to waste anytime. We got there at 5pm and by 745pm after test drive and paper work we had a new SUV. I couldn't be happier and if anything changes I'll update my review :-) :-)
By: Elvi S.
First National Fleet & Lease
Love this place you guys and especially if you have bad credit I would highly recommend this place to you, it's got a huge selection of cars to choose from lots of good cars I came in told them my expectations and that I only wanted to look. They didn't pressure me into filling out an application and based on my budget they showed me a few cars got to test drive 2 and they worked with me to bring down the price and after finding the car I wanted a Volvo btw they actually got me approved by a bank and yes I was expecting high interest but that's how it's played y'all
By: Kelly G.
First National Fleet & Lease
I came in looking at one car, but Toby showed me something that was not only better, but newer and with less miles. He and the manager dd everything they could to make sure that I drove away in something that would work for me, be dependable, and be within my budget. I was a little stressed about having to finance a car, but they worked so that it was manageable and easy. As a student, I have a budget that I must stick to, and all I had to do was explain what my concerns were and they worked with me. I'm so glad I came here instead of going all the way to Tacoma!
By: Theo R.
First National Fleet & Lease
James is AMAZINGGGGG!!!! He never seems to fail me. He always makes sure that we as a client are important! I found his posting on Craigslist, took the drive down to the shop and the car was there, patiently waiting for me!We also bought a second car from National Fleet and Lease so that should tell you that we have some trust in them. My CONS: It may take a day or so to get back, (with service, Questions) but I understand that they also run another fleet and lease so it can get busy! Hoping they could overcome that and strive for FASTER service. Thanks John!
By: Cierra T.
First National Fleet & Lease
I went shopping at First National for a car for my daughter. Due to misunderstandings, my first attempt was a horrible experience. The owner became aware of the experience and called me at home to see what he could do to make thing right. After a short discussion, he asked me to return so that we could work out all issues. Upon my return, the entire staff was very gracious and helpful. They did what they said they would do and made everything perfect for purchasing the car that we wanted. Would recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a good used car!

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