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By: Womenwatchou T.
Aquarius Arms Motel
These thieves have been robbing a mother and little girl because they knew they had no place to go. The woman was kind enough to watch my puppy in the morning while I was working and now they're kicking her out because she "has dogs". She watched my puppy and they're using that to extort a woman with a kid. Do not come here whether you're a pet owner or not. But if you have pets they will screw you with arbitrary and made up fees to compensate for the lower winter rates. I've seen some heartless motel owners but these jerks take the cake.
By: Youmessedwith T.
Aquarius Arms Motel
Stove doesn't work properly and the knobs for each burner malfunction to the point that they turn on the wrong burner or multiple ones at once. Totally unreliable. The oven also doesn't work. The stove and oven are also hooked into the wall with an extension cord which is extremely unsafe.The garbage cans are positioned right in front of the doors so flies constantly get in your rooms no matter how quickly you close them. It's especially disgusting that they force the disabled Vietnam veteran living there to stay closest to the trash. There are also roaches in the rooms.Literally nothing is as they advertise. Their wifi signal can barely be detected by devices and literally cannot be used if connected to. Their pool is locked during hours it's meant to be open for swimming. There's virtually no lighting in the rooms. The bathroom ventilation is filthy.Oh and here's the highlight. Almost everyone staying at this motel is on Section 8 housing. And that's not a knock on the poor. The problem is that if you are not subsidized by the state then you will be charged at least a hundred bucks more whether you pay a daily or weekly rate. If you pay by cash they will not give you a receipt and that's likely because they pocket the cash without reporting sales tax. So if you're a working class joe they will upcharge you on everything and they will fix nothing you bring up in return.If you have more than one dog they will harass you in the middle of the night to get more money from you. They literally have the old lady from the desk drive around in a big red truck after hours to bang on doors demanding money. They will lie and accuse you of hiding pets and demand you pay fees for them despite knowing about the pets for three weeks and already getting a pet deposit up front.These people are scam artists. If you pay by card they will double charge you. Especially bad if you're low on bank funds. They'll put you in the negative and then tell you they need to be paid. When you tell them they charged you already and several times on top of it they'll accuse you of giving "sob stories" and demand to be paid. The only way to avoid being double charged by card is by paying cash. And again, if you're not being housed by the state they'll jack up your rates and pocket the cash. They act stupid when you confront them about their broken promises, broken amenities and broken rates.The old man and woman that run the motel and front desk are terrible people. I don't use that language about the elderly lightly. They take advantage of those down on their luck, they abuse those they know they can get away with robbing, and even after their high summer rates barely drop down for winter they'll just jack them up with made up fees.Fire code violations, building code violations, health code violations, tax code violations, and of course violations of any sense of ethics codes. Don't waste a penny on them. They will, and pardon my language here, *RAPE* your wallet.
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By: Kendra m B.
Boardwalk Hotel Charlee & Beach House Rentals
Where do i being? Mold, vomit, garbage, unclean room..... We travel alot and have stayed all over. I have only once ever experienced grossness and unsanitary conditions like this once before. This was a last minute booking where there were no vacancies in town. Lets start with the basics - the room is 10 x 10 with a fold up double bed. See pics... The A/C unit is falling apart, covered in mold and vomit, yes vomit... and the filter is more than an 1" thick with filth. The bathroom is unwashed with all manner of hair, bugs and filth around the edged of the floor AND garbage in the vanity. The housekeeper was seen coming and going with only windex and a broom... The worst part is that the mold was so bad in the ac it made us very ill. We tried sleeping with it off and it helped a little but go soooo hot. We were very ill by morning wheezing dizzy headache nausea.... we left for the day and felt much better. When we came back it got bad again, and we elected to check out for health safety. You cannot use the shelves on the head board for a drink or anything more than an ounce or two as they will fall off. In addition the building itself is old and unkempt. The parking is difficult but tolerable. The location on the boardwalk is ok and allows for ez access to shops and food. They give you 2 old worn towels and 1 hand towel and 1 roll of tp (set on the counter because the roll holder is broken. This hotel is worth $50/nt if you survive the mold exposure... the only positives were that there was a mini-fridge and the sheets were clean. My husband (who has no allergies or illnesses) is still unwell 2 days later. I have asthma and am struggling worse to recover from the mold. They DID NOT refund our money and refused to look at the photos or come to the room to see what was wrong. If it weren't for the mold and filth we cold have tolerated the cheap and tiny accommodations. But this place is a health hazard that needs to be visited by the inspectors.
By: robert.dreherii
Knights Inn
BED BUGS AT THE HOTEL ALERT!WARNING: THE ATLANTIC HOTEL (Knights Inn Seaside Heights); 1000 Central Avenue; Seaside Heights, N.J. 08751 HAS BED BUGS!! These nasty people had a nasty blanket with bed bug stains all over it on the bed. They didn't have a smoke detector in our room. Then refused to give my $200 back for a room I wouldn't pay $50. This hotel is very run down, posting blurry pictures on the web so they can get customers and is a festering sore to the whole Seaside Heights community. Even our neighbors said their room was nasty! Don't go there or take some bed critters home with you...Horrible isn't worse enough of a word to describe this place. Shut down should be the words used to describe this place.

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