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By: yourmagazineusa
Nutri-Sport Superstore
Health and physical fitness is something that most people take for granted. Often times it takes a loved one or some sort of personal struggle with the vicissitudes of fate to manifest the proper motivation and dedication necessary to achieve greater health. As such, desire and motivation alone often are not enough. Thankfully, there is Nutri-Sport. With almost 20 years of experience, Shelton (an ex Captain of the Marine Corp.) opened Nutri-Sport in order to help people achieve better health through education and quality products at wholesale prices. Located off of Balboa Ave, just east of the 805 freeway, Shelton (the owner) made very clear that Nutri-Sport’s mission is to find the appropriate product (or products) that match each client’s needs instead of "cookie-cutter" models and unnecessary, high-pressure sales. Further, the store itself is clean, brightly lit, and organized. Unlike some other stores, Nutri-Sport offers only some of the highest quality products at wholesale prices. It is also refreshing to speak to an owner who obviously understands his craft; who truly seems to care about the individual client’s needs instead of only making a sale. Finally, this reviewer enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Often times, similar stores have muscle-bound, "athletically biased" men and women who appear more interested in themselves rather than helping others achieve results. Such was not the case during my review of Nutri-Sport. Nutri-Sport will educate and supply you with the tools needed to achieve your health related goals.
By: Maria S.
Rancho Pharmacy
My husband came by while in the minimall last week & went in to say hello to the owner, Mr. Patel & welcome him to the area. We hardly go to any pharmacy since our minimal needs are provided for by our insurance. & we are not users of OTC meds. But, lately, it turned out that the expensive drug that my husband needed immediately after surgery was denied. My husband went to see Mr. Patel with his RX. Xeralto,an expensive drug that is fairly new in the market. Mr. Patel tried to find discounts available but the required MG for my husband was not discounted. My husband came home with the pills after charging the cost of $169 for 12 pills. I called our supplemental carrier, Tri Care, & provided the lady info needed, patient's name, date of birth & zip code. She said that Xeralto is covered with $24 co pay & to ask our pharmacist to call her. Went back to see Mr. Patel & he reimbursed us the amt over $24 co-pay . We appreciate his extraordinary service. Cheers!. God Bless.
By: brentski
Medical Center Pharmacy
They handle all your individual prescriptions ,refills ,etc., as though you the most important person they're helping during that time.Whether it's needing refills from Dr's ,or changing meds from one Dr. to another,they're always on top of things.I needed to change from my previous pharmacy to Medical Center Pharm., and they went out of their way to transfer all of my prescriptions in an orderly fasion.Whether it was delivering or mailing my R/X's,they stayed on top of things throughout.I have to especially than Will as someone that made everything flow smoothly from my previous pharm. to their pharmacy.Thank you to all the folks that work there.
By: helaine.dahrling
La Vita Compounding Pharmacy
La Vita Compounding Pharmacy has been my first stop for aging 'well' for many years now. Their customized prescriptions, amazing staff and expertise is so superior - there truly is not enough space provided in this review to describe all the wonderful details. They hold a PCAB certification which is the highest mark of excellence in the custom pharmaceutical industry. I am a 57 year old woman who has been using their pharmaceutical grade skin care with incredible success and my husband followed my lead several years back. It's so comforting to have such a great team of experts at La Vita.... because healthy aging can change your life!!!!!!!!
By: mike.mendoza.940
Oh! Juice
I was looking for a local organic juice company that didn't have watered down juice, anything on the shelves is 30+ days old, so you always have to find a local juice bar, I found OH at the Hillcrest Farmers Market, I was greeted by a young lady who blew my mind on the vast amount of information I never knew, the samples were delicious, so I ended up purchasing a 3 day cleanse, all went smooth and I'm now down about 5 lbs, feel energized and actually want to incorporate more juice into my lifestyle, definitely recommend and San Diegans to check them out!
By: theresaademarco
La Vita Compounding Pharmacy
I would like to recommend La Vita to anyone that is looking for a quality compounding pharmacy. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable and most helpful. I get my my bio-identical hormones shipped right to my home. They have helped educate me so I understand what I am taking and they work with my Doctor to make sure its the most effective prescription for me. I would send any of my friends there without hesitation.
By: monicabalistreri
Oh! Juice
Love these juices! I have done the 3 day 3 times and now am on the lifestyle plan! I look forward to my delivery each week. I crave the taste of the juices and am so grateful that I stumbled upon them at the Hillcrest Farmers market. I now integrate juice into my daily diet and know I am doing my body the best service. Also, love the fact the juices come in glass bottles... So much better over all!
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By: Joyce M.
Eric's Medical Supply Inc
Thank you thank you , saved my vacation I have ALS I rented a beautiful recliner from you On Sat 4- 18 my PWC had issues I called Erics Medical , their service tech called me on his day off :) then Erics medical delivered A scooter to me on a Saturday Amazing 5 stars
By: Jd S.
Southern California Compounding Pharmacy
I've used this pharmacy well over a year now & have nothing but rave reviews. They go out of their way to help you out, even to the point of personally making home deliveries. Ask for O.J., Mark or Tessa.
By: Andrew Y.
Fast and excellent service when a piece of equipment broke during a trip out to CA. The replaced it right away with new equipment and shipped the old one back home. Could not have asked for more.

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