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By: maralina
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
Be aware the building is behind other locations in the McDowell Mountain Medical (behind karate and ice skating). The girls at the front are gracious and try to make your wait comfortable. Having read many reviews, I was aware of possibles and some of what I could come across. Yes, this is a business which means they must make a profit though pushy is not what I experienced. I met with April Peck, who answered all my questions and does a good job responding to emails. She answered most, if not all of my questions and gave me the details for what to expect. Once presented with cost, I did not feel pressured into it at all. Decided to go ahead with it and will add more once complete. Getting financed was a breeze and not that expensive. We will see what the results yield after 8/7/2013. Update 08/09/2013: Procedure was done 8/7 as planned. Trouble getting the IV started (Jana - I am a very tough case) but Lisa was able to get it started immediately. They give you Xanax (Alprazolam) for anxiety, Percoset for pain, Cephalexin in case of infection pre-op Promethazine in case of nausea. I also received a shot of Demerol before it got started so I didn’t feel much. Not a huge narcotic fan so I did feel a little..strange. Needless to say, Dr. Rod is easy to work with though I did have some sensitivity in areas around the hips. Update 08/16/2013: Couple of huge issues which makes this lose a star. I was never, to my knowledge, measured for the right size to use for the compression garment. The first one provided (1st stage) was more than just snug. It felt okay for about 20 minutes then it started to feel like my right side ribs were being cracked and my right hip was being bruised. I thought this was normal for the first few days but after almost 72 hours of no sleep and being so uncomfortable, I started to look for options and suggestions. Turns out, this is the wrong size. Too much compression isn't good either so this kind of pain was not necessary. To add to that, Sono Bello ordered the 2nd stage garment for me as well and again, no measurements taken. Note, garment is VITAL to recovery. The 2nd stage was worse and can't get it on at all. I did let Patty (Practice Manager) know and she offered another garment but if this is the norm, not a good thing. The other issue is the advertisement they use for recovery is NOT ACCURATE. Recovery is rough and not as quick as they advertise. You are also VERY uncomfortable but won't know it right away. In summary, procedure went well, the people are nice and they do try to help. There are definitely some issues that need attention though. Update 08/19/2013: When I went back this past weekend, the girls in the office were extremely sympathetic and very accomodating. Ran into April as well who seemed very sympathetic and agreed with me. They provided me with 2 of the garments in 2 different sizes and let me keep the others just to try. The change in size made a HUGE, DRAMATIC difference. I did decide to sleep in the larger size because in general, they aren't the most comfortable in any form though they do provide the missing support while healing. With it off and at work, my center is very, very sore but nothing like before. I'm sure the recovery and what is experienced is based on what is done or how each person heals though for myself, I am usually a super fast heal and wind up back on my feet in 24 hours. Although all of the incisions and bruising were gone in less than 5 days, the biggest recovery concern is the stomach lining not attached from the wall (so to speak). The center of your core feels like it's missing though hurts. The garment replaces that sense of support though so if you do have it done, make sure they measure you for the garment and I highly suggest taking at least a week off of work. There are other options out there but if this place is most convenient and can assist with financing, etc then I do suggest going ahead with Sono Bello.
By: Charles S.
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
If you are considering any of the services offered at Sono Bello, Scottsdale, don’t hesitate a second longer and go get it done. I love everything about this place and have had fast, easy service every time I go there. After many months of hesitation (since March, had it done in August), I finally made an appointment and went to see about the liposuction services offered. I chose to have my waist and upper and lower abs done, and I have had no regrets since I walked in the very first time.If you make it through the candidacy screening for treatment, you will have the option to pay cash or finance. I chose to finance the procedure and approval was extremely quick and easy, even for a person still recovering from divorce with some credit issues. Prior to the procedure, I followed the instructions to the letter and had no issues. I am now 15 days past my liposuction, have continued to follow the instructions, and am already seeing surprising results. I was told optimal results would be seen 3 to 6 months post procedure, and I can’t imagine how much better it will be by then. I’m now down 1 pants size and 1 belt notch and still have some swelling that should be down by the end of week 3. I can see I will be down another pants size and belt notch when the swelling recedes. The results should really be remarkable once I can start exercising again.Overall, I experienced very little pain during the procedure. As others have stated, the most painful part is the IV insertion and the Demerol shot while prepping for the procedure, but these are normally minimal for me. During the procedure, I felt no pain at all, and I was actually laughing out loud while Dr. Case worked on my waist on both sides. Every time the liposuction instruments came near my lower ribs I would have to laugh, as I am very ticklish in those areas. Nurse Natalie and Dr. Case were understanding and said they would rather have me laughing than the opposite. I was glad to be awake for it and Dr. Case and Nurse Natalie made it a very smooth process. After it was over, Nurse Natalie had me bandaged up, in the compression garment, and out to my car very quickly.Once I made it home, I used the pain meds for about a day and a half. After that, I didn’t need them. They give you Arnicare for bruising and swelling and I had no bruising until day 5 after the procedure when I forgot my mid-day dosage. A few hours after the missed dose, I had some slight bruising appear across the front of my lower abs. The bruising was almost gone when I went to my 1-week follow-up, but really resolved quickly when I used the Arnicare cream. My scars have healed up very fast, and except for the two on my waist, are nearly gone. The scar cream they gave me has made the ones on my waist very light already and look like they may be gone within a month. This healing has been pretty surprising for a 51 year-old male with an average healing process.Overall, I have had a great experience at Sono Bello, and would do it again in a heart- beat. In fact, I wish I wouldn’t have hesitated for so long. There is no pushy salesmanship and you have all the time you need to decide. The staff is very caring, professional, and waste no time in handling any concerns you may have. If I need any more body contouring services, I will certainly return, and I highly recommend their services.
By: jcain81
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
Lets start with- I have lost almost 90lbs before through diet and exercise over 3years- it is not easy nor is it fast. Then 3 years ago my brother was killed in Afghanistan and last September I had my first child and spent 8weeks on bedrest- after those two events I went up a total of 60lbs and lost 20lbs after having my daughter. I went into the office to meet with April with the goal of jumpstarting the remaining pounds that are MUCH harder to lose post childbirth and after the age of 30. I struggled with this decision for several months to even take the first step (just because I am a chicken and don't do well with needles, blood or any of those other clinical elements) but I am really glad I did finally take that next step.The consultation with April was not pressuring at all. I had decided that I was doing this prior to going into the consultation - it was just the decision of if it would fit into my schedule and what areas I could afford. The credit process was a breeze and does offer a lot of plans for every budget if you are reasonable about what you want done. I had 2 procedures within a week of each other one focusing on abdomen/waist and the other one upper arms and inner thighs. My experience both surgery days (other than my own nerves) was a breeze. The staff was thorough to answer my questions and put me at ease. You are "awake" for the procedures- but I don't remember much of the abdominal one, but I do remember the upper arm and thigh procedure. The day of the procedures I felt fine going home. You do have to have a driver, which is where the first of my minor issues occurred- my procedure time changed 2days before my first procedure which ended up making my ride late to work that evening and my procedure ran longer than I was told to expect that day. It all worked out okay but that was the first complaint. I did have a reaction to something but Dr. Rod and Taylor coached me through it and resolved it ASAP but it was based on their office hours so when I was REALLY itching in daylight hours, all I could do was call customer service and had to wait for the office to open but was able to been seen within an hour of the office opening to resolve.Abdomen and waist: first day after not two bad, but like working out day 2 is the worst. I am almost 2weeks post surgery- love the results so far and my skin has a lot more tightening to go. I do wear my garments almost constantly- for me I am way more comfortable with the tightness over the excess skin moving around. I have reduced the size of my garments once so far. Legs and Arms: much easier recovery than abdomen. I have been up and moving since the surgery (with garments). Have a lot of bruising on both much more than my abs but all in all no major issues or pain. I can carry my daughter without any issues or discomfort, actually her bouncing on my lap is probably the most discomfort I have had.Plan to start doing cardio after I have my 1week follow up with Dr. Rod today.
By: ctpearson
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
Initially, I had anxieties about the laser lipo. Unfortunately, this is a result when you not as familiar as one should be perhaps. I went for my pre-op interview. My anxieties were allayed. After having met with Crystal and thereafter with Dr. Joseph Bivens, I left feeling confident that I had made the correct decision. Dr. Biven's addressed all of my questions and had some for me as well. Often our motivations for the improvement of our bodies is purely that of vanity. It's not quite that simple and Dr. Bivens wants the reasons for your pursuing this option. Through his subtle interview of you, he is able to know where your head is. I felt that I was in good hands as he described every element of the procedure. Give my age of 65, he wanted me to realistically assess my expectations. He probed carefully as he spoke to me to make sure that I realized tht I would never return to looking like "Venus." However, the look would be one that would be refreshing, reinvigorating and one that I would be pleased with. And I am. I am almost 3 weeks after the procedure and numerous persons have noticed the difference immediately. Granted, Dr. Bivens makes sure that you understand that this is a 6 month results oriented outcome. Yes, you will have some pain and discomfort. It decreases as time passes. My reasons for pursuing this procedure were not cosmetic. That is a secondary outcome and I am not knocking this :). I have had numerous surgeries as a result of a severe accident. This has therefore compromised my cervical and lumbar region of my back. The stomach is the core area which aids in the proper posture and balance of the body. Given my being post menopausal along with the change in the level of activity along with steroidal injections over the years, my BMI is not what it should be. The mass surrounding my abdominal area competes with age and gravity, at the least. So, in closing, I am very pleased that I chose this procedure. I am healing very well and have resumed my gym program which is modified. Yes, you have to walk and exercise immediately after the procedure. And yes, you must pay attention to what you put in your mouth henceforth, as we should. Drink plenty of water and stay away from the salt! I call this "My Newer Lease On The Quality Of Life That I Am Carving Out For Myself And My Loved Ones." Thank you Folks. A holler out to the Staff at Sono Bello. A special thanks to Dr. Bivens, Crystal, Alicia and Rachel. Forgive me for not thanking the Nurse who assisted Dr. Bivens in the surgery room. CTPearson
By: Joy R.
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
So far so good. I met April for my consultation on 12/17. She (and everyone at the center) were very friendly. The cost was more than I expected, but I decided to do it anyway (my New Year's gift to me!). She scheduled my pre-op for 12/21 and my procedure for 12/28. All very quick and on Saturdays so I didn't have to miss any work. While they did warn me about the post -op discomfort, I don't think I was really prepared. My procedure was late on Saturday and I went back to work on Monday. In hindsight, another day (at least) to recover would have been better (but I didn't want anyone at work to know I had anything done). I had 3 areas (upper abs, lower abs, and waist) done and not that much discomfort during the procedure (probably because of all the drugs!). The drainage was worse than I expected, but was all done after about 24 hours. Because I went back to work so soon, I had to switch to OTC pain meds and per the post op instructions, I took Advil, but was later told by Dr. Rod NOT to take Advil due to a danger of internal bleeding?? I did suggest at my 1 week follow up that they correct the post op instructions to NOT indicate Advil as an option. Other OTC pain meds are ineffective for me, so I suffered a little more pain that first week, but at my 1 week follow up, everything looked good (a relief because the bruising and incisions didn't look very good to me!). I was told at that point I could take Advil again. Yea!! I'm now at about 4 1/2 weeks and the swelling is subsiding, but now the bulges are hard and a little uneven (but I'm told this is normal). I still have some scabbing that hasn't completely healed (I had 7 incisions), still numb and it's still a little uncomfortable (especially at night as I move around a lot when I sleep and it hurts). But I'm not taking any pain meds as I was concerned with the long term affects of taking them for more than 4 weeks. My pants are loose (but then again, I'm wearing compression garments which are slick and cause my pants to slide down and I can't wear any belts). Dresses are better at this stage. :) I gained 2 pounds immediately after the procedure, but then lost 5 pounds a couple weeks later. Bruising is completely gone and I'm hopeful that in a few more weeks the numbness, hardness, lumpiness and discomfort will further subside. I understand it can take as long as 6 months...but I'm hoping not. Will provide updates, but so far everything seems to be going as expected and as described.
By: kevinhow
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
I called Sono Bello during the Summer of 2012 because due to relentless travel, poor eating, and no exercise, I had ballooned to 251 pounds. I was intent on making a lifestyle change to sustainable exercise and a healthy, well balanced diet. I had never considered liposuction before but I was desperate for a kickstart on my new commitment to healthy living. I scheduled an appointment at their beautiful, state of the art offices in picturesque North Scottsdale. I met with the medical staff and immediately was made to feel very comfortable with the process. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and very patiently answered my many questions. I came away from the extensive consultation convinced this was the place for me if I was intent on following through with the liposuction procedure. Next I met with my designated surgeon who spent almost two hours talking with me about my commitment to good health, exercise, and a proper diet. He demonstrated far greater interest in my long term health goals than the immediate procedure we were contemplating. The key point that determined my decision to choose Sono Bello was their clear commitment to incorporating the immediate procedure into a long term health strategy. I had the surgery in September 2012. The recovery preparation and support was candid, truthful, and very helpful. All surgeries involve some recovery discomfort, but my experience after my Sono Bello liposuction procedure (which included my neck, chest, waist and lower back) exceeded my expectations because the pain was manageable and downtime was within the discussed timeframe. Since my procedure, I have remained committed to the healthy lifestyle outlined in my surgical consultation. I have run a Ragnar relay and I have never felt better or more healthy than I do now. It has been a year since my surgery and I am thirty pounds lighter and in need of a totally new wardrobe. Thank you Sono Bello. Your services far exceeded my expectations!
By: Mary ellen W.
Sono Bello
I had the Lifestyle Lift in early January. The end result - getting rid of "my Mother's jowls" - has made me so happy. I would tell prospective clients that there is definitely a period of "buyer's remorse" during the recovery stage, when there's swelling and bruising for a few days, but that passes quickly. Day 3 was when I looked in the mirror and almost cried. But 2 days later I was so happy as my face got it's contours back. I would have been ready to go back to work after one week with just minor bruising left, but had a little "glitch" and some subcutaneous bleeding in the right side of my neck. Dr Bonillas, Tao, his medical staff, and ALL the ladies at the front desk, were wonderful! I received so much care and concern and follow up. That did set me back about a week in recovering,. However, I can honestly say that at no time did I experience much pain. I took the pain meds for just 2 days. There was some discomfort from the bandaging, and the numbness around surgical areas takes getting used to. As does sleeping at an incline to minimize swelling. But I was back at work the second week, just kind of still wrapped up around my neck On January 30, my birthday, just 19 days after my procedure, I went out to lunch with friends and they were all amazed. Bruising and swelling all gone, and my face looking just as I had anticipated. My results get better all the time, as I approach 6 months post-op. Dr. Bonillas is an artist and the incisions that were hidden in my hairline and around my ears have left no visible scars. Almost all the numbness is gone and surgical areas "softened up" quickly. I would say Go For It to anyone contemplating this procedure!
By: Dwennett L.
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
My experience at Sonobello in Scottsdale’s Arizona was awesome. After years of contemplating removing the extra skin from my chin and waste, I finally decided to just do it, and Sonobello was my first experience. What a great experience, no doubt the nurses are highly trained in their skill set for my procedure. I admire how knowledgeable they were while they walked me through the process from beginning to end. I was very comfortable and felt pampered from such kindness; the nurses took great care of me as I was more nervous than a church mouse in Sunday school. The nurse’s cared about my physical and emotional welfare which was very important to me. They shared everything about the procedure that I needed to know before, during and after the process was completed. Dr. Case performed an impeccable procedure, his sense of humor and friendly disposition made me feel right at home while he worked on my chin and waste. Dr. Case made sure I stayed on the road of truth about what to expect the first 4-6 months. It’s been a month and I can slightly see a change compared to the before condition I was in. I’m getting very excited as my waste curves in, and that extra chin is disappearing a little more each week. I’m looking younger and feeling younger from this procedure. Everything I am experiencing at present is no surprise as Dr. Case and the nurses educated me on what to expect and keep me informed on the progress each week by email. The email communication is exact and continues to encourage me to follow the process for post procedure. I’m coming out and I am anxious like a kid at Christmas to see the full results in a few months. –Happy is me!
By: dbmatejsek
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
I went in a couple of weeks ago for a consultation, a week later had my procedure (upper and lower abdomen and waist) and 6 days later I'm here to say that I am soooo glad I did this. I was a little hesitant in the beginning before I went in for my consult because I kept thinking that I should just be able to get this fat off myself. I've been eating well, I excercise regularly and I'm generally happy with my weight and overall figure.... but, my tummy would just not let go of the fat no matter what I did. It's always been my problem area and now that I've had two kids, turned 40 and in perimenopause, it really was starting to bother me more and more. So, I decided to accept the fact that my body was set up this way early on (to carry more of my fat in my mid section) and that it was time to take a different action. I called Sonobello and I am so thrilled that I did. Even 6 days later I can see results and can't wait to see how I look when I'm back to 100%. The people at the Scottsdale location were wonderful! Dr. Bivens was amazing and even had a great bedside manner. I'm a little sore and have the numbness around my mid section, but the recovery process has been much better for me than I expected. Crystal set my expectations to be realistic and didn't sugar coat the discomfort I might experience when I met her for my consultation. I'm glad she did that because then there were no surprises and I can honestly say that the whole process exceeded my expectations and that I trust Crystal to give potential clients the straight scoop! I would highly recommend this to people. Call them and see how this might change your life!
By: ashleymarforilutton
Sono Bello Body Contour Center
I am quit young, I thought I'd put that out there as most reviews are written by older women. I am 26 years old and have been heavy since around the age of 20. I have tried every diet, nutrisystem, curves, you name it. I even got a lap band put in about a year ago. But alas, nothing worked....that is until I found Sonobello. It was actually my mom that came across them as she will also be getting some body sculpting there soon. So far I have done my upper and lower abs and my waist (sides of belly). Next week I will be getting my upper arms, back bra role, inner thighs and knees done. First off, the staff is AMAZING. They are so friendly and informative and make you feel very confident about taking this big step towards happiness. Secondly, the price, I found, is way less than I had expected. I really had no problems financing and paying for my surgeries, they made it so easy and simple. Next, the surgery itself you are awake for. My first surgery took 3 hours and although it was a little painful it wasn't uncomfortable. The doctor and nurses kept me so calm the whole way through and the 3 hours felt like 30 minutes. Lastly, the post-op bruising and pain was minimal. I was comfortable enough to go back to school within 3 days, no problem. I would highly recommend Sonobello to anyone looking for a huge positive change in their lives. My self esteem has already risen and I look forward to fitting in beautiful chic clothes FINALLY once the swelling goes down. Life is good now, thanks to Sonobello!
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