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By: iridescentrainbow
Diamond Nail & Spa
Well, when my cousin and I went there thinking it would be fun. We were pretty wrong. The lady that did me nails kept asking if I wanted to get gel polish, I declined- twice. Then she proceeded to do my nails. It was a bit awkward, and when she was massaging my hands, she pulled kind of hard. When I showed her what kind of design I had in mind, and she told me she could not do them on my short nails. I understand that not all things are possible, but the man that was doing my cousin's nails next to me started to laugh and tease the lady who was doing my nails. She shoved him playfully; which I find is very unprofessional. So after finally finding a design for my nails, a woman walks in and apparently had an appointment with the man who was doing my cousin's nails and said that he'd be done in 10 minutes. The finish of my nails were nice, looked a little rushed, but nice. The woman who did my nails didn't understand what I meant by a matte finish, so that was frustrating. I thought; Aren't they supposed to know what your talking about if you're a professional? My, cousin's nails? A disaster. He did a rush job and it was apparent that he had no idea what to do (she wanted to do gallaxy nails). Her nails were just painted a dark blue and had a sparkly polish on top- with no top coat. She and I did the top coat when we got home. We paid about (well, each of us was $12 each, added nails art was $8. so 12+8= 20 multiplied by two= $40, plus tip) $45. TO THEIR CREDIT, when we got home, our grandmother (who paid for the manicure) saw it and called and complained about it. . My cousin will me getting another manicure tomorrow for free. So, that's nice. P.S: I don't mean to sound like a complainer, but this was the first time my cousin got a manicure, so I guess it upset me a little. And, I don't want to completely wreck their reputation, I just want to share our experience. I know there will be plenty of people who say this place is nice, but I wasn't very flattered, and I don't think we'll be back any time soon. ~Iri
By: Naomi H.
Diamond Nail & Spa
It was my 29th birthday 12-27-2014 I stop in fog a gel fill in with no chip reaction polish. The girl who was 7 months pregnant had the nerve to complain about how she chose to remove my old no chip gel polish. That made me mad I told her if it's a problem I'll take my business elsewhere. She said no it's not it's just really messy. I smh She starts to fill in but she didn't apply the gel polish that needs to be placed under the UV light? So I told her again I said I wanted my fill in to be done in gel. She said it was but she didn't take the steps that all of my previous 13 gel fill ins undergone. Then the polish job was done sloppy I paid $30 for this garbage... it took me 30 min to file and smooth out my nails before getting ready for my 29th birthday pary. Btw the polish was on point with my dress but my nail fill in was a hot mess Smh even tho I work on shop on main and wanted something close to my job to get my nails ready for my birthday night without rushing and boom this place was a failure. Thanks a lot Diamond Nail& spa for giving me. Bogus nails and making me late to my own dang gon 29th birthday party. Y'all suck!
By: julia12345
Diamond Nail & Spa
I've love all my visits to Diamond Nails & Spa. The service, quality, and price are all great. They have a relaxing feeling there when I go after work. The waterfall is a great touch. The air is well ventilated compared to many of the other salons I've been to. Unlike other salons they have a janitor to keep the salon sterilized. Diamond Nails & Spa is a great place for groups because of the private room they offer. With such a large staff I've never had to wait more then 10 mins. even on holidays and weekends.
By: Dominic G.
Nina is a great hair stylus, gives great cuts, is amazing at colors and styling. She is the only one that manage my crazy Puerto Rican hair, I wouldn't go to anybody else for hair cuts I highly recommend her!
By: Sabreena O.
Diamond Nail & Spa
Fantastic experience, every time. I get nothing but compliments on my nails all day. Prices are great, the ambiance is great, and makes me happy every time I go.
By: Laura C.
Krystal Nails
I'm very happy with Daniel. I cant always make it in, but he ALWAYS remembers me and I get fantastic service.

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