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By: Kathryn F.
Spine Institute of Schererville
I have been going to Dr. Stewart for almost 3 years now. I was in very bad shape prior to seeing him. I was couch ridden, could not sit, stand, walk, lay on my back, or sides. I had what is called "drop foot", in my left foot. Nerve damage, to where I lost feeling in my left leg. Felt numb, but only to the touch. I had to take off work, (short term disability for 2 months) considering I could not sit, stand or walk for more than 1 minute, no joke!!!! The pain in my left thigh and mainly my groin were almost unbearable!!!! I was on heavy pain Meds, that helped, but still was only comfortable laying on my stomach on the couch!!!! If a surface was to soft it hurt, too hard, it hurt, thank God the couch was just right!!!! I went to the ER, hoping for answers, they gave me an injection, told me it was stronger than morphine and that it would help me. Nope, well if you consider getting hot, dizzy, vomiting, then falling asleep, only to wake up shivering and cold, tired and still in pain, topped off with a ridiculous bill help!!!! Then no, no one would say they helped me!!!! So my wonderful mom saw in the phone book Dr. Stewart's add. We went through a couple, but we noticed Spine Institute. So I called and told him my symptoms and he was sympathetic and told me to come in within the hour. I already had an MRI my general Dr. ordered so I brought that disc for him to look over. He saw how bad my 2 discs were L4 L5, causing pressure on my sciatic nerve causing the nerve damage also. He worked with me, and worked with me. I would go 3 days a week. It was a slow process, but it had to be. He is a compassionate Dr. He is the kind of Dr. that actually cares to help you, determined and dedicated to fix what is wrong, and honest if he cannot. He would go to seminars just for my condition to see what else he could do to help my injury. To have more knowledge on my condition for me, and others that might benefit from new technology, new ideas. He wanted to get my back stronger, my foot stronger. My feeling in my leg back to normal. He helped, and still helps me greatly. I still have bad days, but I just continue to make appointments with Dr. Stewart when I need an adjustment, if I am in pain, or have questions. His staff is very friendly, and professional. If you need a chiropractor, you do not need to look elsewhere you found the best one!!!! Call him today!!!!
By: Frank M.
Spine Institute of Schererville
I have bulging discs in my lower back from a rear end collision. I have been getting treatment for almost 20 years. Insurance no longer pays for traction through normal physical therapy (so they no longer offer "true traction") and my pain was unbearable. P.T. did nothing to help, "toning back muscles" did nothing to alleviate the pain. I found Dr,Stewart and after a careful evaluation and a few sessions of therapy, he applied traction in addition to his normal treatments. The results were astonishing. I've now gone a full year without a major bout of back pain. I have since gone back to have therapy on an arthritic neck, with similar excellent results. It is very reassuring knowing that Dr. Stewart is there when I need him! I highly recommend Spine Institute.
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By: Lisa P.
Spine Institute of Schererville
I must say that I am very much impressed with Dr. Joseph Stewart. Not at all what I expected. I had other chiropractors in the past and Dr. Stewart does not compare. He has unique techniques that I find very effective. He's also attentive and caring. You don't usually find these qualities in a lot of doctors these days. I had reoccurring pain issues in my rotator cuff, my knee and sciatica in my thigh. I am proud to say that these issues have been addressed and I am feeling much better now! Thank you Dr. Joseph Stewart, you are truly a Godsend!
By: Terry M.
Spine Institute of Schererville
Dr steward of the Spine Institute of Schererville Indiana has helped me tremendously to regain strength in my lower extremities and my back I am now able to walk up and down stairs without the aid of the wall and I'm having a better life now that I've been seeing Dr Stewart I can't thank you enough for what he's done for me and I would advise anyone who is having any kind of back pain or hip pain or just pain in general to give Dr Stuart I try and you won't go wrong thank you very much dr steward for helping me
By: Anna C.
Spine Institute of Schererville
Dr. Stewart is an EXPERT in his field. My husband & I go to his office in pain & leave his office feeling no pain & wonderful. He uses his expertise & the most up to date technology. He has great bedside manner. Caring, Kind, Softspoken & Patient. We highly recommend Dr. Stewart for the BEST Chiropractic Care available.Rob & Ann C.
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By: Jude T.
Spine Institute of Schererville
I threw out my back as I overdid it mowing 4 lawns..too much work & my back told me so. Have had a back problem since around 1970..Went to Dr Stewart..they worked me in the day that I called.and my back is so much better. He is my new chiropractor...Have had to have one and he's wonderful...Thank you Dr Joe!
By: Holly P.
Spine Institute of Schererville
My husband and I both see Dr. Stewart and he is great! Dr. Stewart is thorough, gets to know you on a one to one basis, and truly cares about you and the issues you have. He is dedicated and my husband and I are thankful that we see him.
By: huskerfanjared
Spine Institute of Schererville
I have been to Dr. Stewart for a couple different issues. Both times he has proven to be an expert in his field. Not only will he be able to find and fix your problem, but he'll treat you with honesty and respect in the process.
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Radiological exams can be either diagnostic or interventional. Diagnostic exams are intended to detect the presence of a certain condition, like a bone fracture or a tumor inside the body. Interventional radiology uses imaging techniques to assist in treating a condition, usually through surgery, but the procedure itself is not intended to have a direct impact on the outcome of the disease.
The exact process of an exam will vary depending on the specific type of imaging procedure and the goal of the test. Patients will usually be situated near a machine that will direct the appropriate form of energy to the part of the body being examined. Technicians help patients perform the necessary steps to complete the process.
Most imaging exams do not have any immediate side effects. The most important side effect of many forms of radiology is the exposure to small doses of radiation. In almost all cases, a single exam will deliver a radiation dose that is too low to have any effect, but over repeated exposure, the risk of developing cancer from this radiation increases. Radiologists take several precautions to limit exposure on behalf of patients as well as themselves and their staff.
Results from an imaging procedure may be available almost instantly (as with X-rays and ultrasound), or might take a few minutes to develop. However, in some cases it will take a radiologist additional time to analyze and report on the images collected, so results may be delayed by a few hours or days.
Radiologists can perform a variety of imaging procedures depending on their specialty. Common examples include:
  • X-rays.
  • Computed tomography (CT scans).
  • Ultrasound.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Positron emission tomography (PET).
  • Interventional radiology: Using specialized imaging techniques to assist with surgery, either immediately before or in the process of a surgical procedure.

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