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By: Katie H.
Rosati's Pizza
The pizza is pretty good, but the service I received from an employees at the Schererville location was horrible. My husband ordered a pizza online and paid for it. Because of circumstances, I was unable to pick it up until right before closing. I walked in at 9:57pm. As soon as a walked in the door, a middle aged blondish lady yelled rudely at me, "WE'RE CLOSED!" (Technically not, since they close at 10:00pm.) . I said that I had a pizza to pick up. She yelled again, "I don't have any pizza's left!!" Bewildered, I said, "Well, my husband ordered a pizza..." "I don't have any pizzas left!!" She interupted. Trying to figure out was happened, I stated again that my husband did order a pizza and paid for it, and this was the only Rosati's that I know of. She said something like, "There are other locations, but I don't have any pizzas and I'm closed, so I can't help you!" I walked out. She was extremely rude and unhelpful. Turned out my husband got the Schererville and Crown Point locations mixed up, and out pizza was in Crown Point. I called that location, telling them about the mix up, and I knew they were closed, but could I still pick it up? The manager in Crown Point was very sweet and helpful, said she would wait for me, and it was no problem. I understand that it was late and the mistake was on our part, but that employee in Schererville was horribly rude, unprofessional, unhelpful, and has no business speaking to anyone like she did, much less a customer with a problem. If you want Rosati's pizza, I recommend the Crown Point location. I'm pretty sure their pizza was better too.
By: Jane J.
Bagger Dave's
The best burger I've ever had! Will be back soon! I also love their caramel sauce for their delicious fries, and I love their handcrafted sodas! This has to be the best burger joint in the area, it is a wonder to me why this place isn't more popular in the area! I hope more people give this place a try!
By: Frankie C.
Smashmouth Burgers & Pizza
This is the place for it all! The monster burger is nothing much to look at, however ..... WOW! Most excellent!! The beef brisket sandwich is a work of art! Definitely try this place out! I can't wait to go back!
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By: Sheri S.
Coyote Cantina
We waited forever for anyone to come to our table. We were almost done with the chips and salsa before the manager finally had to come over and take out order. The food was really terrible.
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By: Louis C.
TGI Fridays
The food is excellent and the service. At the bar they work well together to serve there customers and work hard.I coming here for some time. Especially the tall red head lady.
By: N. L.
Giuseppe's Pizza
Best pizza in the area. Owned and operated by Italian Americans. Nona still works part time in the kitchen. Ben there many times and never had a bad experience.
By: clayton.morgan.90
Rosati's Pizza
Rosatis pizza is really good. not greasy like the speed chain pizza places.fried mushrooms were good. they just forgot to give delivery guy some ketchup for me
By: patti.lejeune
Smashmouth Burgers & Pizza
The burgers and the chicken I know are fantastic but the smoked beef brisket is off the hook. I would crawl on gravel to get there for it.
By: Thomas B.
Aurelio's Pizza
We have been eating Aurelio's pizza from this location for more than 25 years. Definitely the best pizza in the area!
By: nickintercon
Smashmouth Burgers & Pizza
This restaurant has pizza that will wow your tastebuds. I love this stuff. I can't stop thinking about it.

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