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By: Mark B.
Taylor & Vadney Sporting Goods
Treated me great, excellent experience!!!I needed to sell some guns and had called the store to arrange to bring them by. Pat was very accommodating to say the least. I am learning to walk on a new prosthetic and he told me to just pull in front of the shop and the guys would come out and get the guns to take them inside. Pat made sure I was comfortable in a chair and the guys looked over my guns and offered very good prices. I was very pleased with the numbers and we made the deal. Also bought a Mossberg 500 while there at a great price. Being in that shop was terrific, the team made me feel at home and I loved the way they connect with their customers. It was a busy day at the shop, and Pat the owner, never let 5 minutes go by without seeing if I needed anything or wanted something to drink. They are knowledgable and very fair. I expected to get less for my guns than I actually did..To top it off, Pat called me the day after to ask how I liked the Mossberg. Class. Why would you go anywhere else??
By: aaron.baldwin.125
Taylor & Vadney Sporting Goods
Outstanding customer service.I have been in the firearms community for years now and have always brought my business to Taylor and Vadney Sporting Goods. From my very first pistol purchase to my most recent which was a Colt Detective Special 38 in nickle which is a tough gun to find Pats tireless efforts in tracking down the pistol I wanted was very impressive. Pat and his staff are highly knowledgeable and make every experience in there shop a positive one. If at times the store seems busy its exactly that..BUSY. Pat tries to take care of all customers in a timely fashion as to lower the all around wait times. Be it pistols, long guns, ammunition or accessories Taylor and Vadney is the place for one stop shopping. And if they don't have something your looking for they are more then willing to accommodate the customer by ordering it. Overall my experiences with Taylor and Vadney has been great and I will continue to bring my and my friends business to Pat.
By: jessicambraun
Taylor & Vadney Sporting Goods
I have started shopping at Taylor & Vadney after shopping at Zack's for the past several years. For the record, I think Pat and the rest of the staff are great. I appreciated that Pat's team asked a few teaser type questions to make sure I knew what I was doing (they're required to be skeptics; gun operation is not instinctual) before they started asking what I was looking for. **This is where I think a lot of un-educated people get "put off" by a perceived attitude, when really the staff are being responsible.Although I had a few specific models in mind that I wanted to try, knowing how I intended to use the gun really helped them make knowledgeable recommendations. Those recommendations resulted in me getting a gun that is even more perfectly suited to my needs than I could have found on my own without full-time research.I will definitely be going back.
By: lacucinaqueen
Taylor & Vadney Sporting Goods
I recently cleaned out my attic and came across an old rifle that was left by the previous owners around 20 years ago. The rifle was obviously old and in bad condition. I was able to speak with the gunsmith who gave me some information on the gun, its value, and the work required to fix it. Due to its condition it would have cost more to fix it than it was worth in the retail environment. I applaud and appreciate their honesty and help, as no other shop in the area would assist me or give the time of day. As an older widow I felt as if I was being mocked and treated with disrespect, I was even laughed at to my face at a "well known" shop in the area, however at Taylor and Vadney I felt the comfort one should feel when going into a private business. They were honest and kind, helpfull and resourcefull. Fine young gentleman to deal with!
By: xs240sx
Taylor & Vadney Sporting Goods
Excellent customer service and a knowledgable staff. I have recently started applying for my permit. The staff was very patient with me and knew alot about each gun i looked at and how to disassemble and reassemble all of them. I was also impressed with their selection.Even during the shortages in guns and ammunition, their shelves were stocked full and they had plenty of ammo. Even .22LR which I can't seem to find anywhere now. Great experience, I highly recommend.
By: edwardfisher1
Taylor & Vadney Sporting Goods
I have shopped at Taylor and Vadney for over 15 years I have always been treated very well and fair. I've always found their prices to be very reasonable. When I was down and out Pat was and is still there to lend a helping hand. I would bring a friend there to do business. I have made many purchases and trades there and have done very well. I recommend all of my friends to Taylor and Vadney and will make sure that continues.
By: stephon.harris.5496
Taylor & Vadney Sporting Goods
They treated me allright, I think that they ask quesion to ensure that you know what you are doing. Some of us don't like to be questioned and get affended easily. When I bought my RRA-15 he made sure to tell me not to change the stock, which depending on what you add on could make your rifle ilegal that's good to know. Prices are fair you can't expect to buy one less that what the Manurfacture would charge unless its used.
By: granby
Taylor & Vadney Sporting Goods
I went into Taylor and Vadney while shopping for a pistol. I am familiar with guns and have shopped at several other gun shops in the area. I was very happy with the service and the prices. The owner, Pat was very patient and he had very fair prices. Believe me compared to other shops the prices are very fair. I will be a repeat customer and I reccomend people check this out before they buy anywhere else.
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By: Sharon S.
Taylor & Vadney Sporting Goods
Great staff, helpful, informative and very friendly, enjoyed shopping there. Pat walked me through how to handle the gun and we probably talk a good hour or so about sporting stuff. I felt like a friend who stopped by, I also went in the store knowing what I was looking for....... The price was a bit better than I expected, I will definitely go back!
By: bobcat1189
Taylor & Vadney Sporting Goods
After visiting several stores in the capital district, I have found that this shop has the best deals available. They were able to give me a great price on a relatively rare gun that I was unable to find in other stores (or even online). They also purchased a few weapons from me at a price that was fair.

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