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  • Unacceptable Sales Tactics

    I have used this company several years ago without any known problems. That is why I called them back, not because of their repeated phone calls to me. The gentlemen on the phone was polite and assured me that my chimney would be made safe with their $89.50 sweep promotion getting the ""sludge"" off the walls. My term, not his. I stated the chimney was dirty. There was about a 1/4 inch of sticky stuff on the walls. I had burned one of those logs for cleaning chimneys, but did not feel it would be adequate.I pulled some off myself with a kitchen spatula above the damper. It did come off easy, probably thanks to the underlying log, which did seem to make things hard and sooty. I had multiple fireplace fires since the log, ergo the sticky on top of the sooty.

    They arrived in a timely manner with several calls that day to update me on the
    arrival time. Most courteous.

    Once the men arrived the $89.50 promotion turned into a $200 sweep. $89.50 got me the nylon brush for dust only. It looked like a chimney variation of a kitchen bottle brush. To get what was attached to the chimney walls it required a wire brush. The use of a wire brush would cost me $200. Obviously the $89.50 would not make my chimney safe in any way.

    I would not recommend this company to anyone. The above should have been explained to me on the initial phone call
    instead of more than doubling the price once they got into my home. I was very specific as to my known problem.

    Who would hire a chimney sweep for just dust? You hire chimney sweeps to prevent fires and get the soot and sticky
    residue off the inside of the walls to prevent fires.

    It is possible the quality of the $200 job would have been satisfactory, but I want honesty in presentation.It just wasted both our times, because I went elsewhere.

    I feel they misrepresented the cost to make my fireplace safe. That was the purpose of my appointment.

  • Excellent company!!!!!

    I've used this company for many years and have always had a very pleasant experience with them. They are very polite and extremely clean in my home. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for any type of chimney or fireplace cleaning or repair.

  • Avoid at all costs.

    I would not recommend this company. They are rude and have horrible telephone customer service skills. The company also contacts you almost forcing you to use their service. From what I see they aren't a member of the Chicago Better Business Burea..

    Move on to someone else.

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