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By: jennmattus
Blohm, Patrick L MD
THE BEST!Dr. Blohm was a godsend for my husband and me. Prior to seeing Dr. Blohm, I had been under the care of another fertility specialist for over a year. That MD told my husband and me that we would never conceive on our own. Based on this, we spent thousands of dollars on multiple procedures, meds &and IUI only to result in unsuccessful procedures and miscarriage. Following this, I began treatment with Dr. Blohm - within 1 minute of his initial examination, he diagnosed me with a septate uterus. This condition not only makes conception more difficult but, almost guarantees (with 90% certainty) miscarriage. Dr. Blohm corrected my problem with a relatively easy, out-patient procedure. He also advised that artificial fertility treatments would now probably be unnecessary. He was right - I conceived immediately the month following the procedure and delivered a beautiful baby boy who was followed 2 years later by our precious daughter.Dr. Blohm was always very compassionate and professional and went out of his way to explain all procedures in detail. He is also very obviously concerned with providing the correct and ethical treatment for each patient individually, not just recommending expensive and unnecessary procedures. I have worked in the healthcare industry for 20+ years and I can honestly say that Dr. Blohm is one of the best and most knowledgeable physicians I have ever dealt with - personally or professionally. I would VERY HIGHLY recommend him.
By: scorpiocleo
Blohm, Patrick L MD
I was referred to Dr. Blohm by my family doctor. My Husband and I have been unsuccessful in conceiving for three years. During the three years I got pregnant once but miscarried. As a female and a human being going to your Dr. can be very uncomfortable, especially if you are seeing them for the first time. Thus, I was very displeased, upset and depressed after my visit with Dr. Blohm and his team. I'm not asking anyone to be my best friend, but at least treat people with compassion and respect. The staff was not friendly at all, the DR. obviously knows he is very Good at what he does and his attitude shows it. He treats you like a number, not like a real person with feelings or emotions. It was very dehumanizing the way he did my initial exam rushed,; stuck the ultrasound wand in me turn it from side to side rigorously, and then blurted out loudly" I'm done with that". I came home in tears. you not only pay a Dr. for their expertise but service as well. And not because a Dr. is good, gives him the right to treat people without respect or dignity. So if you are going to see him expect long wait time in between visits, long wait times when on your visit, expect for him and his staff to treat you with indifference, he'll be blunt, straight to the point give you your options, method of treatment, make sure your insurance is up to par before you leave his office or and walk with your co-pay they take it upfront.
By: tinkerbella123
Blohm, Patrick L MD
The negative reviews for Dr. Blohm, his wife, & the staff are totally false. Yes, this is a busy practice, they see many people. And yes sometimes your wait is longer than the service, but does anyone want a vaginal ultrasound, IUI, or IVF related appointments to last all day? Dr. Blohm and his staff get the job done right. I don't really care that he isn't as chipper as other doctors. I don't care that his wife and staff aren't trying to be my best friend. What I do care about is the fact that I was being treated by a different fertility specialist for over a year, then switched to Dr. Blohm and conceived the first cycle. Dr. Blohm didn't give me false hope or allow me to believe in some treatments that may or may not end in a pregnancy. He was straight forward and his staff was very knowledgable about insurance coverage. I say this, because where I live now (military family) I am again seeing a fertility clinic for a third child and I am being illegally billed by this current clinic. I know if I were being seen by Dr. Blohm, I would be receiving great care, and under no circumstance would I be illegally billed. Dr. Blohm made our dream come true as well as many of my friends. Please do not listen to these negative reviews. And saying Mrs. Blohm is racist is a bold and false claim which leads me to believe the person that posted that comment is lying, ignorant, or a racist themselves.
By: Jamie L.
Whitaker, Gregory K, MD
Dr. Whitaker is hands down the best physician I have ever been treated by. the wait time in the office can be a little lengthy at times but that is because he is thorough and takes his time with each patient. I can tell you that you will never leave his office feeling like you were rushed. I read other reviews claiming that he was wonderful but his staff rude. That may have been true in the past but I have never experienced that. They are very patient and helpful. New to Medicaid they have helped me through the entire thing. The entire staff new me by name before I even visited! Just from scheduling the appointment!! That is something to be said. His wife is usually there and is sweet as can be, one of my appointments there was no more seating available so his wife had my husband and I wait in his office so we wouldn't have to stand. If your craving a candy bar they always have something sweet on hand as well. I plan on having Dr. Whitaker deliver all of my children. Honestly you cant choose a more caring thorough doctor. Not to mention he knows his stuff, he has been delivering children for many years!!
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By: Pamela L.
Paul Shealy, DVM Dr
Dr Shealy performed back surgery on our 4 year old Pekingese, Kahlua, for a ruptured disc. She has totally paralyzed in her hind legs. We were devastated. Our vet recommended Dr. Shealy and they told us to bring her in immediately when we called. Dr. Shealy explained the diagnosis and required surgery. He was always very pleasant, patient and professional with us. We would highly recommend him. Dr. Shealy and his entire staff were wonderful. They took wonderful care of our Kahlua. She spent almost a month with them in the hospital for recuperation and physical therapy. My husband and I would go visit her two or three times a week. This was almost 10 years ago and Kahlua is over 14 years young and still going for daily walks. I don't think she would still be with us if it had not been for Dr. Shealy and his staff.
By: elizabeth.blaschko
Blohm, Patrick L MD
Dr. Blohm and his staff are the BEST! The office staff are professional and caring...if they do not smile all the time it is because they are in a serious business - I always received kind and appropriate service. 6 years ago today we had our successful "evil retrieval" as my husband called it...and today our awesome son is 5 yrs old. Dr. Blohm is all about finding a solution to the problem and is 100% honest about your chances of success. Ours were low...and it panned out! We will always be thankful for and grateful to Dr. Blohm, his wife and the entire office staff and ancillary staff. This was the most difficult time in our lives - and they helped us, honestly and openly, every staff of the way.
By: Kareena D.
Blohm, Patrick L MD
We had a amazingly positive experience. The staff is very good and Dr Blohm is thorough in his work. He will take all information from you give you options and will give you the right treatment for u. He was very soft spoken when I met him first. Seems very confident. I conceived in the very first try. Now im 6 weeks pregnant. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Also I appreciate the way he is very straight forward. that's what I like about him and his staff. I never had to wait for more than 10-15 mins. Nor was their staff rude or racists but to the point which I personally like. They even came on a Saturday to do the insemination procedure.
By: Sarah J.
The Children's House At St. Joseph's/Candler
I have to say I have read the reviews and had a completely different experience. I went on the wait list - I was told that it was very lengthy (about 9 - 12 months). Robin explained how the list works and added me the day I came in. She called me a few times to touch base. Even apologized about the long list and thanked me for my patience. They even recommended that we go on more than one list. Ms. Nancy gave me a tour - I found her to be very friendly and knowledgeable. The baby teachers were wonderful! I eventually got in and so happy I "hung in there".!!!!! I found every center I called had an infant wait list. I am thrilled I got in
By: happyoldermom
The Children's House At St. Joseph's/Candler
I strongly recommend the Children's House to anyone looking for exceptional care for their child. The newly renovated building, loving teachers and caring support staff help make this center one of Savannah's finest. The playground is huge with many opportunities for children to explore the outdoors and engage in physical activities. They have just added a library upstairs and a new curriculum for the three year olds. I can't wait for my child to be age eligible for the Pre-K program next year. I am truly impressed with the people and the center!!!!
By: Linda R.
Daniel, Fred L MD
Thank you Dr. Fred Daniel.There are no words that can say how much I appreciate being your patient going on thirty years treating me for Spasmodic Dysphonia of the vocal cords. The Botox injections injected into my vocal cords every three months gave me back my voice allowing me to stay in the workforce until retirement and then ten more years in the workforce beyond retirement leading a NORMAL life. I thank God for the knowledge and skill of this wonderful physician. I am so very grateful!Linda Rogers
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