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By: m.lyon
Southern Motors Honda
I just purchased a brand new Honda Civic from Southern Motors. Initially, I was shopping for a later model used car, and was definitely on a budget. Ronald Caceres was the salesman who helped me. When there weren't any used cars that met my criteria, he told me he still wanted my business and began talking about a new car. I did not think that was an option for me, but I told him the parameters of my budget and if he could get it within that ballpark, I would buy that car today. I will admit it took a while, and I declined a few offers, but in the end, I left with a new car. I was a little over my budget, but when I thought about the fact that I got a new car, I was still happy. I purchased my car on a Saturday. The following Monday, I received a call from Jeff, the person who handled all of my paperwork, advising he had gotten me an incredible deal, better than my first, lowering my interest rate, my term and my monthly payment. I had been told they would try to get me a better interest rate, but I figured that was just something they told everybody. Needless, to say, I am ecstatic! Ronald was so friendly, and although persistent, not pushy at all. I got the feeling he really wanted to help me, give me what I wanted. I was extremely impressed that even after the deal was done and I had signed the papers, Jeff at Southern Motors worked to get me a significantly better interest rate. That is really going the extra mile. I would recommend this dealership to anyone.
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By: Toby G.
Grainger Honda
Do not do business with this company. The owners are not trustworthy. I sold their parts department a wheel and accidentally sent them the wrong one. They got a hold of me and told me I made a mistake, so seeing that I had made a mistake I did some research on this company and saw that they seemed to be very trustworthy and honest. I decided that even though my policy is to never ship a second item out for fear of never getting the first item back, I decided to break my policy and TRUST Grainger Honda. I shipped the $200 item out to them and they received it immediately. Then they decided to never return my phone calls and keep my original $200 item that I accidentally sent them the first time! I even sent them a prepaid shipping label TWICE to send the item back to me but they wouldn't. I called over and over, asked to speak to the general manager, and found out I had been dealing with the owners ALL ALONG! So now I am out $200 because I trusted that the owners of this Honda dealership were honest people that did business the right way. Never again!The owner did contact me and apologized and got me my money back about a week after I left this review and filed a complaint with the BBB. I do believe that if I had never left this review or left a complaint with the BBB I never would have gotten my money back and would have been left in the dust and out $200. Thank god for companies that protect consumers.
By: T M.
Savannah Scion
I was passing through town on my way to Virginia when a "check engine" light came on in my Mazda 5. I followed my GPS to the first Mazda dealer it could find, but the dealership was not there, so I pulled into Savannah Toyota. Elijah was very helpful and the service team found the problem. However, I could not stay long enough to get the problem fixed. Elijah confirmed that the problem would not cause the car to break down on my way to Virginia and advised me to get it to the Mazda dealer as soon as I got home. For all of this, the dealership charge me $0.00! While the visit took 2 hours, it gave me piece of mind, and the fact I was not charged was impressive. For the record, my other car is a 2005 Prius with 165K miles, and I still get over 50 mpg on it. I have told my wife that her next car needs to be a Toyota, not a Mazda. When I buy my next car, I wish I could buy it from Savannah Toyota. Thanks Elijah - you went above and beyond, and I appreciate it!
By: klcsr1
Wash World
I first came to Wash World as a customer on Monday, 09 September 2013. Much to my surprise an attendant was on site. That's the first star! Of all the coin laundromats I've been to, I've never seen an onsite attendant.The place was clean and the temperature was nice and cool! That's star #2. The attendant was very accommodating and gave a warm greeting as I entered the business, very friendly. That's star 3! I later came to learn that this woman was the new owner, 3 months into new mgt.Wash World has free Wifi!!!!! How cool is that! That's star #4!This morning I'm back again. But this time there is a gentleman here as an onsite attendant, the husband, also the owner. To top it off, he's just as customer service oriented as his wife. This guy was great and a pleasure to talk to. It was almost like doing laundry at home with family. That's star #5! I highly recommend Wash World!
By: Te B.
Luxe The Salon
I was in Savannah, visiting for the holidays and got caught in the rain, the day before Thanksgiving. Needless to say, since I needed a relaxer, my hair poofed up and was not cooperating with me. I did online research and found a few referrals, I reached out, one thing led to another and God sent me to Luxe. Kim answered the phone and was nice, and I went with her. When I got to the location; the ambiance was cool, Kim was great and she permed my hair with Mizani... (ordinarily, I would not get a perm with a new stylist, without referral, however, since I was going to be here for a while, I didn't want to run the risk of my hair puffing back up). She washed and styled, and it came out very pretty. I was totally happy at the end. Whenever I'm in Savannah, Kim is my go to for life! Please tell her Tomika from Atlanta sent you!
By: jessica.m.english
Wash World
I would give this place TEN STARS if I could! Joseph, the man who owns & runs Wash World is personable, professional, friendly, genuine, trustworthy, AND he delivers OUTSTANDING customer service. I will never take my clothes anywhere else. I was in a bind with a lot going on in our family (medical, twins, etc.), & we accumulated an incredible amount of laundry (well over 100 lbs., I'm embarrassed to admit). I needed HELP. I dropped off TEN huge garbage bags full of clothes; Joseph was so understanding & sensitive to our circumstances. He had ALL of our laundry washed, dried, & dress shirts & slacks hung THE SAME DAY. I am so THANKFUL for him! I cannot say enough good things about my experience. All businesses should be run like this!
By: Brant L.
Grainger Honda
I had a great experience at Grainger Honda! I worked with Derek Knowles and he was awesome. I'm a very picky person and I have to look at things several times before I'm ready to buy but that wasn't a problem for Derek Knowles. I test drove five cars over three different visits and on the last test drive Derek Knowles allowed me to test drive the car on my own for about 45 minutes, which was very important to me. I felt very comfortable with Derek Knowles the entire time. I never felt like he was trying to push anything on me. He was just trying to find the right car for me. I highly recommend Grainger Honda and I highly recommend that you specifically ask for Derek Knowles. I promise you won't be disappointed!
By: Kathleen W.
Horst & Co Hair Salon
I went recently to have my first real haircut since coming to live in Savannah. I've been hunting for a salon. It was time to finally just bite the bullet and pick one. This one is very near my home. It was a wonderful surprise to call and have them get me in the next day. Pam did the best haircut I've had in many years. Her attention to detail and her professionalism were amazing. The staff are all lovely people, respectful and kind as I've come to expect here in Savannah. The services were more than reasonable for a top quality salon. I had my hair cut washed and styled for $48 dollars. I highly recommend Horst & Co. but, above that I recommend Pam she gave me superior service.
By: christina.kuhaneck
Colorboxx Hair Salon
Love does not even begin to describe how I feel about my new hair. After a tragedy with my "go-to" stylist I had to find a new one. Two years, several bad cuts and color jobs later I have found THE one! lol! Everyone is so laid back and Liz was great! She told me step by step what she was doing as she was doing it and held the perfect amount of conversation. You could tell she loves what she is doing and is very good at it. Thanks so much Liz and Color Boxx, you have a client for life! As an added note, I will say it is a little on the pricier side of high end salons. Just remember, you get what you pay for, Color Boxx and Liz are worth every single cent!
By: Madeline A.
Colorboxx Hair Salon
Color Boxx Hair Salon is by far the best salon in town! I've been a loyal customer for the past 5 years and not only is the environment welcoming and fun, but every single hairdresser exceeds all expectations. Having tried out multiple salons in town, Colorboxx is without a doubt beyond exceptional and blows all competitors out of the water. I would recommend Liz and Abby to anyone who needs a flawless cut and color, and Janie at the front desk is a doll. They always accommodate your schedule and get you in and out of the salon in no time, so book an appointment asap and enjoy!
Tips & Advices
Many dental technologists are trained on the job, starting with simple tasks and progressing over the years to handle more complex responsibilities as they gather more experience. Formal training is available, and it involves getting an accredited two-year associate degree. Dental technologists can also obtain certification, which involves passing a certified dental technician exam.
Many dental labs provide guarantees for their work, and they will replace or repair a product if it fails. The timespan covered by this guarantee varies from product to product. For example, screw-retained implant abutments often come with a 20-year guarantee. Transition crowns and bridges are usually guaranteed for up to two years.
Many dental labs offer pickup and delivery services. They will send a driver to a dental office for pick up, and, once the work is finished, they will have the driver deliver the product to your office. Many dental labs offer this service at no additional charge.
Patients rarely deal with dental labs directly. In most cases, dental labs communicate only with a patient's dentist, building products based on dental molds that the dentist has taken. However, a small percentage of dentists operate in-house dental labs, and in these cases, patients can communicate directly with dental lab technicians.
In most states, dental technicians aren't legally required to obtain certification. However, if a dental lab wishes to obtain certification, the lab must be supervised by a certified dental technician, or CDT. To maintain certification, a CDT has to commit to continuing education. CDTs can choose specialties such as implants, orthodontics, ceramics, and complete dentures.

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