By: ronald60
Super King Buffet
We were faithful customers of the super king buffet, then one day awhile back I had an unpleasant experience there and so I wrote a review about it ans we stayed away for a long period of time, but because it was my favorite restaurant and I really did enjoy going there we decided to go back . The manager knew right away that I had written this review and was very apologetic to us about it , I noticed that things had changed and the issue was resolved, we are once again attending there faithfully every week and really enjoy the SUPER KING BUFFET it is the best place in town , we get a friendly welcome and hello from everyone and not to mention that they have the best selection and varity of food, I am so glad to be back and more happy that everything was resolved with no hard feelings . A FAITHFUL CUSTOMER OF YOURS.
By: purtythang
Old Country Buffet
This is a great place to eat.its very clean all the time and staff is super friendly !!!
By: richbumz
Golden Corral Restaurants
Very kid friendly, foods decent, a Lil messy But the kids love it.

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