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Kim Nails In Georgetown
I have been going to Kim Nails for over 10 years and when we adopted our precious little Cera I started taking her too! Her 1st manicure she was only 5 days old! They are very professional and their workmanship is AWESOME!! I wore acrylics for over 30 years and I was very picky about how they looked. When they finished they were very natural looking and people always were surprised to find out they were tips. I preferred the more elegant oval shape over the popular square shapes and they left me looking fabulous every time! I also get regular pedicures and they are the most relaxing ones I've ever had. Another service I have used is eyebrow waxing. The shaping is PERFECT! I've taken the acrylics off temporarily but continue to get regular manicures. Once again these services are the BEST!! The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming to all that enter their doors. It's always nice to do business with people that not only do incredible work but also CARE about each of their clients. I get so many compliments on my nails and so does Cera (she's now 2yrs old). You got to try them FIRST and then you won't go anywhere else! :-)
By: Lauren S.
Today Nail & Spa Salon
I think the review below is incorrect, the salon is a Nail salon not a hair salon. When you first walk in you do not smell a nail salon, no fumes, just herbs and some nail polish. You are greeted and asked to sign in, and shown the price sheet immediately. The pricing is competitive with other salons and is not overprice. This is the most sanitary nail salon I have ever been to. The service was great. I had both a spa pedicure and a full set of acrylics put on. My friend had their herbal mani pedi and said it was delightful. They mix herbs depending on what type of relief you need. The girl who did my manicure, i found out later, was the owner of the establishment. She was able to answer all my questions fully and give me a great manicure. She knows all the latest techniques. They even have protectors for your hands during gel manicures. Overall this salon has made me never want to visit another in Savannah!
By: margie.bodybyvi
Kim Nails In Georgetown
I have been going to Kim Nails for 10+ years and absolutely LOVE them!! Kim & John Doe, owners, run and manage a very professional salon and their work is incredible! I have long acrylic nails and they always look great. I get comments on how good they look every time I go out and others are consistently saying..."I love your nails! Where do you get them done?" Even my chiropractor (a Male) complimented them yesterday! Why would you go any where else when you get compliments every day?!! I also get pedicures, foot & back massages and my eyebrows waxed there. Customer service is EXCELLENT and always greeted with a smile. I always leave feeling wonderfully pampered and look forward to the next appointment. You have to try them.....EXCELLENT!! :-)
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By: bleachbunny
Sunlit Nail
I'll have to echo kttalk's review. Maybe it's just me, but as a male walking in for a mani-pedi I didn't get a warm fuzzy from the ownership. It's a family-run business and mama is in charge. I picked out the cheapest level of service I wanted which was a lot more than I wanted to pay to begin with. But being the "gentleman" rate I suspected it was going to be little more. But at the end of the day i was charged the most expensive. It was $65 which included tip. And coming from Atlanta where I can get a mani pedi with tip for $30, prices were way outrageous. I would have expected $45 Max. So I believe I was overcharged. I won't be going back. There are just too many other salons to choose from.
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By: Essence J.
Glamour Nails
I love this salon! The best nail salon in Savannah out of the 5 I have tried...Tina is the BEST!!! She takes her time and my nails are always perfect! I like the bolder and somewhere trendier designs and she always nails it! Their color selection is always excellent, but sometimes I bring my own and it's never a problem. They do have a tech that has a bit of an attitude, and I've only let her do my feet once. I would get them done more often but not with her...I just do them myself. Other than that, it's a great nail salon and I recommend it!
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By: Judith R.
Famous Nails
���� horrible experience, not friendly at all, the old guy who did my regular �������� didn't have the proper experience, he hurt my finger when cutting my cuticles and didn't even say sorry or something, was really bad manicure ��������, and on top of that the nail polish is so cheap that my nails are already cheaped and it was done Saturday 10/29/16, NO I DO NOT recommend this place, yes the place is very nice and looks clean and fancy but the knowledge of customer service...suck
By: jamieharko
Nails by Laura
Ive been to ALot of salons in savannah, over 30 to say at best. But nails by laura is far superior than any, i would recommend David for nails, Nail art hes the best in savannah, also agreeing is every national beauty magazine in the U.S, supposedly he's won numerous nail competions... for pedis i would would say everyone is good, free wine and hot stone massagesover experience is great. and the funny thing is that this salon is male dominated employed
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By: Essence J.
Us Nails
I went in yesterday because my nails needed a fill in and I didn't feel like going across town to my usual salon. I went in and the guy did a good job on my nails. The shape is good and they are not too thick just like I like them. They carry OPI but the color selection is not very good, so I suggest bringing your own color. They do talk a LOT amongst themselves, so I took a couple stars off for atmosphere. They are OK if you are in a pinch.
By: Rebecca H.
Nails 4 U
This is the second time that I've been here and I have to say I've never been treated so rudely. The customer service is horrible they tell you one price on the phone and you get there and get a totally different price. The first time I went there the lady watch TV while doing my nails and cut me then the second time I went there the lady was so rough with me and cut me twice there's no way that I'll be going back to this establishment.
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By: Aaren C.
Le Nails
This is an honest review. I'm a regular at the shop, and sometimes they are understaffed, but overall I've always had a wonderful experience. The customer service is top par when they get to you. I believe customer treatment is a two way street, and if you are nice and courteous you will be treated as such. Their pedicure for what they do is the best price in town, in my opinion.

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