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By: Drew T.
Sears Appliance Repair
The service man for KENMORE ELITE was superb.. However, I should not have had to call for him. My ice maker would not produce so I called KM; who gave bum instr; said I had to have a svc man . I paid him $129!!). Turns out that the sw was off!!! I had asked Knmor Fact.ry for trbl shtng adv, and I folwd it,but not knowing that the sw was off! The icemaker works fine now, but it's down low, I am+ 80; 6' 2; hard to get dn low on the floor. Like standing on my head. Why is the SW white color & not in the front& facing out & red or blk on the side of the white int box? THAT'S SO STUPID !! (NOT LIKE OLD SEARS! ) why are the instr printed lower case low font on the side ¬ facing out? U have a great machine but yet your new dsgnrs care so less for yr old 50yr cust. I USED TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO A WARM BODY WHO KNEW HIS BUSINESS. I AM REALLY PO'D NOW ; THX FOR ASKING. THE SVC MAN , A GENT; TOO; APOLOGIZED FOR HAVING TO CHARGE ME. PAUL D TROXLER 5/08/16 savh GA
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By: Stacey B.
Sears Appliance Repair
So my RCA flat screen stopped working, we have a warranty on it so we called to have it fixed. The first time we called we where told a technician would be out within 2 days. Well we had some random stranger call and say he was the technician and that he needed to us to send him photos of our television and the warranty. We sent them in, then this technician tells us he doesn't make house calls. He tells us we will have to take the television back to the store where we bought it so he could repair it there.I told my husband to call the warranty department back, he did but that wasn't the last time we had to call. It took 11 days to get someone to my house to fix something with a warranty. This isn't a mistake we will make again. Next time we upgrade or just get a new television we will be getting it somewhere that we don't have to wait or argue to have it fixed. Clearly the standards for customer service has been dropped way down.
By: Noble R.
Sears Appliance Repair
I called because my dishwasher was leaking. Tech came and replaced door gasket ($250). During first load machine was still leaking. I called back and another tech came out. Said the leak was caused by over sudsing. Said because the leak was not caused by the door gasket it was a new issue and charged me $150 to tell me it's over sudsing. Seems to me it was the same issue leaking. Shouldn't matter what was causing the leak. I paid $250 to repair the leak. It was not repaired. I should not have been charged another $150 for a return visit. I will never de business with Sears again.
By: Jo P.
Sears Appliance Repair
Technician came to look at dishwasher only but when I told him I had an appointment in March for cooktop and microwave he stated he could look at them. So he make the necessary call and provided the inspection of both items. I have had no problems with either and he stated they were in great shape. He was pleasant and very knowledgeable about the appliances he serviced.
Tips & Advices
Aftermarket replacement parts can be perfectly safe and reliable, but be sure to do your research. If replacing a more integral piece, such as washing machine’s water pump or a thermostat for a busted water heater, it might be best to purchase new.
Replacement parts generally come with warranties extending anywhere from 30 days to five years, depending on the original price, the nature of the fix and the age of the part itself.
If you’re seeking new parts repair companies will generally mark up their prices slightly--particularly at a major national retailer. However, used parts are typically discounted.
Cheaper used appliance parts can be found online or at many local, independently owned retailers, along with ecommerce sites such as eBay. Major retailers, however, generally limit their selection to unused, full-priced options.
Second-hand appliance parts are generally anywhere between 50-75% cheaper than new ones, but warranties might not extend as long and the parts may be less reliable or come with a shorter lifespan. Be sure to research the source of any second-hand parts to ensure the dealer is reputable and the part itself reliable.

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