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By: Juliette N.
Cha Bella
Cha Bella is a beautiful restaurant right in Savannah. We chose Cha Bella for our wedding reception because in addition to having a nice size reception room inside they have a beautiful covered patio outside. We are foodies so Cha Bella’s farm to table concept of using only the freshest ingredients prepared daily at the restaurant really appealed to us. We dined there times prior to our wedding and the food was always outstanding. Candace, their event coordinator was very attentive and met all of our culinary needs. She was willing to meet several times and go over every detail to make sure our wedding was a success. The restaurant was decorated beautifully and the staff was very professional and friendly. We could not be happier about our wedding.Thank you Cha Bella for making our special day perfect!
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By: Karen G.
Walmart - Pharmacy
We just moved here from Indianapolis Indiana, I had stopped shopping at Walmart in Indianapolis, service was bad, pharmacy was bad, and people were just down right rude., so when I came to Savannah GA and found that a Walmart was the most convenient store to my home, I looked online and found a lot of bad reviews about this Walmart, but I always say see for yourself, so I went to the Walmart, wow what great customer service I had, I have been there several times since I've been in Savannah, and everyone has been great between customer service to the pharmacy to check out and all the cashiers am very happy with this Walmart and I will continue shopping there. Thank you staff for the great experience
By: virginia.reitan
Sake Steak House
I live on the island and love that we have this wonderful establishment in our back yard! I enjoy stopping in for sushi rolls which are served with incredible presentation and fun! They have taught me how to order and enjoy and now I feel comfortable sitting at any sushi bar. My girls constantly ask for hibachi and now they have a take out option. The portions are extremely generous and are of high quality! We celebrate all our big birthday and celebrations around the big grill and it is the cleanest in Savannah by far! Plenty of room to breathe and move around! Beautiful atmosphere, new and extremely hands on management. I highly recommend this if you are hungry and want a $$$deal.
By: helenhart
Sake Steak House
I love this restaurant, it's my favorite Japanese restaurant to eat at in savannah! The food is not greasy like every other hibachi grill I've eaten at. The atmosphere is very nice as well, the dining area is clean and very open, not like comparing hibachi grills in savannah that are dark and dirty. The food is great, they are very generous on portion size and you feel like you are getting a lot for your money. Everything on the menu is great, they have Japanese, Chinese, and Thai and it all tastes fabulous. I bring my family to eat here every time they come into town and they love it just as much as I do. I would recommend this place to anyone!
By: embee.mcdaniel
You should really go there when the clerk named "Peggy Larson" is working there, She is on top of things and knows exactly when and what the sales are as well as she will not ring you in unless she tells you that if you buy something that there is a sale on an item as well, Very friendly and Very nice, When I do go in there she is extremely helpful and knows exactly where everything is other then some that go Durrrrr! and as well as say I will come back with an answer, {an hour later} Very nice person and hope she stays there!
By: possibilities
I discovered Marandy during one of my lunch breaks and the food and drinks here is awesome. Cooked just right with many herbs and spices and the service was down home and friendly. I have invited many friends back so that I can get that awesome food and the value for the amount of food you receive. I hope they will expand into a dining environment so I can go in the evenings. This is a must eat if you visit Savannah GA.
By: buckeyestate44
Cha Bella
We really enjoyed our dinner at this restaurant. The food was excellent as was the service and atmosphere. All the food is locally sourced and tasted very fresh. They have a large patio and the party going on outside gave this restaurant a great vibe. Everyone was having a terrific time. Should be on your list of places to eat in Savannah.
By: Lexie C.
Cha Bella
Friends and I had such a good time having dinner at Cha Bella. The place is really fun. The food is fresh and delicious.... and they make the most amazing fruit drinks at the bar. We sat outside having drinks after dinner while watching movies on the wall! Really great evening !Share reviewWrite an updateEdit reviewDelete review
By: david.iannuzzi.3
Sake Steak House
was very disappointed. the chef did not clean grill or cooking tools during the whole dinner. This bothers me because i ordered a veggie dinner and i do not want it to taste like shrimp! we were also served our apps after our meal. used way too much butter on everything. also, portions were very small.
By: Jakie J.
Cha Bella
What a great place to enjoy dinner. Cha Bella is at the end of Broughton St. only a short walk from the middle of town. Our hotel told us this is the place in town to eat at and they were right. Food was delicious, service was attentive. We sat outside on the patio and had a super time!

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