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By: Karen G.
Walmart - Pharmacy
We just moved here from Indianapolis Indiana, I had stopped shopping at Walmart in Indianapolis, service was bad, pharmacy was bad, and people were just down right rude., so when I came to Savannah GA and found that a Walmart was the most convenient store to my home, I looked online and found a lot of bad reviews about this Walmart, but I always say see for yourself, so I went to the Walmart, wow what great customer service I had, I have been there several times since I've been in Savannah, and everyone has been great between customer service to the pharmacy to check out and all the cashiers am very happy with this Walmart and I will continue shopping there. Thank you staff for the great experience
By: embee.mcdaniel
You should really go there when the clerk named "Peggy Larson" is working there, She is on top of things and knows exactly when and what the sales are as well as she will not ring you in unless she tells you that if you buy something that there is a sale on an item as well, Very friendly and Very nice, When I do go in there she is extremely helpful and knows exactly where everything is other then some that go Durrrrr! and as well as say I will come back with an answer, {an hour later} Very nice person and hope she stays there!
By: mothero3
LoCost Pharmacy
The staff is the best! warm caring! Its great when you need help & find great people who go beyond! Sincerely- thanks. Better than any big pharmacy!!!
By: Paul A.
Coastal Compounding Pharmacy
I have dealt with other agencies. Coastal Compounding is quite impressive. Very friendly staff. Incredibly fast service!

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