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By: Russel B.
Webbers Transportation
Not a customer of this company but wanted to inform the public of their concerns, or lack thereof, over the public's safety in addition to their recklessness and ignorance regarding the laws of the road. First, I'm a student and commute on a bicycle to class. As a large part of Savannah's city center is built on one-way roads, I was forced to take just 1 block of an admittedly known busier street to get to class (Anderson), but merged onto Anderson at my green light, meaning the traffic soon to be near me was still at a red light. Despite my 30 second travel on Anderson, a man driving a Webbers Transportation van (Early model white minivan with green bubble text which clearly said Webbers, Chrysler Town & Country?) sped up behind, laid on his horn and continued to get closer to my back tire. I waved for him to go around as other lanes were plainly unoccupied, but he insisted on staying behind me with his horn blaring to make it known that I wasn't simply in his way but that he didn't want me on the road at all. I was already near the curb allowing safe passage for anyone who actually wanted to do so, when he proceeded to speed up next to me in the same lane and got within inches, nearly running me off the road. Once he matched my speed, he yelled profanities at me for the remainder of the 1 block, as if I had any time at all before his tantrum to have done something to him. Now, I don't know the number of vehicles they operate, but with the amount of small transportation businesses in the area I imagine it's possible this particular driver was the owner himself, though obviously cannot confirm. I urge the company to review with their employees and educate them (or themselves?) on 1)The legality of bicycles on the road 2)The minimum berth space required between their 2-ton vehicle and those on bikes. In addition, I urge them to reconsider their life-endangering tantrums, especially behind the wheel of a car with all their company's information emblazoned on it.
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By: Millie B.
Barbara's Salon & Spa
I love this place every one is amazing!!Ms Barbara is the sweetest lady and all of the stylist are extremely talented.Linda the nail tech is creative.
By: Concerned P.
Amp Salon
The salons family obviously was raised to a much lower level of honesty and ethics n. The husband of the salon stylist is James Powell and he is a very dishonest person and will lie directly to your face. His first impression is he presents himself as willing to help or do good in general, however once you are around him you see its only an act to win your trust, only to find out what he can about you to try andManipulate. I was fooled and went so far ad to loan him a $1750 rifle so he could teach he and Andreas son how to shoot on a upcoming boyscout event only to ultimatlyhave it never returned even after mutipule attempts toReach him and did even talk to Andrea about the situation which she too ignored. I loaned the eiflethe Powell's 2-1/2 yrs ago. All my actions were done in good faith thinking I was dealing with good honest people. Boy was I wrong Now my only recource is to file suit agianst the AMP salon and Mr Powell. Thats the burden I get for trying to help a kid with a dishonest dad. Lesson learned and hopefull small claims court will either place lien on the salon or garnish his wages.��������������������������������
By: Jennifer L.
Angelora Color Salon
I'd like to say that they refunded my money while acknowledging they made a mistake on my hair, but they didn't. In fact, after giving me a keratin treatment that was supposed to straighten my hair (it didn't, I was given a relaxing treatment instead) as well as highlighting and coloring my hair (and leaving a horizontal white stripe), and leaving a blob of red in my bangs, they had me come in to fix the stripe on Tuesday. There I was told by the owner that I had miscommunication with my stylist about my straightening treatments ("obviously you asked for the relaxing treatment to help with frizz"--uh no, I said straightening and that I wanted my hair straight). He tried to fix the white stripe by putting red coloring throughout my hair--which removed the highlights. Then when he saw that the stripe was still there, he said, "$h!t!" and wanted to try to fix that. Two tries and no one at this salon can get this right? No. So I left and called the next day stating I'd want my money back. I stopped in today to get the refund. They only wanted to refund the "straightening" and 20% of the TIP that would've been given on the coloring (btw, I did give a 20% tip after the the initial visit because I hadn't washed my hair or found the white stripe yet) because they "had fixed the stripe." Even the the OWNER admitted he hadn't fixed it. So basically they were only going to refund my tip. I refused that and requested a full refund. I received several eye rolls from the owner's wife (who someone needs to tell that the 80s called and they want their bad perm and dye job back). And because of the bad attitude, I returned all product purchased as well since I can purchase it from other salons without the bad attitudes. I can accept that we all make mistakes, but if you say you're going to fix my hair then you should fix my hair. If you can't fix it, then you need to refund your customer's money without eye rolling and rudeness. I WILL NEVER BE BACK. Watch out because these people have the potential to really screw up your hair!!
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By: Eliza W.
X & I Nails Studio
My first experience at x and I was okay Christine was not friendly but she did a great job on my nails. Thinking it was something I did wrong I rebooked upon my arrival it was a disabled woman looking to book with her for the next availablity. She was very rude and short with her letting the woman know she was booked 3 weeks out and have no availability. After my appointment was finished I also was looking to rebook she states she was not available till August 4th at 4 o'clock which was also three weeks out. The morning of I received a email from her stating she was sick in bed and had to cancel my appointment. I had a relative call to see if this was true. Christine answered the phone and was trying to squeeze her in today but couldn't. I'm very puzzled about why she lied about being sick. Sad part she is a Gelish educator.
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By: champagnelace
Salon Tribe
Best Salon Ever!!I have fine hair, plus growing out a bad perm from another salon in Savannah. Not only do I get GREAT haircuts here, but Russell totally understands what I'm trying to accomplish. Plus Love Love Aveda products.
By: Kathleen W.
The Academy By Horst
I went recently to have my first real haircut since coming to live in Savannah. I've been hunting for a salon. It was time to finally just bite the bullet and pick one. This one is very near my home. It was a wonderful surprise to call and have them get me in the next day. Pam did the best haircut I've had in many years. Her attention to detail and her professionalism were amazing. The staff are all lovely people, respectful and kind as I've come to expect here in Savannah. The services were more than reasonable for a top quality salon. I had my hair cut washed and styled for $48 dollars. I highly recommend Horst & Co. but, above that I recommend Pam she gave me superior service.
By: Ash W.
Salon Tribe
Jennifer Adair did my color and cut and style.. it turned out better than I imagined. I will be a repeat customer and could see the talent of all the staff where I was sitting. She was so funny and made me feel so comfortable. Jen is a true professional in her field.
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By: Natasha G.
Cover Nails
BB Ms. Bad Bitch, the next time i ask for my eyebrows to be a certain way, DO IT THAT WAY. What makes it all worse is the owner keeps saying, she do for years and never got complaint. Well HELLO, I'm complaining, DO BETTER. And I came for a wax, if I wanted someone to razor my eyebrows I would have done it myself! And make sure all the wax is off next time.
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By: Anne-marie G.
Classic Hair Design
Amazing service. Being going here for years. Occasionally I get the whim to try somewhere else and I'm always disappointed and return the next month.The one star review sounds nothing like the place I know. The owner is very calm and peaceful and is always concerned with my satisfaction.

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