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By: Fliesatnight 1.
Jackson Bros Car Care Center
With the recent publicity emphasizing the importance of supporting Black-Owned businesses, I decided to start looking for a Black-Owned gas station in the area. I do like to support my own people and figured this would be a good place to start. We only moved here 2.5 years ago and are still unfamiliar with parts of the city since we are college students/home-bodies, and don’t go out much. Jackson Bros Car Care Center in Savannah, GA, was referred to me by a friend who grew up here in Savannah. She explained the sad truth that there are only two (2) African-American/Black-Owned Gas Stations in the ENTIRE city of Savannah! And to my surprise, I found that they are diagonally across the street from one another! Jackson Brothers was one of them. That all being said, I first called Jackson Bros Car Care Center in Savannah, GA in mid-November 2015 to confirm that they are in fact, a Black-Owned business. From my very first conversation with the “Lady of the Shop”, it has been nothing but pleasant! She informed me that this is a long-time Black-Owned Family Business that has been in existence over 45+ years! She explained that they do Automotive Repair work as well as provide Gas to customers. When I had to call her again to ask their price of Gas for the day, she politely told me $2.04/gallon, which was right in the mid-line of what I saw throughout Savannah that week and was therefore, very fairly-priced. Although I missed getting to their station that day due to a personal business matter, I called to let them know I couldn’t make it; and the gentleman I spoke to was also polite, and I felt a nice warmth when I spoke with him as well! These were definitely NOT rude people at all, and I don’t know what happened all the way back in 2009, but MY phone experiences before I even met them was very pleasant! I did finally get there on Dec 3rd, 2015. I’d just missed the Lady of the Shop, but everyone else there was nothing short of polite, professional, & courteous. I purchased Gas from them and their pumps worked fine. I got a detailed receipt for the fuel that even included the Kind of Fuel (Regular), and the Amount/Volume of Gallons Purchased (9.760 Gal), which is something I’ve only seen on one other fuel-station’s receipt out here! And since business was winding-down for the day, they were also happy to explain to me, some of the history of the warehouses & other landmarks of that location. As I was leaving their office, the other employees quietly greeted me as well. In doing personal business with others, there’s nothing like good, old-fashioned, down-to-earth Southern-Hospitality, and these gentlemen had it! I love it! =D I’m ending this Review with a Four-Star Rating only because I haven’t gotten any Auto Repair work done by Jackson Bros Car Care and don’t know anyone who has (like I said, I’m still relatively new here). But in every other way, they’ve shined beautifully, and as one of the only two Black-Owned Fuel Stations in the City of Savannah, I will continue to patronize Jackson Brothers to purchase Gas from them from now on (& from the other once I meet them, too)! =) It is extremely important that we give our economic support to the Black-Owned Businesses of our communities! So Black People in particular—take the time to travel a little further, and give these businesses our dollars to help keep that money in our Black-communities a little longer than a mere six-hours! =) Peace!
By: ramblinwreckgt
Abercorn Towing
This guy is awesome. My wife's car broke down on the corner of Broughton and Bull on her way to work one morning. She had a co-worker pick her up and I left work and called Abercorn Towing to meet me at her car to have it towed (I called another company first, but they were rude so I hung up). While waiting a short minute for the tow truck to show up the tire on my car went flat (It was a great week). When Brian showed up to tow my wife's car he saw me getting ready to change the tire on my car. He told me to hold on a second, pulled out a hand held compressor, and a tire patching kit. This guy patched and pumped up my tire within about 10 minutes. He then towed my car to Pooler and didn't even charge me for the work on my tire. If you need a tow I would suggest using Abercorn Towing. He also treats you like a paying customer not someone he is doing a favor for.
By: Christy H.
Abercorn Towing
The experience I had with this towing company was the best part of my day. He was so helpful and professional with every aspect of my car towing. I am new to the Savannah area and I did not really know a great place to get my car fixed at and he was able to give me great suggestions. I have complete trust in this company after today and it feels so great to have something that is trustworthy and reliable. I have never had a car trouble problem that was handled by such a great professional as this. They truly care about the customer and your vehicle!
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By: Ingrid K.
Abercorn Towing
This morning after getting off work I found myself to be stranded. Abercorn Towing save the day. They were very efficient with the time it took them to get to me as well as getting my car to where it needed to be. The driver was very friendly, courteous, and they have good customer service. It's also affordable. I'm one happy customer and I would recommend them to anyone.
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By: Julz O.
Abercorn Towing
This guys was absolutely AWESOME! My car broke down in the walmart parking lot and he came to my rescue. Very professional, friendly and shows up on time. I was beyond satisfied with his help and would gladly recommend him to all my family,friends and anyone in need of a tow.Thank you kindly, sir!
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By: Brooke W.
Abercorn Towing
Brian was awesome. He's super nice and the towing was affordable. I thought having to get my car towed was going to be a big hassle, but it was exactly the opposite. Hopefully my car doesn't break again soon, but I know who I'm calling if it does!
By: martin.wells.395
Abercorn Towing
What made me go with this guy was his affordable price. My car broke down at my job and he was able to come within the hour. When he arrived he was very friendly and professional at the same time. I would recommend his services anyone.
By: Phillip S.
Abercorn Towing
Brian picked my car up from Downtown and brought it to Wilmington for $55. The other Towers wanted $75+. Nice guy ,knows a lot about cars, and he is able to hold a conversation. Very affordable and professional. A++
By: Deborah F.
Abercorn Towing
Abercorn Towing is the most professional towing company I have ever dealt with and the only company I will use from now on. They arrived on time and charged me exactly what I was quoted on the phone.
By: Tori G.
Wells Towing
Excellent customer service! If I ever need anything towed again, I will forever be a loyal customer to Wells Towing and Recovery. Kirk is fantastic!

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