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By: betsymac
Mark Lawson Antiques Inc
I had a thoughtful and honest experience in dealing with Mr. Lawson at Mark Lawson Antiques. There were a few old things collecting dust around the house that I wanted to clear out and hopefully sell for a fair price. A few years ago my daughter-in-law took two paintings to Mark Lawson Antiques and felt that Mr. Lawson provided a considerate evaluation and made a very reasonable offer. Upon this recommendation I arranged for an appointment to bring in a couple small bags of jewelry, silverware, and some other odds and ends that I was ready to part ways with. When I arrived, I didn’t know what to expect, but was put at ease by the friendly atmosphere and Mr. Lawson’s sincerity. He examined every piece of jewelry and the silver set and then explained how he arrived at the final values for each. I felt confident in Mr. Lawson’s appraisal and happily accepted his offer. He also gave me a recommendation for a reputable local business to contact about my record collection. I was pleased with Mr. Lawson’s honesty and helpful attitude and would definitely recommend Mark Lawson Antiques to others. -B
By: jr_9383
Mark Lawson Antiques Inc
Good experience and fair prices. My mom is in the process of downsizing and we took a variety of items in to Mark Lawson Antiques. We knew the vintage jewelry would be hit or miss since we weren't sure if it was real gold or just costume jewelry-- we had a mix of both and for several of the older fine pieces of jewelry Mr. Lawson paid us for above their scrap value. My mom also brought a lot of old Asian tourist souvenirs that my grandparents brought back from Japan and China. Unfortunately, they aren't worth much in terms of value, but we were referred to a local auction where we should get at least something for them.Overall, it was a great experience. We thought Mr. Lawson and his assistant were very nice and polite, even though unfortunately we just didn't have anything that was worth that much. Oh well. Not everyone finds a priceless antique in their grandma's attic. :) We were happy with the prices we received, walked away with some money in our pockets and we were more than happy with the customer service.
By: lorig.
Mark Lawson Antiques Inc
I had decided to sell an assortment of gold jewelry, an antique gold watch, silver bar, etc. and went to Mark Lawson first. He evaluated what I had, taking the time to carefully review each piece. He gave me a price. Since he was the first place I went to - which I explained to him - I took the items to three other places, including Old Saratoga Coin and Roman Jewels. Mark offered the best price for the items, and I went back to him in the end. I always tell people to check out at least three places, and I will tell you to skip Roman Jewels because they came in more than 20% less than everyone else. And, unlike Mark Lawson - who was gracious and charming - the people at Roman Jewels were not very nice at all.
By: aimeejo
Mark Lawson Antiques Inc
I sold some jewelry to Mark Lawson as one of the last steps in settling my grandmother's estate. I really appreciated that he took the time to talk about which of my grandmother's jewelry was worth more than scrap and what was just being sold for its metal value, he was also very helpful in directing me on where to take my grandmother's old books and things. When I asked if I could have a receipt because I wanted to be able to itemize everything for my brothers, Mr Lawson wrote one out for me. I actually went to their other office in Colonie (3 Marcus Blvd) not Saratoga, which was nice, good parking and location!
By: busymom33
Mark Lawson Antiques Inc
I have done business with Mark Lawson Antiques several times over the years and have always found them to be friendly, professional and fair. I was impressed when I saw that the Albany Times Union went undercover to the three largest gold buyers in Albany and Mark Lawson Antiques offered so much more than the other two. They are very busy but there is probably a reason for that - I would rather eat at a restaurant with a full parking lot if you know what I mean!

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