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By: Dawnmarie F.
Baker & Sons Air Conditioning Inc
Baker & sons is a horrible business to work for Bill Baker has his employees lie to the customers he wont ever get on the phone and talk to customers when they call for him!Bill baker had several of us employees make up false accounts and write good stuff about him and his company,and of course there are 2 reviews on here rite now from old employees. Hes a scam artist people take your money and run and george L was a great customer i feel bad for what baker did to him glad you left baker Mr L........
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By: Willy R.
Baker & Sons Air Conditioning Inc
Had a salesman show up who claimed to be a technician. Claimed we would not have any heat. Wrong. Heat worked fine. Charged 15x the cost of a part that had stopped working. Failed to clean coil. This company should be shut down for usurious trade practices. Owner said he has owned his business for 30 years. I fear for that trail of tears.
By: Mike M.
Modern Air & Refrigeration
Told us they were "experts" with our under-counter ice maker. We told them that the pump needed replacing. After 90 minutes and fully disassembling the small ice maker they told us that we needed to replace the pump. They quoted double the online price of the pump and another 3 hours at $120 hr. They left our house with our ice maker still disassembled. Pretty sad for someone who claims they are experts.
By: George L.
Baker & Sons Air Conditioning Inc
I will never use there service again. Purchased a brand-new air condition system in 2014. The installation was done poorly. They need to send two other technicians to clean up the mess. We have a service contract. Which we found out by other vendor that they never clean the filter or looked at the compressor. The other day our AC stopped work. We called for service. The technician came out to look at our unit. He found the our unit was burnt out. The warrenty covered for the unit. I was getting billed for installation. They quoted me $2700. Which I thought was crazy. I called for a second opinion. They came to the house with in two hours. The technician found the wiring was poorly done. The end result the unit was back in working order and it cost me $185 with the service call charges. I been a loyal customer at baker and sons for over 15 years. Now I'm taking my business else were.
By: Ronald A.
Baker & Sons Air Conditioning Inc
Very good this last service call. Everyone was professional. Highly recommend to friends and family.
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By: Maria C.
Baker & Sons Air Conditioning Inc
Chris was honest and made sure we understand what was going on with our unit. Highly recommend to others.Thank you!!
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By: Judy G.
Baker & Sons Air Conditioning Inc
Overall experience was excellent, had a great time talk with Alan about what needed to be done and what my options were running spend money on an old system. He then convinced me that really what I should do is invest in a new system, I completely concur with him so I am very happy with the decision to install a new HVAC's system looking forward to it.
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By: Isaiah G.
Baker & Sons Air Conditioning Inc
Baker and Sons AC is an excellent company. They are very punctual, professional. Would highly recommend to my friends and family. Thank you!
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By: Dave F.
Baker & Sons Air Conditioning Inc
Great company had another company out yesterday for a tune up they told me I had a bad txv so I called Baker and sons they came out looked at it for now charge found that it was just a little low on freon great and honest company
By: Bruce N.
Bacarr Air Conditioning
I would not recommend doing business w/Bacarr AC. I just paid them $6K for a new AC system.1) Steve & Poppy are very, very nice on the phone but start doing business w/them and things get SHADY.2) Have you ever seen a home with a little tiny, outside unit? The kind that looks like it air-conditions a child's doll house? That's what I got. They cheat you on the equipment by giving you small & cheap, while you're paying thousands for quality.3) They left holes in my ceiling and botched parts of the job. They claim to "stand behind their work" but this isn't true. Look up the yahoo review of the guy who had to sue them. They charged him for permits they never pulled. They acted very strange when it came to getting paid: "We'll have somebody come meet you. Can you bring cash or a cashier's check?" A reputable business doesn't act this way.I got a call from them at 7AM the day after they "finished" (leaving 8 holes in my ceiling they didn't bother to patch and other aspects of the job screwed up. They acted like Bacarr would go out of business if they weren't paid cash immediately. You start getting a strange feeling when you go their "offices" at 6605 33rd St. East #B, Sarasota. #1: No Bacarr sign out front;#2: They aren't really in the B unit, somebody will pull the shades and wave you over to the next unit (like they're hiding from somebody). #3: They wouldn't take my personal check and followed me to the bank to get a cashier's check. Which was fine because I had the money. It was like they were going to get the power turned off without my $, ASAP.To make matters worse. Steve decides to call me after I pay the exact amount on my invoice (which I shouldn't have due to the damage, inferior equipment and them messing up parts of the installation, but I did anyway). His demeanor changes from "Nice Steve" (your buddy) to "Bad Steve". The Bad Steve tells me I'm going to pay more money or "We won't warranty the equipment." He leaves me a threatening message....not cool.Now I'm getting harassed with multiple phone calls every day from Steve and Poppy.....threatening and trying to intimidate me. I could go on but you get the idea. If you do business with these people, you are asking for trouble. I had another company inspect the equipment and they say I overpaid by several thousand dollars.Bacarr AC doesn't act like reputable business people, for a good reason, they aren't. I wish I had used another company....
Tips & Advices
You can keep your air conditioner running efficiently with some preventative care measures. Shut off the power to your AC before cleaning it or performing any of these tasks:  clean your filter at least twice a year; remove leaves and twigs from cages; clean the fins with a garden hose or special spray, then use a butter knife to straighten any that are crooked; keep your yard clean so the fins won't get blocked; cover the unit up for winter; and make sure it's level or you run the risk of damaging the inner workings of the unit.
To clean your air conditioner drain, first shut off the power to your unit at both the thermostat and the breaker. Then remove the drain pan. If the pan is full of water, soak up the liquid with a few towels or rags or use a wet vacuum. You can use a solution of water and distilled vinegar, or substitute peroxide for the vinegar, to clean out the drain pipe. Let the pipe sit for a while in the solution and then put all the parts back in place. Once you start using your air conditioner on a regular basis, check it periodically to ensure condensation isn't building up.
If you happen to live in a hot and humid area of the country, drainage problems can occur with your unit since moisture can trap itself inside the system. Routine maintenance can cut down on drainage issues by cleaning out any mold or algae from blocking the drain. If you notice moldy smells whenever you turn the thermostat down, check on your system.
If you notice your system is acting inconsistently, the sensor is most likely out of place. Turn off the unit and reach behind its control panel while carefully bending the sensor back into place near the evaporative coil.
Find out where the noises are coming from. A banging or clanking sound could be due to a loose part. If you hear a hissing sound, it's most likely because of a refrigerant leak and you should contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

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