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With corporate headquarters located in Richfield, Minn., Best Buy is a leading specialty retailer of consumer electronics in the United States and Canada. The company started operations as a retail store in 1966 and was called Sound of Music. It changed its name to Best Buy in 1983. Best Buy s range of products includes digital and video cameras, computers, computer software, video games, music systems, DVDs and mobile phones. The company offers products of various brands that include Sony, Toshiba, Apple, Philips and Hewlett-Packard. It also offers home appliances, including washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves and refrigerators. Best Buy provides various shipping and delivery options. The company operates more than 700 stores and maintains a location in Santa Rosa, Calif.

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    Brad A.

    Came in yesterday as I was pre order of the new galaxy 8 and transferring from a iPhone, but they where unfortunately out of the pre order memory chips and blue tooth headphones. I would like to enoulge the store manager for correcting it. With good customer service ! And a free memory chips, I will definitely recommend this best buy

  • Horrible

    When calling thw store u can be on hold for 20 min or more.Its horrible.Sometimes the ppl from customer service arnt nice.There whole system takes to long.Wow

  • Lied, horrible service and STILL has my camera!

    Be conversational: Write as if relaying your experience to a good friend.

    Be thorough: Mention your favorite products or services offered by this business, such as menu items, home delivery or spa treatments.

    Be local: Identify the neighborhood where the business is located and mention nearby attractions when relevant.I purchased a camera at Best Buy a year ago. I was told by the sales person that if I buy the Geek Squad warranty I would be covered for any reason for four years. He also stated that all of the repairs are done in house. I fell for both lies.

    My camera's auto focus stopped working. I took it to the Santa Rosa, CA store where I purchased it. I was told they ship them out and I would have it back in 4-6 weeks! Since then, they have sent my camera off, received it back, discovered that no one had looked at it and sent it away again. It will be a month on Tuesday and STILL no one has repaired it. The technician got it yesterday 04-15-11. I dropped it off 03-19-11.

    The Geek squad agent I spoke with last week told me that I should buy a new camera! Isn't that why I bought the warranty? I spoke with a manager who also told me to buy another camera and if I wanted he ""Might"" be able to credit me back for my old camera, without the restocking fee. What a guy.

    Never buy from Best Buy unless you have done your research. Don't get the warranty. Never go through Geek Squad.

    I will be telling everyone I meet. I have the email the girl sent about the mix up. I will be happy to post that also.

  • don't understand customer service

    every problem takes 7-15 calls, lots of complaining, lots of emails. you might as well be calling india. i had avoided them for years because they are a big box store & because so 3 of my friends worked there and in each case were treated horribly for different reasons. (2 of these people had worked for, competent, best buy should have been THRILLED TO HAVE THEM!!!! instead they treated them horribly)

    i needed a laptop, very hard for me to be w. out one m-f non holiday days. my friend went there and got one, "black tie service". i was "up in running" monday. I have had the computer in 2x since then, so less than once a month. two more times it will qualify as a "lemon". this was supposed to be a back up computer, but haven't had time to fix my lst laptop (just got the parts ordered & spending time w. best buy--IT'S A PROJECT!!!)

    THE PRODUCT WAS LOUSY, THE SERVICE WAS/IS LOUSY, AND AS I'M TALKING TO MY BOOK KEEPER and on hold w. them for OVER 20 MINUTES (ONE computer, 3 people...and we aren't home yet!!!!!!). 35 minutes have my 3rd human. the above # is not for the store, even tho it is listed as being w. the store. if you value your time, this is where you don't want to be.

    i've had the best luck w. overstock, until this year. laptops aren't meant to last, but 2 repairs, 2 months "black tie warranty". be fore warned.

    sj hornstein

    sebastopol, ca.

    they specialize in run arounds. stick w. a local person. have an extra laptop. they sell GARBAGE. MAKE SURE if you are going there it is a good computer. try costco or target. at least they have good politics & give money to good places. esp. target.

    I have 2 great service guys, but they aren't under my warranty. on the phone for

  • Geek Squad horrible

    Not only do they not answer the phone once you do get someone they seem very unorganized. Receive difffernt answer about repair status every time I call. Its more than frustrating and time consuming.

  • Never shopping here again!!!

    Purchased a computer..... sold me a true lemon! Thought there was a law on this one but I got stiffed!!! Worst service I have ever received!!!!!! Attempted to work with them through their bad product and opted to take my business elsewhere after unbelievable incompetence- Wouldn't agree that the system was a lemon(could never turn it on and they wanted to repair the brand new computer which had never been powered on after leaving the store!!). Finally agreed it was a lemon to return to the manufacturer when geek squad attempted to unsuccessfully boot up also!! (6 trips back and forth over this!!)

    Even though they never proved that they loaded the new software I purchased with the lemon computer nor my data transfer b/c new computer never worked/powered up, I got stiffed for the software (it had been open by their incompetent geek squad!), time and labor for installs to a lemon computer and data transfer. They can kiss my A_ _!!!! I will NEVER Step foot in the store again!!! (Also originally had geek squad at the home who explained estimate and fees to old computer could be applied toward purchase of a new one at the store... what a crock o' SH_ _!!!!)

    Cost hundreds to walk out with nothing!! Service and management was non-existent!!! DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!!!!

    Happy just to get out and take my business else where!! Got a local repair guy to change out a mother board on my old system for $200 and I'm good!!

    Best Buy is Worst Buy in my book! Definitely a consumer experience which I do not want to ever repeat! Almost contacted 7 on your side over this but just decided to walk away... when I read these other reviews it made me happy that I wasn't singled out... the whole store is AWFUL!!!!

  • Unreal

    Forget about customer service at this store. The first review is absolutely correct in that you can NEVER get through to anyone on the phone, no matter the time of day.

    I was expecting a call from a salesperson (recommended by Geek Squad) and was told the person would call that day.

    5 days later, no call, and I can't get through to anyone in the store.


  • Shop Somewhere Else

    It is impossible to get through by

    phone. Popular items are often out of stock. Not a good experience!

  • Geek Squad nightmare

    We bought a computer and an extended three-year warranty from Best Buy about 18 months ago, and the hard drive seems to be dying. On Saturday, we called their computer tech department, the Geek Squad, at the Santa Rosa store at least four times, but they never answered the telephone. So we took the computer itself up to the store.

    There was no one at the Geek Squad counter, although we saw at least four people in the repair room behind the counter. They looked busy, so we waited. And waited. And waited. After 20 minutes of waiting, while the Geek Squad members did that ?looking through you because you don?t exist to me? routine, I asked if there was something I needed to do to get attention. A man later identified as Josh, the DCI or supervisor of the Squad, shouted angrily at me that he was busy, that he?d deal with me later, and that talking to him just made the wait longer. My husband objected to this attitude and Josh charged the counter, yelling that we were wasting his time. My husband yelled back. Josh came out into the store, still shouting, said he had been threatened (which he had not), and kicked both of us out of the store.

    We have never experienced anything like this, anywhere. This kind of treatment, from the very start of the exchange, is just inexcusable.

    Best Buy has good computer buys and their electronics sales people have always been competent and polite, but if buying Best Buy computers means having to deal with the Santa Rosa Geek Squad, buy your equipment elsewhere. It?s worth paying extra not to be treated that way.

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