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By: Martha L.
California Department of Motor Vehicles - DMV
Let me begin by saying I got there 45 mins before my appointment. First off another customer was right on my back, right side than left side. What's her problem, I stayed silent. The appointment line was going slower than the walk in line, do figure, not right, yes....then I finally make it to the front of the line and the worker leaves. After 5 or so minutes a customer asked for someone to come help us. Dud, security guard acts like he has a terrible life, and exhumes that on the customers. OMG, it never changes. Then finally a woman comes and first off, raises the hands saying we are short-handed today, so you can stay or leave. How sweet of her. Take a nice class lady. I stood there silent, said hello, how r u, have a nice day etc. , no response... gave me a paper to fill out, why couldn't I get this on line!!! Fill it out take it back to wait in another line, what! After the woman takes 2 or 3 more customers who were AFTER ME, FINALLY SHE GIVES ME a number F6034, the screen said at F6030, sigh of relief. Then I hear, serving number F6034, after sitting there 20 mins or so studying the vision test sign. I walk up to window 13, ah a nice looking young Asian man, I was happy. He spoke. Dry quietly, with no emotion, hmmm, ok, not bad, not rude, but not friendly, WHY! Anyway I got through it with flying colors. Passed the vision test, paid $33 signed this and that and off I went to the CAMERA line. I thought on my way tho that line, why in the world would that nicely dressed young man be working at the DMV, was a puzzle, that's for sure. Quickly got my pic taken, She said smile or don't smile, said got it, and whew, I was out of there after an hour. Now, in my opinion, this place of business still needs a class in niceness, manners, and friendliness, not to mention better organization. The customers also need these classes. We all need to be more patient, and friendly.I hope I don't need to come back here anytime soon.

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