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By: William C.
Insurance Collision Center
Picked up my 2008 Honda Element from ICC, and well what can I say? That’s easy... This is the second time my car has been in their hands and let me add that I can honestly say that I hope my car will never need repairs again, but if I ever need a repair shop service again I wouldn't stop to think of looking for a shop, I will definitely bring my car back to them. The Staff at ICC is "AWESOME” they are very professional, and efficient at what they do. Honestly I give them a 20 star rating. Through out the whole process, they were in communication with me regarding every phase my car was going through. Best of all when I picked up my car, they had a surprise for me, they were only supposed to fix my rear bumper but not only did they fix my bumper but they also fixed my broken trunk opening handle, Free of charge, and they also did a complete detail on my car. Wow! They left my car looking like new. From now on this will be my shop of choice, and definitely recommend that whoever a repair needs shop that they take their car to ICC Santa Monica, it will surely be in Great hands.
By: gary.lewis209
Insurance Collision Center
I have a vintage car and I got hit on the side.I was a little afraid to go to have it fixed as not so many body shops can handle the special colors and the parts of a vintage vehicle.I first met with Edvard who told me they could do the work. He is very straightforward, nice and honest.No typical Los Angeles BS... more of a East Coaster. I do like that a lot!!! He told me they can do the work. Period, no worries they will take care of all. Then I worked with Peter and he was reassuring me, he assisted me and helped me in anything I asked. Very nice, professional guy. Last, but not least, Monica, a very friendly and nice person. She was courteous and helpful. She is a hard worker!!! The car was splendid. Like new. You would never tell a work was done on the car. What can I say? I am fully satisfied, happy and I would go back no questions. Thank you ICC, you are a great team.
By: Michael H.
Insurance Collision Center
I brought in my Prius after an accident that basically left the whole front end of the car out of commission cosmetically though it ran fine. I planned to take the bus or walk back to my house, about two miles away, after I dropped off my baby but they offered me a ride and a nice man drove me back to my house.They called me the next day with a quote. My car was ready two days EARLIER than they told me it would be and when I picked it up it looked better than the day I bought it, gorgeously clean, shiny and detailed. Also, the repairman offered to fix some scratches from a previous accident for free! I can't say enough good things about this place and if (heaven forbid) I need my car fixed again; I will bring it here with confidence.
By: isabelswan0
Insurance Collision Center
I got in a pretty bad accident and was real worried about finding a good body shop to take my car to for repairs. With so many shops out there how do you know which one to choose? Well, after shopping around and taking referrals from friends I ended up at ICC Collision Centers and very glad I did. My Service Writer Tony is a real cool, honest guy who values good customer service as he'll go over step by step on what needs to be done for repairs. He is very communicative with you and will find ways to save money but at the same time have quality repairs. My car looks great now with the car looking real nice and clean. So, if you're looking for great quality work and great service I would recommend ICC Collision Centers.
By: Sandra A.
Insurance Collision Center
Unfortunately, I got in an accident two months ago. ICC Collision Center was recommended by Mercury Insurance, so I went with their recommendation. I was very pleased with their customer service as well as the wonderful job they did with repairing my vehicle.My damages took a little over 3 weeks to make the repairs, so the only downer side was getting a rental car for that period of time. I really missed all the comforts of my own car. ICC delivered my car to me the day they promised and I commend them for that.I highly recommend ICC if you are looking for quality work and service. The staff is wonderful and they explain everything in detail. Love them!!
By: gabrielbentley36
Insurance Collision Center
Great customer service. I've had to go here twice in the past 3 months and I have left with an awesomely new-looking car and perfect service. The first time I was responsible for the accident so I had to pay my deductible and the second time was completely free. They have worked on both the front and rear ends of my car and I have been happy all around. They did take slightly longer than the initial quote (7 business days) for the front end the first time (~2 weeks) but there was a sizable amount of damage. They quoted me 4 business days for the back but it only took 3!God forbid I have another accident, but I know I am coming back here if I do! :)
By: andrewlopez394
Insurance Collision Center
I got into an accident on Valentines Day on my way to pick up my wife for dinner. What a disaster. After getting through all the ordeal of dealing with the guy who hit me and trying to get his insurance to call me back I go so frustrated that I took my car to the shop to see how much it would cost. The guy at ICC was really helpful, he contacted the insurance company for me and was able to get someone on the phone to help me right away. I was really impressed because I couldn’t get anywhere until I went to ICC. Well my car got fixed and it looks great. My wife and I celebrated Valentines a little late but everything turned out just fine.
By: mrrockym
Insurance Collision Center
I have been a loyal customer of ICC for over two years now and wouldn't take my Volvo anywhere else. They never cease to impress me with honesty and professionalism. I have come in here a couple times pretty frustrated after some minor fender benders to my car they always quickly assessed the situation and gotten me out the door in no time. Tony stays in contact and follows up with everything, even after getting your car back he calls to make sure everything is ok! Plus, he truly goes above and beyond to find me the best deal. I really can't say enough about this place. Body work is always done beautifully and timely!
By: Gwyneth A.
Insurance Collision Center
I got into an accident and the bumper really messed up, I yelped and found many places round the area, went to estimate with 5 different places, but only ICC Collision Centers really gave me the "right feeling". I picked up my car today, and I am happy that I listened to my "feeling".They are not only doing very good job on the car, they are also have a excellent customer services. They willing to help you with everything that you need to get your car done. All I can say: "there is no doubt about their works." They are deserved all the stars...and many more.
By: cartermichael1515
Insurance Collision Center
In short, I am driving around with some scratches on my left-rear door. Entirely my fault. I brought the vehicle in for an estimate, and I found the attention to my situation to be second-to-none. They offered candid, reasoned, and intelligent advice.I'm scheduling my paint job with ICC, and will report back on what I'm sure will be an excellent experience. It is great to see that small companies, managed by personable and professional folks, still exist in this crazy world. I am delighted to give them my business.
Tips & Advices
There are many different providers and plan types, so  shopping for life insurance can be complicated. The first step involves understanding the type and amount of life insurance you need. From there, use online tools or contact local insurance agents to get quotes on rates and learn about how to apply.
The cost of a life insurance policy is determined by two things: the guaranteed benefit amount and the individual risk of the policyholder. The latter is more complicated, and includes many  factors, including health, age, and  occupation. As of May 2017, a 30-year-old woman purchasing a 20-year, $250,000 term life policy can expect to pay about $141 per year. For comparison, a 60-year-old woman purchasing the same policy can expect to pay $1,033 per year. Since women have longer life expectancy on average than men, the latter can expect to pay slightly more. The same 20-year, $250,000 term policy will cost a 30-year-old man $156 per year on average.
Certain specialized policies may provide income replacement in the event of disability, disease, or another situation where it may be impossible to work and medical expenses are high. One common alternative is known as an “accidental death and dismemberment” policy. AD&D policies work similarly to term life plans, but will only pay out death benefits when a fatality is caused by an accident, or if the policyholder loses a limb or the ability to see or hear. Death from a heart attack or cancer, for example, is usually not covered by AD&D, but these policies might offer lower premiums than a standard term plan.
Many adults with children choose to buy a term life plan that covers them from the birth of a child until they turn 18, which is often the most cost-effective way to insure against the risk of income loss from unexpected death. While it  is possible to save enough cash or invest to provide even more funds in case of such an emergency, investing is subject to more risk of loss than a life insurance plan, and accumulating enough savings to provide a sizeable safety net can be difficult.
Whole life and universal life plans are each considered a type of “permanent life insurance.” Universal life is often similar in concept to whole life, but offers more flexibility in premium payments and cash withdrawals. For example, you might be able to temporarily pause or reduce premium payments at any time under a universal policy. It’s also often possible to borrow from what you’ve already paid into the plan or against a guaranteed death benefit in the form of a loan.

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