The Light Foundry Inc in Santa Fe, NM with Reviews -
By: avidcollector
Mayans Gallery Ltd
Ernesto Mayans Gallery is one of the finer galleries in Santa Fe, and specializes in approachable, affordable art of unusually fine quality and value. Gallerist Ernest Mayans is courtly, affable, knowledgeable and most friendly and best of all, does not have an ax to grind or a quota to meet. He will spend as much time with you as needed to make sure you understand and appreciate the art, and when you leave you will have the feeling of having made a friend. I f you are lucky he might even read some Pablo Neruda poetry in Spanish, while sitting with you under the apricot tree he planted 30 years ago.
By: santafestyle
Shiprock Santa Fe
An extraordinary gallery because it is so diverse, and yet consistent in a way. A way of quality and just an amazing eye for what's equally interesting about a 5th century Mayan metate and a 1920s traffic sign, 1850 Native American pot, and a 1950 chair by Nakashima. I've passed their stairs more than once (next to Santa Fe Dry Goods), and finally climbed them (a whole flight!?), and would recommend it to everyone. (Even better if you're a serious collector. Jed knows how to fill out a collection.)
By: Linda W.
St Marie Janice Graphic Designer
After trying out 3 other graphic designers in Santa Fe I finally found Janice St Marie Design. She is extremely professional, focused, creative, and responsive to those last minute design needs and deadlines that invariably come up! Excellent service and extremely knowledgeable, a seasoned graphic designer.
By: carol.storms.31
Casa Nova
I love going into your store. It's like a visit to 100 foreign lands with a cheerful tour guide. I appreciate the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff as they tell me about the history of the interesting artifacts and art in the shop. Carol
By: priscilla.poupore
Doodlet's Shop
GREAT shop with friendly, knowledgeable associates who treat customers with respect. Great assortment of art and dodads!
By: nmsteven
Lakind Gallery
What a pleasant environment. The sales girl was very helpful and the art was top notch. I highly recommend visiting them.
By: Drmekah G.
Eclectics Art Gallery
Excellent, Handcrafted & Fine Art!Professional Jewelry Repair, Restoration & Accepting Commissions.
By: nmsteven
Brad Smith Gallery
Beautiful art and I really enjoyed being able to watch the artist at work.

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