Shiloh Pet Supply in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Reviews -
By: laurie.coxon.3
Feathered Friends of Santa Fe
I so HIGHLY recommend Feathered Friends to all, for all of your bird needs!! They have a A#1 rating!!!I don't know what idiot previously reveiwed them, and gave Feathered Friends such a bad rating before, but nothing can be further from the truth! I can only say that when I visited there, nothing could have been more than perfect, in all areas! I walked into a store that was very well organized and clean. ALL of the birds were completely happy, and their cages and food dishes were completely clean, there was absolutely NOTHING, what so ever, that what was described by that former, NEGATIVE "rater". (As I said before, a total IDIOT). So, please ignore THAT rating, and accept mine instead! Mine is 200% POSITIVE!! I had a wonderful experience at Feathered Friends, and I HIGHLY recommend them to ALL of my friends! ♥My experience was one of total joy! The birds were all wonderful, well integrated and happily adjusted. Well, I totally fell in love with Clarence, their beautiful Hyancinth, but then, who wouldn't.... He really is God's gift to Earth... Such a special "little" man. ♥)
By: senorwebb
Feathered Friends of Santa Fe
Just bought a beautiful little Sun Conure, hand raised & fed. A great expierence with super knowledgeable, dedicated owners. I read a couple reviews that were obviously written by whackos!! Some guy`s bird apparently bit him & he bounced it off the wall & broke it`s neck. The kind of person that should not have pets or write reviews!!! All he could say was amp; amp; amp. Pretty creative. Get a life dude! Darlene & her husband were really nice & very helpful. Thanks again Darlene. AW See ya soon.
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By: Ruth J.
Feathered Friends of Santa Fe
I loved Feathered Friends of Santa Fe when they were on St. Francis Drive and continue to love them as they have transitioned to an online store. Their prices are now better than ever and I get the same excellent service when I pick up the food at their drop-off location or when I have them ship it to me. I highly recommend them.
By: nattycat
Feathered Friends of Santa Fe
This place is a real jewel. I love how knowledgeable and friendly Darlene and Kurt are! We got several birds from them and they are happy and healthy. I love visiting over there... great location, and lots of cool toys.
By: p.donald
Feathered Friends of Santa Fe
This place is amazing. The owners are friendly and extremely knowledgeable, and the parrots are all healthy, happy and much loved. They have a wide selection of bird products as well. Definitely recommend this place.
By: Rocs M.
Wow Dawgs
Amazing hotdogs and Cherros.
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