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    1501 Mission St

    Santa Cruz,CA

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    I like their food so much I followed them when they moved from the westside of santa cruz...

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By: theeagle999
Vasili's Greek Restaurant
Although I have not had the privilege of coming to Vacili's new Santa Cruz location; I have; however; eaten at the little place he had in Suisun City, California for some time. This patron can say with total honesty and zest that I was amazed at the quality of the food and enjoyed the servers and the atmosphere. Everything was authentic Greek, including, (while it lasted) the dance in which the plates are thrown on the floor and everyone dances and the authentic Greek music was absolutely wonderful. (unfortunately, as always, someone who ventured in and was obviously negative to start, reported it to the authorities that such dancing and fun was "dangerous and could get someone hurt") so it was stopped. Too bad, because it too was authentic Greek atmosphere and entertaining to watch and learn of another culture's way of celebration. Because the food was SO GOOD, I became a regular there every weekend, got to know Vacili and his Family, personally and was made welcome as if I were part of their little Greek Family. I dearly miss being able to go there since the place closed and it was sad to see Vacili have to move; however; it is with great excitement that I now know their new location, and although it is over an 8 hour drive for me from where I now reside to Vacili's new (and yet old original) location, I can say with pride that I shall make the long distant drive and once again partake in the absolute best Greek Food I have ever had the pleasure of eating in my entire life! I wish Vacili and his restaurant all the success and long life as humanly possible. Right now, as I sit and think about that wonderful food, my mouth is watering and my temptation to jump on my Harley and make the 8 hour road trip, is almost more than I can resist! I shall be making my way there as soon as I can. To Vacili, and everyone of his family and staff, I wish you all the very best, and I promise you all I shall see you very soon. For the person who wrote the 'hostile takeover' paragraph: those of you who read this dribble need know that this comment obviously comes from a personal negativity, and has nothing to do with the actual restaurant and/or it's delightful food. If my studies are correct, the actual "Hostile Takeover" title originally goes to the person who low-balled and tricked Vacili into selling his original Santa Cruz Restaurant via somewhat of an actual "Hostile Takeover", and even causing Vacili to have to honor a contractual agreement that barred him from opening another Greek Food Restaurant in Santa Cruz for a certain period of years, which resulted in his having to relocate in the Solano County Area in the first sounds like just another case of "Sour Grape Leaves" to me! Although it was unfortunate that Vacili was betrayed by one 'nameless person', and forced/tricked into was my good fortune to have found, met and made friends with he and his wonderful Family and Friends, and because of that, it is with anxious excitement I anticipate my next visit to "VACILI'S GREEK RESTAURANT" in Sabta Cruz, California. See you all very soon & God Bless you all!!(The Eagle...Sierra Mountains, California)
By: melcum
Greek Authentic Cuisine
Oh my goodness!! this is by far the BEST FOOD I have ever eaten from the salad-soup-dips-vegies-potatoes-every dish I have had has been truely a pleasure and a healthy one at that!! the variety is unbelievable along with the quality. The owners are Greek! and are so genuine and nice people along with the staff they make you feel like family, they even have live music and dance on occasion what a treat, I say try this place you will be very amazed!!!

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