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By: Anne O.
Unusual Babe Undercover
Unusual Babe Undercover offers a wide array of themes to choose from. With so many options available, where do you begin? Let's start with one of our most popular themes: Angel. In this review, this theme will be thoroughly inspected so that anyone who is interested will make a better decision about the product. First, we will start with the good. This product is soft cotton knit, with an emphasis on the “soft”. When you put it on, it feels very lightweight. Despite its light feel, it is surprisingly durable, even after you put it in the washing machine. Along the collar of the shirt is a beautiful lace embroidery with a nice little flower in the center. The sleeves of the shirt and pants have a fluted trim design, further accentuating the “Angel” aspect of the theme. Also, if you are a bigger person like I am, you don't have to worry. I know how hard it is for larger people to find clothing in your size and I'm happy to report that Unusual Babe Undercover has that covered. I had no problem fitting in the clothes. The only real negative I have about the clothes are the shorts. For anyone who on the more conservative side like myself, be aware that the shorts may be a little shorter than expected. Too much won't be revealed, however, it is something to keep in mind. If this bothers you, than I suggest getting the pants instead. All in all, this is a great buy for anyone who is looking for quality style. It looks and feels beautiful, something that has become a rarity over the past few years. Unusual Babe Undercover wants to make sure that not only do you look great, but feel great too.
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By: Anastasia R.
Unusual Babe Undercover
Receiving my Unusual Babe Undercover boxer and cami set, from the “Love & Peace” collection, was a dream come true! I finally have a pajama outfit that is not only cute and comfortable but also expresses what I have been feeling – the LOVE. They are so soft and breathable because they are made of 100 percent cotton. To me cotton feels like home so when I get a little home sick I put my UBU pajamas on and feel so much better. The comfy top has embroidered lace that gives it a classy, richer look. My favorite part about the boxers is that they have love written all over them, in elegant cursive writing, as if love is never ending. With everything going on in the world right now it is very important to spread the love. Just seeing the word love makes me think of all the things I love and have to be grateful for.
By: Catalina N.
Unusual Babe Undercover
Unusual Babe Undercover is my favorite company to purchase any and every lounge wear item I own. Being that UBU is made with a 100% cotton it is not question just how comfortable the pajamas really are. UBU's products are also made with high quality lace materials so I know when I purchase my pjs are going to last me a very long time which they have. I love how there are mulitple cute and fun themes to choose from such as java time, great for lounging around enjoying coffee at home. One of my favoirte is happy hour theme, I have the Another Glass of Wine Boxer and they are the cutest I get compliments all the time! I'd highly recommended UBU if you love to lounge in style !
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By: Kira P.
Unusual Babe Undercover
I got the "Weekend in Paris" boxer and cami PJ set and I absolutely love it! Both pieces are lightweight and comfortable but still very durable and well made. The print on the shorts is stunning, with vibrant colors and vintage sections of patters. Most importantly, the fit is perfect. I am 6 feet tall so finding bottoms long enough for my legs often turns out bad but these ones are perfect! They aren't too short for my long legs, they fall right at a perfect place about half way down my thigh. The set is cute and comfortable and has quickly become my favorite pair of jammies!
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By: Chelsea T.
Unusual Babe Undercover
Unusual Babe Undercover provides a fun, sexy, and comfortable pajama line! When I received my Tiki Bar boxer shorts and cami in the mail, I was so excited to sleep in my new set. The elastic waist band in the boxer shorts and breathable cami top allowed maximum comfort and mobility. The happy hour theme made me feel like I was at home on the beach with the warm sun on my back. Pick up a pair for yourself today!
By: Denise H.
Unusual Babe Undercover
Unusual Babe Undercover has an endless selection of styles. I loved my pjs from the Love & Peace collection they were colorful, cute, and comfortable. I love that they are made from 100% cotton that makes them super durable.

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