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By: Don W.
R & R Auto Clinic
Their service is absolutely great. We were on our way to our timeshare in Newport Coast from our home in the SF Bay Area. Our air conditioner compressor stopped working when we arrived at the Grapevine on Rte. 5. We found R&R using Yelp. Arrived at their shop at 3:00 PM. They went to North Hollywood to get the part and fixed the car in few hours after their closing time (5:00) while we waited. The repair worked and they did not charge us for anything extra for overtime, mileage charges to get the part, or anything else. I would use them for all my auto services if we lived in their neighborhood.
By: braniganlb
I bought a deal that Nightwerks was promoting through a coupon website - I had just gotten new brake pads/ servicing a few months prior, but my car was not driving how it should. Nightwerks not only let me know that the previous job was not done correctly, but they fixed BOTH my front and back brakes - and only charged me for the FRONT that I had paid for! He just wanted to make sure both were done correctly. He also offered to stay open late if I wasnt able to pick up my car on time. Very honest place and they do NOT try to push any products on you. Definitely won my business going forward!
By: Kyle S.
Frank's Auto Service
I have known Frank for 10 years and his ability to diagnose and repair all types of vehicles is beyond the competition. He can take apart and put back together motors of all sorts. His prices are very reasonable as well. He only recommends what is absolutely needed on vehicles and doesn't try to up sell unnecessary repairs. I would not go anywhere else in the valley. I have been to other places and know first hand what is out there. Save yourself a headache and some money and call Frank. You won't be sorry.
By: Mary G.
I have done business with Nightwerks many times over the years and they are THE most honest place for car repairs that I have ever been to. They go above and beyond for their customers. They don't try to talk you into any unneeded work. They are honest,reliable and have excellent prices. they don't push you to buy the more expensive part if a lesser priced one will do the job. Very courteous workers. Very very honest place to go when you need car repairs.
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By: Kristi G.
Tdc Motors Inc
I needed someone trustworthy to fix my 17 year old son's truck. This is my kid's in this vehicle, so needless to say I wouldn't trust just anyone. After asking around, I got a superb recommendation to come see Brandon at TDC Motors. He did not disappoint; timely as promised, fair price, honest, professional, respectful, trustworthy and absolutely no complications even 2 months later. TDC has gained a family of loyal customers.
By: Jennifer T.
Frank's Auto Service
Any time my car has had a major issue I have taken my 2006 Honda Accord to Frank. I am so pleased with his diligence to figure out the problem and resolve it ASAP. He is honest in the charges and I never question the validity of his work. I will only take my cars to Frank!
By: arifyasin
Ride-Way Auto Services
This is the only place I can take my car or send my family without the fear of getting overcharged or paying for the parts that are not needed. Very honest service and professional customer service. I would gladly recommend to everyone.
By: Alex A.
The Bumper Man collision center
My front bumper was damaged on my 2008 yukon and those guys went the extra mile and removed the oxidation from my head lights and detailed my Yukon with no extra charge...car looks like I drove it off from the dealer...
By: dj4jesus
The Transmission Man
In Dealing directly with the owner of the business for several years I have found him and his business to be professional, very knowledgeable and fair with their prices.I highly recommend them!
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By: Rich F.
The Bumper Man collision center
They have painted 4 cars for me. I am very impressed with there quality, experience and price.They even work on Saturdays here.
Tips & Advices
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Drivers must shut their engine off before pumping gas because it's illegal to fuel with the engine running, even though this law isn't always aggressively enforced. Pumping gas with the engine running can compromise your safety. When your car's engine is running, it's possible for its catalytic converters to generate heat that could ignite gasoline, and start a fire.
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