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By: marcusmaf9
Santa Barbara Auto Group
The SBAG is a "Bait and Switch" Operation.Avoid SBAG! As the former California Tax official FTB / BOE I know a fraud. As a consultant now who helped large car large dealerships I also know an operation that by intention or design is breaking the law in an effort to screw the consumer. and make more money ! in my deal, I find this and unconscionable act of betrayal of good faith to act in a way that is contrary to a promise made and in violation of the law.They have failed to carry out a written promise and commitment to me please do not shop there its my intention to work with others who have been victimized. I will not drop this.The story:I contact them, tell them of the car I like and tell them about my car (including some repainting due to a scratch, clean car fax, over serviced, no accident. currently my car is still on certified warrantee. Without seeing my car (no pictures) they offer me in writing (email) 22K for my trade in car. That was a fair but not an excellent price, I accepted. In Writing they comment to sell me the 2011 Porsche Cayman, (VIN; WP0AA2A84BU760557) for $42,750, original price 48,990, (100k certified warrantee), that is an excellent price. I accepted.I never got to the store fast enough for THEM so they up the price for my car & $1000 more to $23k, I still don't go to the store so they told me the car will be sent to auction in 1 business day if I do not pay a deposit to HOLD the car. I pay the deposit. All this is over only a few days. Outrages already!Before I go to the store I call to tell them and in several tex message before I got there I received tex on my phone telling me not to come that they were too busy that day. Saying 2 appointments are ahead of me. Can you believe that? I go to the store anyway; the purpose is to do the above deal. I have my Bank Certified funds with me. During the visit I show them my City Bank citified Bank funds checks. They tell me "if we are going to take THOSE checks you will have to fill out the Loan Finance form.(( It's a set up to increase the price of the car and to be already pre-approved for finance get it!! ?? )) Its"classic" scams. I do sign the finance form anyway. They request inspect my car; however this dealer can't put my car on the rack on a Friday so I had to drive back to Los Angeles without a FULL inspection they requested me to return on Monday. During the limited inspection because of repainting they want to make certain I do not have "frame damage" - I don't! Both Mr. Fogg and the salesman look over my car and are Very impressed to its condition. Both tell me don't worry about the paint it's NOT an issue. MY car is LIKE new. ! Before the end of the weekend I get an email with one sentence "..... We will not be taking in your 2008 Porsche Cayman at any price"--. Without any reason or explanation. The General Manager Duane Sanders has NEVER returned my 2 calls or responded to my letter and email all done the day after the one sentence cancelation of the deal. -- I am still waiting?? It appears both ME and my CAR did not FIT the "mark" for the "Bait & Switch" They realized this when I told sales manager he was calculating the sales tax WRONG.I was a suffocated buyer. They also realized based on my recent servicing and a BIG tune up and car chaeck that i paid over $1300 for only weeks before and the fact NOTHING was wrong with my car maybe I was not the one to scam. the scam and FAKE deal ended with the email only after my request that if they are to inspect my car I wanted the results in writing, good or bad on an official dealer service record form. That was it for me it's over. They are looking for a new "mark" to scam YOU HAVE BEEN advised. They will sell to new owners or be closed soon by California
By: johnnyvsb
Santa Barbara Volkswagen
This dealership does a great job of taking care of people. I have purchased 3 vehicles here, and I service them here as well. I would not hesitate to recommend this business. to anyone, and have done so many times. It makes all the difference when the owner of a business is on site.
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