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  • 1.Village Meadows Apartments

    801 S Lyon St

    Santa Ana,CA

    1.49 mi

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By: carvalhope
Villa Marseilles
Never ever move in to this location. People in the office just called me saying that I no longer have the extra parking spot for my car ( that was the main reason for me and my wife to sign the lease) and that from now on I will have to park my car in the street. They will do everything to get you sign the lease and after you do so they will simply turn they back on you! Be carefull about this place, im only living here for 1 month and Im already having problems! Shame on you!!
By: Cindy H.
Carmel Apartments: The Arbors At Santa Ana
Under new management AGAIN. Horrible, Horrible, instead of resolving issues they complicate things. No CUSTOMER SERVICE, you pay ALL Utilities, Trash, Water, Electricity and they even charge you for turning you hot water on WTF and your forced to go through their own contract which charges you an ARM and LEG. Do yourself a favor DONT RENT HERE, why you ask? You will move out in a year.
By: yommigommi
Newhope Village
The place is really good but the manager is aggg he is an ashore he shouldn't be there we miss George
By: brendab27
Grand Villa Apartment Complex
NO STARS*I recently moved here less than a month ago to a 1 bedroom. At first it seemed ok, but then I saw roaches in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom! so they had to fumigate again because they apparently did not do a good job! Then the outlet that powered my fridge didn't work(Mini fridge at that). I called the manager to ask the maintenance to check out the ampage because it worked with little things like a cell charger but when I plugged in the mini fridge it didn't work, and I know it wasn't my fridge because it worked in other outlets. When I called the manage back, she said that the maintenance guy said to tighten the prongs. r u kidding me? that's really lazy of them. Then one night the toilet kept making a noise every so often. We opened the lid and turns out the Flush valve broke. It was so disgusting. The flush valve was so old I'm surprise it hadn't dissolve in the water! and the flush valve chain and handle has grimy stuff and looked like they hadn't replaced it for a wile. Oh and one more thing, they didn't even give me a new mirror(the only mirror in the place) the previous tenants left it with some kind of water marks and a stain that are clearly visible. When I had asked them to replace it the manager told me that her boss had said no. This mirror feels like I'm in a cheap motel every time I see it(which is everyday) There's just a lot of things that are wrong and I'm totally unhappy!!! :(
By: carmel_apartments
Carmel Apartments: The Arbors At Santa Ana
As the Community Manager at The Arbors at Santa Ana, I am sorry to hear your dissatisfaction with the community. We appreciate all of our residents and strive to provide excellent customer service to all. Unfortunately we are not able to make special accommodations or provide different services to residents depending on length of residency. We have a pricing system in place that provides terms and prices to new and existing residents which is generated daily. We use this system so that there is no favoritism in regards to one resident or the next. We are and have been a pet friendly community, with no weight restrictions. We do however, have breed restrictions in place. We also provide several doggy stations which residents can use to pick up after their pets. We also recognize that while we are a gated community we do not guarantee safety for residents or their belongings as crime has no address. We suggest contacting the local police department for information as not all information gets reported to the leasing office. We strongly believe our maintenance does an excellent job at preventative maintenance as you witness when we replaced a balcony near the leasing office. Due to receiving constant complaints that the open parking was being abused we set in place assigned parking which we are still working on as it is a new program. We provide our residents with instructions in the event that someone is parking in their parking space. We also have our courtesy patrol involved to ensure someone is there for our residents day and night. Please contact our leasing office to discuss any other issues that you are concerned with. Thank you.
By: previous_tenant
Carmel Apartments: The Arbors At Santa Ana
I wanted to start this by saying we are middle age excellent tenants and were at our last place for 7 years...We just moved out of The Arbors after 2 years because we were tired of how the treat loyal residents.... At first it was a nice place to live in but this past year it got really bad. If you are a loyal tenant and you want to renew your lease today you will pay $1280 for rent but anyone off the street will pay $1175 and not even with a move in special...That is just how they treat loyal residents. And they scam you somehow by making you sign a 10 month lease...If you want a 12 month lease you have to pay sometimes $40 more per month to get it. Just about every apartment has a dog and some with very large dogs. There is constantly dog droppings on the grass to where my kids cannot even play on the grass....There has also been approximately 5 vehicle break-ins just in 2013 according to tenants who still lived there. One of our neighbors on the other side had their truck broken into in Jan and then their car broken into 3 months later. Their car had its Catalytic converter stolen right from under their car around 2:00 in the afternoon while the gardeners were all hanging around their car. This is a gated community! ! ! We thought the manager was nice at first but when it comes to renewing your lease they do not care less about you and that is why we moved out. One thing that stuck out in my head about that place is how rude the old maintenance guy was. When a few residents had spoken with him about the vehicles getting broken into his automatic rude answer was IT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE...When we called him up to our balcony to see the massive amounts of termite droppings there were under our wood railing his answer was exactly the same IT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE. There was even a balcony collapse I think due to termite damage right across from the manager’s office.....Parking...if you have 2 vehicles forget living here unless you want to pay for parking...They charge you $25 more a month to park inside and at least 2 days a week someone is in your spot. If you do not pay for a spot and you don't get an outside spot by 5pm you will not have any parking for close to a mile due to permits parking in the area....All around this place sucks, they are the kindest people moving in and things go downhill way to fast....Also if you decide to move in the 1 bedroom make sure your apartment has 750sq feet as they claim.. They tried to sucker us into renting 1 of the upstairs apartments that has an outside telephone room closet taking 25+ sq footage away from the overall layout ......After writing this review I want to take away my 1 star and give them 0 Stars for not having the decency to recognize loyal and quiet tenants ! ! !Before you look to rent at The Arbors, just ask any of the tenants about anything I have said and you will see I am posting this with accuracy and not out of spite.
By: melaniejaneho
South Coast Racquet Club
Absolutely HORRIBLE! Words cannot describe the hatred I have for this apartment complex. Our lease is up in 2-3 months and you can GUARANTEE we WON'T be renewing OR referring this place to anyone! Right before we signed our lease, they raised on the prices on us. There is a huge gap above our front door because it doesn't sit correctly in it's frame and BUGS UPON BUGS come crawling in every day! The cabinets and drawers are ERODING and we already requested that they come fix them but all they did was make noise as if they were "repairing" them but THEY ARE STILL BROKEN. They FLOODED our bathroom and bedroom because the plumbing is terrible and it backed up in a rainstorm. They've towed two of our vehicles TWICE. Once was because we had our "Covered" Parking Permit vehicle in an uncovered spot simply because we wanted to make it easier to carry in groceries. I understand that the "Covered" Permit vehicles belong in the covered parking spots but how about just asking us to move before you slap us with a $209 charge to get it out of the tow yard? The second time, my brother left his car in my spot so we could carpool to the movies. It was barely there for 30 MINUTES BEFORE THEY TOWED IT. THIS WAS RIGHT AFTER MY BROTHER TALKED TO THE SECURITY GUARD ABOUT LEAVING HIS CAR THERE BECAUSE WE WERE GOING TO THE MOVIES. The guard acted like everything was cool but the second we left, he called the tow company. Two hours later, we came back to find the car gone and had to drive to the tow yard to get it released where the tow company just CONVENIENTLY raised their prices so that it was $308. Meaning we have spent $500 alone on just getting cars out of the tow yard because this apartment complex doesn't care about their tenants at all. TERRIBLE QUALITY APARTMENTS AND EVEN WORSE TENANT TREATMENT. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!! STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!!

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