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By: Nadi V.
Oli's Bakery
5 PEOPLE CONFIRMED THAT THE CAKE TASTED GROSS and the owner dismissed all of our tastes/claims and simply said "We weren't in the mood for cake", her reasoning for why the cake was gross. If we weren't in the mood for cake, why would I have bought the cake in the first place? Duhhhhhh...Anyways, Long story short...I bought a cake last night, a flavor that my family and I had been ordering for years now from this place, however last night's cake was GROSS! We bought a tres leches cake and it tasted as if the milk had spoiled or something, it was just really bad. We couldn't even swallow the bite because of how gross it tasted. We contacted the bakery and they said to bring in the cake, so we did and the owner just dismissed our claims and said "It's probably because you guys weren't in the mood for cake". Umm once again...hello, 5 people couldn't even swallow it because it was so nasty and if I wasn't in the mood, why would have I bought the cake in the first place?!? Anyways, they didn't offer to refund or exchange, she just stuck to her "Not in the mood for cake" reason and that was that...I just left the cake on the counter and told her to toss it in the garbage because we don't want it and left and I am definitely never going back.FYI - keep an eye on the post-it's on the cakes, they'll claim that they're fresh but just refer to the post-it date.
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By: Araceli E.
Rancho La Ilusion Bakery
horrible service which came from the lady that owns the shop. non the less there's bugs aroundo the bread.
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By: Noemi L.
Conde Cakes & Bakery
Really bad customer service I call to cancel the cake and they won't refund me the money only store credit when I had pay it in full. I won't come back I will used Portos instead
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By: Debbie C.
Rancho La Ilusion Bakery
HORRIBLE!!! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! I absolutely HATE this place with a passion but absolutely LOVE "el presumido" but this weekend was the last straw. I have ordered cakes from them for the past few years and have always received horrid service,again the only reason I go there is because of that cake. This weekend I went to pick up a cake I ordered the week before, I ordered a purple and blue cake the way it was on the picture I was shown by them. The guy who took the order wrote it wrong so I was given a completely different cake. When I received the cake I said it wasn't the one I ordered the cashier said there was nothing she could do but give a $5 discount, she argued with me that it wasn't her fault abs there was nothing she could do and she wasn't going to give be my $ back. After going back and forth with her she finally gave me a $20 discount off an $85 cake. She could have been more understanding, apologized, offered me something different but NO instead she repeated to argue with me when she felt like it (all while attending other customers) at one point she said in Spanish: well if you want to wait for another cake you elk be waiting for a really long time because we aren't going to get started to work on it until 8pm! I will NEVER go back. I'm looking around to see who else can make a similar cake hopefully they will have better service.Again Love their cake BUT Hate everything else about the place.
By: Karen C.
Gold Coast Baking Co Inc
The Sour dough take and bake rolls are the best!!!Just wish I could remember where I bought them!!!Thinking Stater Brother's???If someone can let me know where to get more and where I would greatly appreciate it!
By: Noemi G.
Rancho La Ilusion Bakery
si pudiera dejarles ZERO estrellas lo haria! si van a tener un negocio asegurense tener empleadas que 1. le importe un carajo los cliente y 2. que sepa lo que esta haciendo... este lugar disque me lo recomendaron para mi pastel de boda y desde entonces tenia curiosidad y hoy que es cumple~os de mi madre decidi probarlos andava con prisa que enserio no revise antes lo que me davan pague y me fui le avia pedido a la "jovencita" (porque lo que parecia era una ni~a) que me le escribiera HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM al pastel ..que regrese a la escuela que no sabe escribir "birtHday " lleva H ok??? no es birTday... y al parecer el frosting lo escribio con los dedos de los pies porque parece que un nene de 1 a~o lo escribio se veia horroroso!! si ella sabe que no podia me hubiera dicho y yo lo mismo lo hubiera echo en mi casa pero no.. llego a mi casa y veo la porkeria que le traje a mi madre para su cumple que verguenza por dios y para el colmo le pregunte y repeti que queria de 3 leches y al partirlo era pura esponja seca con un frosting ahi en medio de sabe que ...enserio que coraje JAMAS volvere aqui y mucho menos para mi boda!
By: eli1290
Rancho La Ilusion Bakery
Yes BUGS! I will NEVER go there again! I needed a cake for Father's Day, so I went there one day before to order the cake & I told them I needed it the next day by 3. so the following day when I get there the cake fruit decoration wasn't ready,it only had writing on it & it looked like my 5 year old had written "Happy Father's Day". so when I got the cake it only had like 4 strawberries & 4 peach slices. I told the lady I wanted more fruit because that's what I paid for & she said that that's all she can fit because I wanted writing on it. I told her if they couldn't write it small (like they should've in the first place) then to take it off & add more fruit. She went ahead & added more fruit but left the writing, since I wanted to be out of there I just didn't say anymore & left. I get home with the cake & I decided to take off writing & do it myself, it came out 100 times better & as I was finishing the last letter I saw there was a tiny bug crawling on it, I stopped and looked to see if it had anymore & it sure did. The bugs were coming from the blueberries & raspberries they had added the second time. I was so disgusted so I took off all the fruit & wiped off the whole top of the cake to take off bugs because it looked gross. I got the cake & took it to them, & showed them one bug that was still crawling around & they said it wasn't a bug that it was a piece of a leaf from the strawberries. Leafs do not have legs & crawl! I told the lady I wanted my money back because I wasn't going to take home a cake with bugs for my family to eat. She give me the money back but she said I should've taken her the cake how it was, maybe I should've so she can see all the bugs but she got to see one & she still didn't admit it was a bug after seeing it crawl & making me feel like I was the one doing wrong by taking off the fruit. I asked if she was going to resell it and she just stayed quiet. so I walked out without an apology, not a word after that. So if you want a bakery that has similar cakes to the "presumido" & that has them ready on time, go to "la ideal bakery" in Anaheim, they have better reviews & they wash the fruit that goes on the cakes & the taste is way better.
By: adriana119
Rancho La Ilusion Bakery
Horrible service. I was referred here because of their good cake, but my son's 1st birthday cake was NOT what I was told it would look like. I waited almost 2 hours and the cake was still not ready or designes as agreed by the person who took the order. The lady in charge tried to brush it off as not knowing what she was supposed to desgin on the cake because she wasn't the one whot took the order. She wanted to put a 2" figurine on a half sheet of cake and nothign else. Then when I aksed for a discount for the mess she only offered $15 on an order of $100 and she had such a careless attitude. She ripped the note my husband left behind prior to me coming on the first attempt to pick up the cake and I lost my $30 deposit. WORST experience I've ever had with a bakery. I went elsewhere and was able to get a cake for half the cost and exaclty what I was told I would get in only an hour and a half from me placing the order. Think twice before ordering from here.
By: adriana119
Tlaxcala Bakery
This place is AWESOME! Their Mexican sweet bread is delicious and they are a life saver. My son's 1st birthday cake was ruined by the baker I went to (Rancho La Ilusion). So I refused to take something they just did not make. I came here hoping they can help me get a cake and they came through like no baker ever before. They had a beautiful, delicious 3 leches cake in an houru an a half of me ordering it. The girl who took the order understood my frustration and dissapointment in what happened and the cake was exactly how I ordered it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for saving my son's 1st birthday cake. You will have my business ALWAYS.

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