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By: ms.kathrine
Calvary Chapel
I would the radio station is great.None stop great teaching.The church building is great.What most people are not aware of is something new and brought to my attention.The chain of command.The top is the lead pastors,the office staff,the plaine clothes police officers.The plaine clothes security.This could be former male students of the Calvary Chapel school.The other portion of the plaine clothes security is:Possibly ex convicts,ex gang members, possibly ilegal alliens in America with fixed paper work. Their purpose is to be dispatched to certain individuals that possibly don't put big money in the offering plate.So then the :( BURN OUT TECHNIQUE) is used.Example;Since we all know :( ACTION ALWAYS LEADS TO REACTION) so this being the case.They use certain selected members from the plain clothes security to follow a person every where.The goal is to make the person fell unconfortable,and angry.With hopes that person chosen to be harassed gets angry.Then the plaine clothes security can jump and beat him up.Thats where the plaine clothes cops come in.They are police.What they're job to do is: Change the entire story.Using creative writing.So what are bad cops good at? False statements under the color of authority.Most recently ;A male white adult ,that calls him self; Hugh,was following my friend to every little group he went to.For example ;When the Friday night bible study finished .Coffee and cookies would be served.This male white adult that calls him self ;Hugh ,would follow my friend in the bathroom,and to every little group meeting.As to keep tabs to make a case.He likes to stand with his elbows locked to the side.As though he is protecting a gun.Could be a plaine clothes cop .On the short side.He recently punched slapped my friend while walking past him.This after the Monday night bible study.Coincidently across the street ,was Costa Mesa police.What are bad cops good at? False statements under the color of authority,planting drugs and guns,setting people up,sting operations,entrapment.Hugh was the same male white adult,sitting in the afterglow room.In the back row.He was sitting next to Dan.Dan is a male Hispanic adult.He has scars on his head.They at Calvary Chapel ,like him positioned as a look out in front of the gym.Then on Monday nights in the sanctuary in the back row.He is in the same Calvary Chapel gang.Or the plaine clothes security.Dan loves talking about his gang past.Also all the women he used to sleep with.Why because he is no doubt still doing this.He is just trying to ( FRONT) or change his modous operandi. The book is called the ;(MIND HUNTER).Lots convicts like to play church.Its to get the ;F.B.I. to look the other way for a few minutes. On one occassion A male Hispanic adult the works every Thursday night ,at 7:00 P.M. at a church called the ;LIGHT HOUSE.Its on 19th street .Its church building funded by state tax payers.Filled with ex convicts.Most don't appear to work.Just ride bikes around.Any way there is a portion of Calvary Chapel ,called Red Wagon. The male Hispanic adult the drives a ( BLACK TRUCK PLATE:PR46890 ) .Assualted some one. It took place on a Friday .It was just after the Friday night Bible study had finished.My friend was getting coffee.This possible ilegal alien with fixed paper opened the sanctuary doors ,sneaked up on my friend and slapped him on the back.My friend has miliatary injuries.Plus degenerative back problems.The driver of this truck.Was observed walking laughing.Black truck,Calif plate:PR46890.He tried to change the way he looks by cutting his hair.He normally has shoulder length hair.Salt and peper.With out credible witnesses we must depend on circumstantial evidence.Plus scientific evidence.Calif Evidence Code:801.70 and section:795 of the Calif Code Of Evidence.
By: kimuwad1
Calvary Chapel
They teach the word of God, which is why I go to church, to build myself for the work of the Lord, and to fellowship with like minded Christians!

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