By: Agnes V.
What About Bob's Tree Service
Very Happy with the safe tree removal over my house .Bob had a great crew and they did a great job cleaning up , gave us a great price and will recommend this tree serice to anyone. Great equipment to get the job complete .call Bob he will give you a reasonable price and quality work !
By: Gayle H.
What About Bob's Tree Service
I had 5 trees trimmed over my house this week. Called for a quote, came out and assessed the job with a free quote. Two days later came out with equipment and staff and did a beautiful job. Cleaned up totally when finished. Very satisfied and will use again.
By: kfredrickson
The Corner Cafe
Delicious food! Cuban sandwich is the best and their salads are large and beautiful. A little pricey but worth it for the quality of the food and the exceptional service. So welcoming and nice!
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By: jay.finke
Hardy Tree Service
Did a great job on my trees, trees are no longer touching my roof, and look happy, knowledgeable staff. thanks AAA tree service
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By: Andrea O.
Dixie Heritage
Its OK but I wish they sold African American merchandise and Chicago sports teams that would be so awesome
By: 1dawnlynch
What About Bob's Tree Service
i have had this company a few times and they are reasonable and do a great job!!
Tips & Advices
A tree stump can take up to 10 years to rot away if it is left to decay naturally. The exact time that it takes for the stump to rot completely will depend on the type of tree and the conditions present in your yard. You can speed up the decay process by applying a fertilizer with a heavy concentration of nitrogen to the ground that surrounds the tree stump.
The stump removal method that you choose will determine whether there is a hole left where the tree stump used to be. Stump extraction involves removing both the stump and its roots, and the removal of the roots may leave you with a hole in your yard. Stump grinding removes just the tree stump, and since the stump's roots are allowed to remain, there is no hole left in your yard.
If you wish to plant a new tree in the same spot after a stump has been removed, your best best is to have the stump extracted. Stump extraction removes the old tree's roots, and this will give the new tree room to grow. With stump grinding, the tree stump's roots are left intact.
Tree stumps of all sizes can be ground or removed from your property. If you're choosing to have a very large tree stump extracted instead of ground, it's important to remember that this will be a major task, since a tree's root ball can grow to be four to ten times the size of the tree.
Stump extraction involves removing the entire tree stump and its roots from your yard. Stump extraction is a more complicated and time-consuming procedure than stump grinding, which involves simply grinding away the tree stump and leaving the roots intact. With stump extraction, you may be left with a hole in your yard once the tree stump's roots have been removed.

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