Vance Chiropractic in Sandy, UT with Reviews -
By: Carl J.
Vance Chiropractic
I would recommend Dr. Vance to everyone. My lower back hurt so bad at the end of the work day, I couldn't hold my kids. I could barely get out of bed in the morning. Within two visits, Dr. Vance had almost entirely removed the pain. It really is amazing what experience and careful study can do.
By: Andrew D.
Vance Chiropractic
I've been a chiropractor for 35 years and when I need a chiropractor, I go to the best and that's Dr. Adam Vance. He is really caring and knows his stuff when it comes to his profession. I recommend him as your chiropractor. Take my advice, go to the best and that's Dr.Adam Vance.
By: Joy P.
Vance Chiropractic
I have not been sleeping for 3 months. After 1 appointment with Dr. Vance, my "head fuzziness" went away and after 2 appointments, I have been sleeping better than ever. I can concentrate better. I have more energy and that has changed my quality of life!
By: Jared L.
Vance Chiropractic
My leg was going numb and tingly. No doctor could figure out what was wrong. I have had this for years no. I finally talked to Dr. Vance and he adjusted me.I haven't had any numbness or tingling since the first time he adjusted me.
By: guillermogarcia
Vance Chiropractic
Every time was the best considerations for me. Very professional. Thank you Dr. Vance for helping me feel good.
By: Jennica L.
Vance Chiropractic
Dr. Vance is so kind and caring. I know he truly cares about me both as a patient and person.

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