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By: petra-fiable
The Nail Port
listen- here's the deal, i have been a faithful client of the nailport since the salon first opened and have watched this salon grow and keep on growing to a magnitude of success all the while keeping it all about the foundation- THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO AND THEIR CLIENTS! i decided to log online and read some of these reviews bc i happened to overhear another client comment on some fancy nails posted on the nailport fb. i didn't expect to read all these rude comments from frankly people who have nothing better to do than to post and re-post terrible things that simply aren't true. so i am am going to offer something no one else has- personally message me and i will give you my number so i can attest to you what great service i have been provided. they have been every bit as loyal to me as i have been to them. i to was originally a groupon customer from a little over 2 years ago and vowed never to purchase another from them simply bc i wanted to be apart of helping the economy and help boost business as it is intended to do. not rob them blind. do you even realize a groupon value package is 110 to which we pay 30 35 whatever it is for 2 mani/pedis and that means 15 for the salon which means 7.50 per visit take out whatever they pay the techs???? that means they aren't doing it for the money or to scam as some ignorant person stated means they are doing it for repeat business!!! and the groupon customers that are mad that they didn't get an appointment when they either walked in or called to have one either on the spot or that day well duhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! if the service is 1 hour and a half it must be an appointment so you have the best service and time allotted for it! you cant expect to call last minute like everyone else and then just get in! and further more be mad when the line is in use bc of all the other procrastinators calling in. if you are buying a bargain expect to have to wait in line like everyone else who got a great deal! stop taking advantage of those who sit there and scrub your feet that your loved one wont even do! the lady that said shed take back her tip- be ashamed of yourself! these people work every single day and long hours to help us feel beautiful! haven't you ever heard- take care of those who make you beautiful! like i said i've been there since they first opened. i'm there every 2 weeks and no special they have puts their time before their loyalty and service to me. they have come in early and stayed late...even fit me in during my lunch and a panic attack. don't believe me? message me and you can call me personally! and above all- just be gracious human beings! take responsibility if you forgot about your groupon or didn't call ahead to schedule- for hot cakes sakes you still get the credit for the amount at the salon it isn't like you lost your money! rock on pauly d and farrah! mandy with your miley hair do! jet you are the best! stephen we love you! hailey you are sweet as pie!! x' o's to all the rest of you!
By: sunny-slc
The Nail Port
I wanted to hate this place after my frustrations with trying to schedule my groupon appointment but they made it right.I'd left a message to schedule my appointment. My schedule is pretty tight and I wanted to make sure I could get in before I was leaving town. No one called me back. That Saturday I tried calling all day but no one picked up the phone. I didn't leave a message because I was hoping to talk to someone since no one returned my last message. Finally I just walked into the place to see if I could get an appointment for the following week.They didn't have any appointments during the time and day I had available. (My schedule was tight) So I asked if they could fit me that day. They had an opening for a pedicure, but not the manicure and I would have to forefit the manicure. I was pretty frustrated at that point and voiced my concern with not receiving a call back. They apologized for a problem with their voicemail - it cut off and they did not have my number. Part of me wanted to storm out and go somewhere else. At my job I had a client blow up on me because I wasn't able to return their call from a cut off message. So I know it can happen and I don't want to be that lady that freaks out on an innocent person. This Groupon was already paid for and I wanted to use it. I went ahead and took the pedicure only. The next person ended up cancelling and I was able to get the full manicure and pedicure. I upgraded to Shelac french manicure and it was beautiful. I never had shellac before and I'm so glad he suggested it. Normally I just get clear polish because I hate the way chipped paint looks....and regular nail polish always chips the next day. 4 weeks later my nails look great - this was by far the best mani-pedi I've ever had.What started out as a bad experience, ended up being really good. They were very nice and accomodating once I got in the chair. They made up for the difficulties I faced trying to make my appointment on my limited time schedule. Maybe they should hire someone to just answer phones and set appointments? Based on the previous reviews, that seems to be part of the frustration some people have encountered. Also their web-site isn't currently working so having a full web-site where clients can see their hours and book on-line would be helpful. I see they have a facebook page but a lot of companies block facebook access. Businesses such as this need full web-sites with appointment booking capabilities.Overall I am very pleased with what they did for me and I will be going back. I would not have found them without my Groupon but now they've earned a new customer.
By: cory.riggs
The Nail Port
Pleasantly Surprised !!After reading all the negative reviews I must say that I was hesitant to redeem my Groupon - But after 15 phone calls and a 3 week wait I figured What did I have to loose?? We arrived on time for our appointment and presented our Groupon only to have them tell us it was no good we insisted that it was .... they insisted that it wasn't long story short after 20 minutes of back and forth they realized it was there equipment that needed to be rebooted. at this point they told me I would have to reschedule ..... I was not pleased to say the least I mentioned that i was attending a weeding this week and needed to get this done they offered to have us come back at 7:00 After they had closed and they would get it done. ROCKSTARS!! not only did they accommodate us but they did an awesome job my grand daughters nails look AMAZING !!! We will definitely go back
By: bsnarr
The Nail Port
First I was frustrated because it was I had to wait longer than I wanted to to get in- I know spoiled me wanting what I want now and forgetting I have a special lots of others do too plus they do an amazing job so of course I'd have to wait for exceptional service. I actually came on to apologize for being a beasty on the phone and say thank you for doing all you could to accommodate me! I do realize how hard you all work and how talented you are! Being in your salon I saw first hand how much your clients love you all and that you are in fact a great stand up salon and I just found my new beauty home! Best! Brit!
By: draybay
The Nail Port
I can't wait to go back! $25 for shellac french and it lasted a month with very minimal chipping. Do I need to say more? I will... The girl who did my nails helped me when I was looking for a good coral. It wasn't crowded but it was Thursday mid-morning. The TV was more than enough to keep me entertained so I was content. I'm mainly impressed that I had such a flawless manicure for such a long time. I hate chips and take off my polish at the first sight, so it was a miracle to go a month between!
By: Anne J.
Jade Nails
A friend recommended Heidi at Jade Nails and I will forever be in her debt! Everyone at Jade Nails is friendly, professional and well-trained, and I always leave feeling delightfully spoiled. I enjoy having a special, artistic embellishment to make my manicure special. Heidi has great suggestions as well as the ability to make my nails unique, but not garish or tacky. Kudos to Heidi and to Ne, who gives me super-soothing and beautiful pedicures.
By: Katherine M.
The Nail Port
What a fabulous salon. I had been searching for someone here that could do gel nails like I'd had when I lived in Kansas City Mo before I moved here. I spotted their shop as I came out of Walmart--turned around, walked in, and they worked me in around their scheduled appointments. Walked out with a beautiful mani-pedi for a great price. Patrons there had all good things to say about them. I found my tribe!!!!!!!!!!
By: kelly-anne
The Nail Port
I called today with my groupon and the girl who answered was super sweet to me! I had no problem booking an appointment in fact she said she had just rescheduled someone and was able to get me in today! Everyone was kind, it was super clean, and plus I got pumpkins on my toes and Frankenstein on my fingers! Yay! Everyone at the gym LOVED my fingers! Definitely going back!
By: rhondaburtybird
The Nail Port
Uncle Jet @ The Nail Port is AMAZING!!! WHOAH! I went to get my nails done and Paul asked if I'd like a free massage by their acupressure LMT- Boy was I in for a whirl wind! Nicest salon I've been to in a LONG time! And I love that they always remember my name and details about me. Goes a long way in this day and age. Go see Paul and Jet, though! Really though!
By: Jordan D.
Da vi nails
Went here this afternoon for Acrylics fill because I wasn't pleased with my previous salons, and I must say I am very happy with the outcome! I called and was able to come in 30 mins later and one of them did my nails and she was so sweet and took her time! I will definitely be returning to this place!

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