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By: tarose
Lindstrom Plumbing
We recently had a sewage back-up, and to our dismay found out we had to replace our sewer pipe due to root infestation. The emergency plumbing company who cleared our line led us to believe we were in for $15 K in repair work and extensive excavation of our yard and the street. We solicited multiple alternative bids, and Lindstrom gave us a reasonable and honest assessment of the required work, including a free video estimate (where many others charge $300). Turns out they could repair the same pipe using a revolutionary technology called "trenchless pipe bursting" at a fraction of the cost with only minimal excavation in the yard and driveway. Lindstrom procured all the necessary permits and did the job in two days. They returned our yard to pristine condition and filled the asphalt in the driveway evenly and almost with a matching color. There wasn't a scrap of dirt or garbage left behind - it was as if they had never been there.Bottom line: Lindstrom is highly professional, extremely reliable and reasonably priced. They're a no-brainer if you're in for serious sewage repair.
By: Rick H.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Just received excellent, SKILLED plumbing service from consummate professional, "Jim," of Roto-Rooter. Jim offered a reasonable price and got to work on fixing our two clogged sinks, Serious SKILLED LABOR and EXCELLENT RESULTS ensued! Jim and Roto-Rooter RULE! Rick H, Palo Alto
By: jakgak
The Bathtub Medic
Just called - they were honest and upfront. The gentleman said it would be more cost effective to replace than to repair this particular sink. I so appreciate his honest input. Great customer service - THANK YOU!
By: C-los G.
N J Plumbing
Great and not so pricey like the other plumbers
Tips & Advices
To keep yourself safe from fraud or a possible scam, always remember to ask plumbers for their license along with a written warranty for their labor. Besides this, further safeguard yourself by checking their references and ensure they or their company is insured and bonded to do their work.
If you're having hot water issues, you can examine the thermostat and adjust it accordingly. If you hear odd sounds coming from your water heater, it could be due to sediment building up. To get rid of this, make sure you clean out the heater every few months. However, if you hear a boiling noise, it could mean the heater is overheating and you should call a plumbing professional as soon as possible.
Frozen pipes are hazardous and can cause massive amounts of damage to your home. To prevent your pipes from freezing during the winter, run your faucets at a trickle and keep your house's heater at 55 degrees Fahrenheit or above to keep the water flowing.
  • Be mindful of how much water you use in your bathroom, kitchen and even outdoors when watering your lawn.
  • Make sure your toilet handle works properly and doesn't stick.
  • Replace old shower heads with more efficient low-flow options that can cut down on the gallons of water you use each morning.
  • Turning off the water while you brush your teeth
  • Only running your dishwasher or clothes washer when you have a full load.
Yes. If you're interested in buying a new home or property, it's smart to hire a contractor or a plumbing service to not only tell you if the building's foundation is sound, but also if the pipes are in good working order.

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