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By: Jessica V.
Southwest Leasing Solutions
Mr.Charles Phillipot always responds back in a timely manner and is amazing at his job. If your looking for property to rent in the Austin, Temple, and San Marcos area I would highly recommend going through him. He's very professional and knows his job.
By: Cyrell C.
Millennium On Post
So, I started renting here in August of last year. I decided to re-sign since a new management company was taking over, with hopes the problems would get better. To START, I just got an eviction notice for unpaid rent and late fees left on the inside of my bedroom door.... in which I've paid in full every month on TIME.... the new company is so DISORGANIZED. This company hasn't been keeping track of the people who have paid rent and now they went around and put eviction notices on at least 6 of our neighbors doors INSIDE their apartments for non payment or late fees. So i'm assuming since you can't keep track of our rent payments you couldn't have notified any of us through email or phone prior to entering our apartments when unattended? I have two dogs which could have been accidentally let out due to the unlawful entering of my apartment under false pretenses without notice. ALL OF US HAVE PAID OUR RENT AND ON TIME...which we could have easily confirmed and reconciled this issue had they tried communicating through professional means like email or a simple phone call. On top of them not keeping any record of who pays they wait until 26 days after you've given them a check to cash it. I understand some time should be allowed to transition from one company to another, but seriously?!! If you don't have an online payment system and tenants are forced to pay in check or money order, but you don't keep any record of it?????? WTH? To TOP IT OFF then watch out you'll be getting hit with an EVICTION NOTICE. This place and management are a complete joke. Wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.
By: Steph G.
Skiles & Associates Real Estate Inc
DO NOT RENT WITH THIS SLEEZEBAG COMPANY. They treat there customers and renters extremely rude, especially the manager and Katherine. She has NO customer service skills and is so unhappy she has to treat everyone else like garbage. Charge for every little thing, and will come into your apartment without any forewarning. Even when you aren't home or give permission. They will even charge you if they HEAR your doing something wrong, even if it's untrue. They are trash. I've even tried to speak to Skiles himself and he NEVER gets back to his customers either. They are just sleezy people and just try to steal people's money. I've seen it plenty of times. I cannot say enough bad this about this POS company.
By: Tom M.
Skiles & Associates Real Estate Inc
HORRIBLE - these people are liars and crooks. Just read the reviews and see for yourself. RUN AWAY. There are better people to rent from. Skiles and his team clearly intent to keep your deposit and will make claims for additional expenses against every single client they have. Notice that there is not a single, positive review on them here.
By: Samantha H.
Purgatory Creek Apartments
We applied here and were unfortunately denied on basis of credit. We spoke to a leasing agent prior to applying because we already knew we had credit issues and were told "we will work with you if that is the case, and you might need to pay a higher deposit". Upon receiving the denial via email, I called to see what we could do, per the previous leasing agents. The assistant property manager, Anthony, wanted nothing to do with us and refused to talk with us about any kind of other options. We were denied, point blank. We requested our initial fees back, as per the application fine print, we are entitled to our fees back if we are denied. To add insult to injury, we received a check for $49, even though we paid $150 in fees. I emailed Anthony regarding this discrepancy, and despite the fact that the fine print clearly reads that we are owed these fees, he is refusing to refund the remainder. At this point, this is not about the money. It's about the fact that 1. we knew we were going to have credit issues and we were flat out lied to by their sales team when they said "we can work with you", and 2. the assistant manager is fighting with me over something that is very clearly worded on the applications' terms. It's astounding that such a "nice complex" would drag people through the mud like this over $100. So again, don't bother applying. They are not willing to work with anyone and will give you a hard time for the entirety of the process. If this is how they treat their applicants, I can't imagine how poorly they must treat their tenants!
By: Pissed O.
Skiles & Associates Real Estate Inc
https://m.yellowpages.com/san-marcos-tx/mip/skiles-associates-real-estate-inc-7768307Just read all of these reviews for yourself! LITERALLY THE DUMBEST RUDEST BITCH I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH ANSWERS THEIR PHONE AND PROBABLY COULDNT FIND HER ASS FROM HER ARMPIT IF HER HER LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!!! THE PROPERT OWNER SHOULD REALLY REEVALUATE WHO RUNS HIS PROPERTY. Stay far far away from these asshats! Their apartments are mostly trash and i have had another friend rent from them and had a rat problem that they would not take care of. You would probably be better off living under a bridge. They also withold information that they are REQUIRED to tell you. Their answers change when you call at different times.You would probably be better off living under a bridge than renting from these idiots!!!
By: Thomas M.
Skiles & Associates Real Estate Inc
Very rude and unprofessional. Agreed on move out date with receptionist. She neglected to do the paperwork and we received a 500$ fine for failure to end lease within specified time frame. Absolutely would not listen to reason and threatened to send to collection agency if not paid. Repairs were always a pain and there was a lot of crime in the apartments with cops showing up to end fights every couple months.
By: Thomas M.
Endways Property Management, Inc.
Very rude and unprofessional property managers. Utility bills were way too high and they could not give any reason. Very bad about repairs.
By: D J.
Asbury Place Apartments
Horrible place to live. Wishing we did not sign a year lease with this company..Management is horrible. The property manager is NEVER in her office..she will leave early in the day and wont come back until 2 days later. With that said, if your're trying to pay rent on time GOOD LUCK because Susan is never in the office and there is no overnight drop slip..Susan is unorganized and extremely unprofessional. She has messed up on our charges and left a notice on our door saying we owned money to her, but when questioned about the charge, she could not figure out where the debt owed came from ...walls are paper thin, you can hear a pin drop by your next door neighbor. The workout facility is worthless because it is only open when management is there (which is hardly) , and there is no access to it after 5:00 pm Nothing good has came from living in this place so far. There are other wonderful places in San Marcos to live. Save yourself and your family the trouble..
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By: Ali W.
Asbury Place Apartments
My family and I moved to Asbury in May with it now being july. During the sign up process management was wonderfully attentive despite slow. Upon moving in the manager has failed to open the office half the time we have been here despite posted office hours. The wall's are paper thin in the apartments there is nothing to the park except 2 swings and a slide. The back strip of ground is flea infested as well as the manager playing favoritism with residents. We were demanded to remove a very classy piece of furniture from the front porch where as some other residents get away with tacky furniture on their front porches. There is a clean up rule for animals but at least 2 residents let their animals drop feces in the grass without cleaning it without being fined. This is a well faced community.... Until you move in. We won't be renewing next year certainly. Keep looking.

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