By: tsmadden12
Escada Co Store
First of all I bought my wife a new watch and one week later, it doesnt work. Being I live 460 miles away from this store I called the mgr of this store and explained. They had me ship the watch to the store and within a day later, they send me a brand new one to replace it with. This staff is more than I could have imagined. I give these guys 5 stars because they put a new meaning to customer service. Thank you Erin and your manager. You guys are awesome.
By: Rod F.
Hot Topic
Has everything Record stores used to carry back in the 80s..great store! Although My last visit wasn't pleasant because of the Loud Rap Music..I Could only stand to be in the store no more than 3 min..Isn't hot topic a RocknRoll Store?
By: thebottomofmybrokenheart
Cute, trendy styles for ridiculously great prices..AND stellar women's fragrances :-)

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