Petra in San Luis Obispo, CA with Reviews -
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By: Joe S.
Beda's Biergarten
Wunderbar! the number of authentic German restaurants in California is probably down to fewer than the fingers on a hand - so many have died with German food a tough sell - amazing SLO now has one that is the real deal - if you want not just well prepared and authentic German food, but much fresher and high quality selection than a pub, this is the place. - the atmosphere is a cross between modern neighborhood pub and the local German town restaurant. It all starts with the food - the selection is representative of your local German/Austrian town café/restaurant/pub selection and VERY high quality - Spaztel, Schnitzle, & a number of wurst varieties, saurerkraut, cabbage salad & potato salad right out of Salzburg or Munich - every one we have tried so far was very good. the Pretzelbrot (pretzel like bread ) is a great addition for a few of the sandwiches. Schnitzel is spot on - came with lemon as it should, and the haus salat with it was fantastic. The beer selection like the food is not vast but a good variety, 10 or so offered with a couple of rotators, from 0.4 up to a ONE LITER if you could handle that much (I can't), and it's served COLD (unlike a couple of SLO's more 'popular' destinations) and with the obligatory thick head off the tap. Desert was wunderbar !-Apfelstrudel is superb - paired with cinn/vanilla ice cream. I can't wait to try the home-made chocolate cake apparently made by Beda. ok, for just a one item (being a stickler here) that would make it over the top for me - would love to have the option to have my strudel paired with fresh cream (even though I love the ice cream they paired with it). German restaurants that were close to authentic in Long Beach, Santa Barbara, & Palo Alto have long since closed - we didn't even think we'd ever get a restaurant like this without maybe going to the Hofbrauhaus in Vegas. Sure hope this place sticks - reasonable, and a nice happy hour selection as well if one wants to sample some of the offerings. Oh, and the pommes fries option - they do French fries better than you'll find anywhere in slo.I can't say enough good things about this place - it's top notch.
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By: imnac411
Beda's Biergarten
Authentic German food and beverages. Fun atmosphere - esp. when there is international soccer on the big screens. Staff super velcoming and accommodating. MyBookmarked it for next time we're traveling through SLO.
By: Larry C.
Thai Boat
I live 2 blocks from Thai boat, come here often and the ONLY complaint I have is the hours and being closed at random times. Food is fantastic though and makes up for it.
By: johnsmail
Round Table Pizza
Good pizza which i enjoy but my buddy likes the salad, and time goes by without rushperhaps thats why its so good and the ambiance is appreciatable.
By: William N.
Fat Cats Cafe
Very friendly food is delicious you can tell the locals know about this place everything was great you can tell it's a family own business
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By: ulises.garibay.37
Thai Palace
Delicious ���� food ���� and great service!! The pineapple ���� fried rice is boom ���� and pad Thai noodles ���� uff!!
By: britneyb1989
Round Table Pizza
kinda sucked i did like the salad bad but how can u really get a bad salad bar but the pizza was kinda sucky
By: moakes.designer
Thai Boat
Very friendly group of guys running this place and the food is super good!
By: saraparkinson
Bluebird Salon
In my opinion, the Blue Bird Salon is the best salon is San Luis Obispo.
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