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By: Nathan S.
Locksmith Express
AMAZING! Like everyone else online, Edwardo came to the rescue and and I thought he was exceptional. I locked myself out of an office at work. When I called him for a quote, he asked that I take a picture of the lock and door and text it to him so he could assess the situation and call me back. WOW. A locksmith who receives texts? I was impressed with just that! He called me back within minutes. Even though it was a hardcore MultiTLock, he said he'd tried to do it for the minimal cost of $59 and try to do as little damage to the lock and the door as possible so that I could not incur more costs. He suggest that we just start there.WOW again. It was not an emergency situation and Edwardo said someone would be by in a couple of hours. So nice to know that there are people in the San Jose, CA that take pride in what they do and actually care! Thanks, Locksmith & Key Store, Best Locksmith Company in San Jose, CA.
By: Mary C.
Jungle Locksmith
there's obviously nothing cool about locking yourself out (or "in" in my case) of your apartment, but after hearing so many people sing Dave praises, i was secretly excited to have to call on him to help me out. i was attempting to leave my apartment on saturday morning only to discover that my doorknob wouldn't turn and i was locked inside of my apartment. neat. Dave was there quickly and knew exactly what the problem was. he swapped out an old part, told me a couple funny stories and then was on his way. everyone in nyc should have his number saved in their phone since it's only a matter of time before any one of us will need him and it's so nice to have a reliable go-to for something like this. Lock & Locksmith Services in San Jose, CA
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By: Sally O.
Jaffy Family Child Care
I sent my son here when he was 4 before his kindergarten year. He loved this place. Ms. Yolanda was so loving, caring & a creative caretaker. Her backyard is spacious & she provided plenty of activities & learning for all the students. I needed to pick him up late in some days, & she would accommodate. She also spent extra time to teach him until I picked him up. She taught him Spanish as well as we asked her to. Ms. Yolanda made it easy for me to talk to her for any concerns. I really comfortable working with her & would recommend other parents to check Jaffy day care out. Her price was also affordable, she cooked really good food for all the kids too. My son loved her sweet tamales!
By: Sonja L.
Locksmith Express
AMAZING service that goes ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty. WOW... How AWESOME would it be if other businesses were half as GOOD, CUSTOMER FRIENDLY and HONEST as Locksmith & Key Store of San Jose, CA. Mr. David, the Owner, RESCUED us after a harrowing experience of not being able to enter our home due to a malfunctioned bottom-lock. Mr. David not only fixed the lock but he also STRENGTHENED the associated strike-plate and dead-bolt. Our front door and home are forever changed by the AMAZING service from an AWESOME business Owner, Mr. David! Thank you, Sir; your services and honesty are truly appreciated, not to mention, refreshing!
By: Denny H.
Jungle Locksmith
We needed a locksmith at work to fix gaps in a couple of doors that we had. I found Dave thru Online and was confident in using him because of his fantastic reviews. Dave was fantastic!!! Will use again and again. He was easy to reach and communicate with. We set an appointment and he was on time, knew what he was doing, found a solution and took care of our problem, all while keeping in touch about what he was doing. He made the whole process smooth and easy! if you will need a locksmith call: Lock & Locksmith Services in San Jose, CA
By: J'oshua S.
Barcelos Towing Services
**They are EVERYTHING you would hope a towing company would be**My wife got a flat tire. She was at the side of the road…and I was away and unavailable to help.This is a frustrating, heartbreaking and scary as a husband. We call up Barcelos Towing and they are literally there in 5-minutes. Yes, I said 5-minutes.They were like a knight in shining armor in my absence. Making my wife feel safe and assuring here everything was going to be okay. I hope you never need a towing service, but if you do…this is the one.
By: Sonia P.
Jungle Locksmith
Great service. Would recommend their service to anyone.Couple reason 1) They waive off the late night fee because they were close to our location in San Jose, CA.2) The lock wasn't actually damage but the door handle mechanism which was more than double of what I had anticipated or wanted to pay for a rental apt. Instead of charging for the higher service they recommended a cheaper but secure alternative.3) Credit card accepted!4) If you will need a locksmith call Lock & Locksmith Services
By: Sophie B.
Jungle Locksmith
I just had Lock & Locksmith Services change a lock on a newly acquired work space in San Jose, CA. Dave and Lock & Locksmith Services exceeded every expectation I had. It was the perfect Customer Experience. I honestly can say that I am ecstatic I found a contractor I can trust and depend on. Dave was a super nice guy and was completely professional. Next time I have a need - I am going directly to Lock & Locksmith Services in San Jose, CA they know to get things DONE.
By: Harry W.
Jungle Locksmith
Mike from Super Locksmith Service was amazing. He was professional, friendly, and did the whole lock change in like 15 minutes. He talked to me throughout changing my locks, and explained everything to me as he was doing it. He told me funny anecdotes about his work, and really just brought a huge smile to my face. I'm so glad Super Locksmith Service was available and that I found them online, huge score for Companies like that. Thanks Mike, it was a pleasure meeting you!
By: Chung F.
Locksmith Express
Great locksmith Company.I called them on a weekend to come out to my house to change a cylinder and install a top lock.Jacob arrived when he said he would, but because of my building's rules he wasn't able to complete the top lock installation. He had no problem whatsoever making a second trip to finish the job on a weekday.Flat rates are upfront. No surprise fees.Jacob a really friendly guy who takes pride in his work. Highly recommended "" Locksmith & Key Store ""

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