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By: Cynthia B.
Law Office of Jamie N. Harris.
I don't know much about what goes on in bankruptcy or DUI cases, but I do know what has happened in my own family law case. I came to Jamie through a friend's referral and on the coat tails of being hoodwinked by another attorney who, REALLY did not give my divorce case the attention it needed, and that previous attorney did not respond to my concerns and questions in any timely manner. Eventually I had to let that attorney go for over charging me when she was getting nothing done. Jamie Harris heard me out on what I needed to accomplish and what my previous attorney failed to do for my case. Jamie didn't smooth talk me, but simply listened and related to another human being who was caught in a difficult circumstance. She picked up the slack on my case and got the ball rolling again. In court she was on the mark about addressing and resolving the issues I expressed were important to me. She got me the results I was after.What I didn't realize (as probably most people who get caught in the legal system don't), but later learned from her and her staff is, it is not all up to my own attorney or the court system to get things taken care of. The other side's attorney can drag their feet, misfile court documents, loose documents, postpone/reschedule court dates and make mysery for me as the client, and I can say honestly before learning this fact, I focused my frustration at my attorney when things were not moving along as fast as I want them to. Once I learned that it is NOT her fault and we together are subject to the other side's lack of professionalism, I got a grip. I've seen my case file, and it takes up over 1/2 of a filing cabinet drawer. Jamie's office has worked harder and swifter to finalize my divorce than the previous attorney had any intention of doing. Julie, her paralegal is a fantastic negotiator, document writer, with a no-nonsense approach to managing my case, not to mention she knows family law extremely well. Jamie and her staff have given me space to breathe again. They treated me with respect and kindness that I will never forget or take for granted. For the people who complain, my advice is: open your eyes to the bigger picture, educate YOURSELF, and (for goodness sake) be honest with yourself: you got yourself into the mess you're in. I know I did in my case, as I have suffered being a poor judge of character in my love life. Patience is very much a virtue that anyone involved in legal matters must exercise to the near breaking point, regardless of which attorney represents them. I'm glad I have Jamie, Julie, Christie and the team at The Law Office of Jamie N Harris, and I have no doubt that I will not entrust my life situations now and in the future, with any other law firm but hers.
By: Roger T.
Law Office of Jamie N. Harris.
I would highly recommend Ms. Harris to anyone in need of representation in a civil or criminal courtroom. A good friend of mine found himself in custody earlier this year charged with an offense he had not committed. As the bond in his matter was high, I acted on his behalf on the outside and retained Ms. Harris' law office to represent him in 2012. Prior to Ms. Harris' entry into the case, my friend had sat in the Santa Clara County Jail for 5 weeks-his Public Defender had moved to have his bond lowered, but the Judge refused to do so. Four days after Ms. Harris took over, the Judge granted my friend's release without bond. Three weeks later, the case against my friend was dismissed. I realize that everyone's issues are different, but I can say that Ms. Harris is very sharp and a skilled advocate for all her clients. She visited my friend in custody and as he heard inmates complain about their attorney never visiting them during the pendency of their case, he would just sit and smile because she visited him and was there during his court appearances. I do remember she was late one time but she personally called me in the morning to tell me so that I could be aware. However, by the time they were ready to call my friends' matter she was there and ready to go. Thank you Jamie N. Harris for all of your hard work.
By: Rachel C.
Law Office of Jamie N. Harris.
I hired Jamie Harris a few years back for a family law matter in Los Angeles. She was recommended and I was nervous because she was out of the area. Jamie made everything easy for me. She emailed me questions and forms to fill out and charged me 1/2 of what others quoted me. When it came to going to court she hired another attorney Sandy Rabadi to appear for me (which worried me) but after meeting Sandy I knew I was in great hands. Jamie explained everything to me step by step. The days when we had court Jamie would call me bright and early to check in on me and later that evening as well. She also kept detailed notes and reminded me of goals I told her of in our first phone meeting. Although I have never had the pleasure of physically meeting Jamie Harris I have no regrets at all. She worked with Sandy and the two of them treated me extremely well. I achieved just about all of the goals I initially told Jamie I wanted to achieve and now that everything is over, I can relax and enjoy my kids again. Thank you to The Law Office of Jamie N. Harris and to Sandy as well.
By: Brittany T.
Law Office of Jamie N. Harris.
Jamie Harris helped me thru a difficult situation. I was in trouble again and wanted help. I had a history that I knew would automatically convict me and needed an attorney who could see past my history and help me with my current situation. I hired The Law Office of Jamie N Harris to represent me. I was facing serious time and the loss of my kids. Jamie was always profession in court and if she was running late she was good at calling me herself and emailing me. I could also see that the DA she had to work with on my case actually listened to her. When some attorneys would walk up to the DA he would roll his eyes and cut them short. But with Jamie I saw that he listened and they looked like they were having a real discussion. Well about a year later after I hired Jamie Harris I settled my case and am happy with the result . No jail no prison and no reporting to a probation officer. I recommend The Law Office of Jamie N. Harris to anyone in need. She helped financially in taking payments and never made me feel like a criminal.
By: Marcus H.
Law Office of Jamie N. Harris.
I hired the Law Office of Jamie N . Harris to do my bankruptcy about three years ago. Before hiring her I had heard of her from a mutual friend who was happy with how she treated her and her husband. During the paperwork process Jamie was very helpful and explained things very clear for me. Whenever I was confused about a question on the questionnaire she provided she was helpful and quick at responding to my emails and calls. I also enjoyed Sue, her assistant who was always friendly and made sure that Jamie knew of my phone calls. Before I filed with her I met with her about 3 times and not once did she bill me extra. I had heard of attorneys charging for simply things such as an email however, I never received a bill for more than what was originally quoted. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a bankruptcy. I know she does criminal law as well and if she treats those clients as well as she treated me then if you are in need of a criminal attorney, Jamie Harris is the one to hire. Thanks Jamie & Sue.
By: Millie S.
Law Office of Jamie N. Harris.
Being a girl, it was embarrassing to get into trouble. Especially for things that usually you hear only guys do. My whole family was shocked and I felt so stupid for following my boyfriend and not saying no and leaving him. Needless to say I got into big trouble over him and it cost me my clean record and a lot of money. I saw Jamie Harris's picture and ad in jail and had my family meet with her. Jamie then came out to visit me and once we talked i knew I was in good hands. She was so likable my boyfriend agreed to work with her to tell the DA the truth. Eventually my case was dropped and I thank The Law Office of Jamie N Harris for being so approachable that my boyfriend worked with her to help me get this case dismissed. I knew if he was talked to by a hard mean attorney he would have bailed on me. I tell anyone who wonders where I was for a few months that thanks to Jamie Harris, I am now home and thinking before I act.
By: Jarrod T.
Law Office of Jamie N. Harris.
Jamie Harris is a great attorney. I wanted to fight for custody due to some "issues" I saw with them. I knew my kids were not being treated right by their mother and her family but could not prove it. Every time I left court I felt drained and was losing sleep. I saw Jamie's ad in a magazine and thought "hey a free consult, why not". Jamie and her staff explained to my why I was not prevailing and I learned that (1) I needed to hire a private investigator, and (2) I had to stick to facts and not argue based on my emotions. The Law Office of Jamie N Harris helped me for a flat rate on a limited scope basis (my income was limited and I needed to get past one hurdle) and hiring her was the best decision I have ever made (besides having my kids). I am now working WITH the mother of my children instead of against her and I am able to sleep now. Thanks Jamie!
By: Francisco T.
Law Office of Jamie N. Harris.
I was in trouble over someone else's "issues" and found myself in jail facing prison. I was a parolee and knew the consequences of getting a new case and after living years of a crime free life, due to something beyond my control, I was arrested again. I retained an attorney who was rude and made be feel like scum. The Law Office of Jamie N. Harris was recommended to me so I fired my attorney and hired Jamie Harris. Within months of hiring Jamie Harris my charges were dropped! She used a private investigator to trace down the prior owner of the car I was in, interview some witnesses, and Jamie promptly took everything she found to the DA on my case. I remember crying when Jamie came to the jail to visit me and tell me the great news. I will forever be in debt to her due to her believing in me and not giving up on me as my prior attorneys did.
By: Crystal J.
Law Office of Jamie N. Harris.
My dad hired The Law Office of Jamie N Harris for me. I was in trouble with the law and wanted to get help, not jail. Jamie worked on my matter for over a year and met with me and my family numerous times to update us all. I was facing prison and knew that all I needed was help, not jail. Jamie Harris never made me feel judged or talked down to me. I had attorneys in the past who were plain mean to me. I have been yelled at and told I better take an offer when I felt like I was not being listened to. Jamie was good at talking to my mom and father about the status and never seemed to mind their constant nagging :). I would recommend you to hire Jamie if you need help with your matter. Jamie kept me out of prison, got me into a program and saved me from future failure.
By: Brendav V.
Law Office of Jamie N. Harris.
I first learned about The Law Office of Jamie N Harris through her assistant, Julie. I came to them for help with a nasty high conflict custody battle. Jamie Harris' staff has been amazing through the process and really has taken the time to get to know me and my daughter. She likes to connect to her clients. While this dragged out custody hearing has been a complete nightmare, both of them have been by my side offering advice and help when issues have come up. I'm pretty sure Julie has invested more time into my case then what I've paid. I can't say enough great things about this duo. They have gone above and beyond to help me and my daughter. Hopefully I don't have to keep them for the next 13 years...LOL. Thank you both for everything!!!

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