By: Peter W.
Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My
Hello my name is Cheng Wu - Peter --July 16, 2015--I was looking around in the San Jose, CA area for someone who has both experience and expertise in the areas of immigration paper work for my wife. After carefully researching all the local business that do these types of paper work, I decided on Ms. My (Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My) to do my paper work for my wife. My final decision to choose Ms. My was because she was very friendly when I first approached her, and after talking with her, I felt very confident and comfortable speaking with her. I also felt that I feel confident enough to trust her to do these important and critical paper work. In addition to all of the above, she has 10 years experiences in this area of work. Therefore, I am happy to say that I was honored to have Ms. My to do all the immigration paper work for my wife. In my case, I am a U.S. citizen marrying a foreign wife from Vietnam, and my sponsorship for my wife (CR1 Visa) completed successfully within the time frame that Ms. My had predicted that it would be completed without any complications. Oh... by the way, her prices are way much better than her competitors. Overall, I would highly endorsed Ms. My (Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My) to deal with any immigrations paper work that you may have. :-)
By: T T.
Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My
I took a chance on this place and glad I gave them a shot. I had no experience with this whole process regarding K1 visa and Di Tru Thanh My was very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. The estimated time to get a K1 Visa interview was approximately 6-9 months and I was able to get mine done in 6 months (this really depends on your situation). From that point on, I was able to get my wife her EAD/AP application processed and approved in 3 months and 2 months later to complete the Green Card application/Interview for a total of 5 months after getting her to America on the K1 Visa. Again, this timeline really depends on your specific situation (no criminal records, stable job, financial background)Chi My was also helpful with pointing me in the right direction regarding paper work with Social Security as well as any prior questions I had throughout the entire process.I'm sure anybody can fill out the paperwork and provide the necessary supporting documents/evidence to complete the application, however for me, I didn't want the process to be delayed because of clerical errors or missing paperwork. So in that respect, if you can afford it, I would put this paperwork processing in the hands of a processional and it paid off for me. Thanks again!
By: Nguyen J.
Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My
I would like to send thousands thanks to Thanh My Di Tru company for helping out my case about Adjustment status for permanent resident in the US. The manager talked to me so nice , gave me all the information I need and showed me all the papers very detail. After I applied my case, anytime I had a questions I just send a email to Ms My (the manager ), I immidiately got the answer. I really happy about that. The office also helped me with taking pictures for the forms ( that's supposed to cost 10$ in Walgreen ���� ), introduced me to the doctor for the Medical test with very good price. I got my green card within 2.5 months, much faster than the amount of time that I expect. I really satisfied With services from Thanh My Di Tru office especially the price here very appropriate. I will come back here again.
By: davidtruongny
Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My
I like to say thanks Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My. I didn't use service at this office because I have sponsoring my wife's paper work done by myself due to my hardship finance.Anything went smoothly until my wife been interviewed and US Consulate asked us for more evidence. We submitted as request, but I had heard nothing from US embassy for almost 6 moths after that. I was very worry; I found number of di tru thanh my to seeking consulting. I was very happy since they clearly explained to me about US embassy processing and show me how to send an inquiry to us embassy and how long I should wait. My wife got visa to come here 3 month after that.Even I don't use their service, they still enthusiastically, kindly answered each of my questions and helped me out. Thank you so much.
By: Mike N.
Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My
My wife and I are totally satisfied with the service this office has done for us. Everything was explained from A-Z how the process works and the estimated time it would take for my then fiancé to arrive to the US. Along the way all the questions I had was answered in a timely manner. It took less than 6 months from the day I came in the office to the day my fiancé came to the US. We are truly grateful for the service provided and today we have our son! I would recommend to anyone looking for a professional service.
By: Cheryl L.
Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My
Love this place. There fees are much cheaper, compare to other immigration offices. The office may be small but they do their job fast and efficient. While my mom' case was done within 2 months at Thanh My, my husband'case is still stucked at Robert Mullins office after 5 months (and they charge ×3 time the fee! Gruu). If you want your paperworks go fast, come to Thanh My. Highly recommended!
By: Anh T.
Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My
I would like to send thank you to this service, especially the manager who is Ms.My. She always try to help me for any questions about my green card. Anyway, I did got my green card on last week and I am really satisfied with this service. Next time, I will continue to work with them for my extend green card 10 years and U.S citizen. Good business to you and your company" Thanh My"
By: Tan H.
Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My
From Tan HuynhI am very satisfied with the service of Di Tru Thanh My. Great people, great knowledge! They are patient to follow up my case and keep me updated. Friendly manager and staffs. Thanks a bunch to Di Tru Thanh My to help me and my mom re-union in the US. Highly recommend Di Tru Thanh My to any one that wants to bring their loved ones to the US.
By: khanh.luong.549
Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My
Khanh, San Jose, CAJust want to say thank you so much for all the help with paper work and interview prep, my wife is here in the U.S within ten months. I would recommend "Di Tru Thanh My" to all who wants to bring their spouse to U.S with a peace of mind that this agency will help you all the way.
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By: Maika N.
Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My

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