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By: changman
Amicus House Inc.
I am an Amicus House MiracleIf you have a problem, think you have a problem, have a pending legal issue, and you think a treatment center might help, call Amicus House and give yourself a chance.The transparency of whom I was and the transparency of who I am now is at times so difficult for me to disseminate. People in recovery often talk of miracles and in the beginning the mere mention of anyone in recovery being a miracle was nothing less than ridiculous. As intelligent as I thought I was it turns out I really had “no idea”. It's not the sort of miracle that one often thinks of when they hear the word, not something mythical or religious. For me it came down to the simple fact that I was once stubbornly against any idea that I had a problem, that my drinking was something that I was unable to control. This was preposterous- not me, no way. I was a professional with a Master’s Degree and a promising career and in general was extremely arrogant. I made it through 6 years of school, drinking every weekend and most weeknights and never missed a class. I started my first job immediately after graduating at a firm that I had interned at a year prior. I continued to drink whenever I felt like it and never missed a day of work. I, in no way had an issue with drinking…. So I thought. In December of 1999, after a company holiday party I was pulled over and charged with my 2nd DUI. Still- I was just “unlucky”. In any case my lawyer strongly recommended that I enter a treatment facility. His desire was to help with my court case. I had no idea at the time that this would lead to my miracle- a new life- a new outlook- an amazing life!I originally chose Amicus because I did not want to use my insurance. I was too proud and my ego would not allow me to let my peers know, even though I knew, that I didn’t really have a problem.I may have been the most difficult & arrogant clients that Amicus has ever seeing. I had something negative to say about everything, every client, every staff member, every group and meeting that we attended. I was there to appease the court so I could move on with my life. This worked, but something else happened as well. My eyes were opened to the fact that the way of life that Amicus introduced me to might actually be for me. This was the beginning of my miracle and the beginning of a life without alcohol.I met so many different people, from different walks of life in my 2 months at Amicus. It is unconceivable to me that I had so much in common with not only the clients, but also the amazing staff that remained patient with me and allowed me the time to settle down and soak it all in. If not for the staff at Amicus I would have likely ended up killing myself, or worse, someone else while driving drunk. I remain a constant supporter of Amicus, attending in house meetings on a regular basis, and keeping in touch with my no longer so “new peers” who I met in Amicus and with whom I have a lifelong bond.If you have a problem, think you have a problem, have a pending legal issue, and you think a treatment center might help, call Amicus House and give yourself a chance.
By: Conor D.
New Life Recovery Centers Inc.
I have gone through New Life's rehab program three times and their outpatient program once. Have lived in two of their three SLEs and visit the third often to this day. Amongst those experiences I have learned about varies levels of addiction and much of myself. Their care of me has evolved as I have evolved and I consider them family. Anyone with court hanging over their head or who may not be ready yet, I encourage you to talk with the helpful staff at the office. If you are not required to but want help in recovery I'd encourage you to ask for a consult with Chris who is amazing at helping pick a route of recovery suited specifically to your needs. Change starts with knowledge and desire. When the desire isn't yet there, new life helps supply plenty of knowledge and compassion. If you don't love yourself today like I didn't for many years, I promise you that they will love you unconditionally and help you find the route to being able to love yourself! Peace and serenity to all!
By: thomassr
Amicus House Inc.
Excellent Treatment Facility at a Fair Price!Amicus House has been a savior for my family. Unfortunately a majority of my family has struggled with alcoholism at some time or other. Three of us have been Sober since going to Amicus and we are currently planning an intervention for my brother and the plan is to take him to Amicus too because it works.Lori Johnson is strict, she runs a tight ship, but this is what I needed. No frills or empty promises, just treatment- plain and simple. The staff at Amicus are not only professional, with certification in drug and alcohol treatment, but the counselors are all successfully recovering alcoholics and/ or addicts, and I strongly believe that without the common connection between a counselor and client, without feeling that this person understood what I was going through, I don’t believe I could have stayed at Amicus and without Amicus I would not be sober today.
By: losgatoscole
Support Systems Homes Recovery Center
Support Systems is world's apart from their competition. Not only have they successfully helped one of my own family members, but they helped numerous other people that I referred to them. The people who work there are genuinely caring- from the first moment that we had encountered Jennifer in the main office, we were treated wonderfully well. She and everyone else there speak from experience and are right on when it comes to tailoring a program perfectly for the individual in need. This is so important. Everyone's needs in these homes cannot be handled in the same way. Individualized care is KEY and this is where I think Support Systems sets itself apart from other similar-type agencies. This is the place to consider if you are serious about taking a first step in the right direction.
By: Sarah M.
Amicus House Inc.
This place is great. Hated it at 1st but in hindsight I guess I was supposed to hate it in the beginning. The truth is that I was afraid to make the changes required to get out the of hole I created with my addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. Amicus isn't a country club, nor is it one of those county funded hell holes. It is a modest place without the frills that I guess we all expect or somehow think we deserve, but once I opened my mind to the fact that I had a problem I learned to stop complaining about the little things that I complained about my whole life and then I was able to listen to the staff and with the help and support of my peers and staff I was able to grasp the program and have been clean and sober ever since. Thank You Lori and Amicus House!
By: william101
West Coast Recovery Sober Living Homes
West Coast Recovery has really helped me with my addiction to drugs as well as alcohol. Andy is one of the most helpful people I know and was always there during all my court issues. The house manager Kyle also helped me many times. I have to say that the support I recieved was top notch and very very helpful in my time of need. I have been to many programs in the past and it always seemed that money always came before recovery. Not at West Coast Recovery, the individual always seemed to be placed at the top. I also want to say how clean and well maintaind the homes were and the guys in the house were great as well. I am now going on 8 months clean and sober and have found a great and awesome new life. Thanks West Coast Recovery!
By: steven2013
West Coast Recovery Sober Living Homes
West Coast Recovery saved my life. A few years back I made a phone call to Andy regarding the direction my life had gone in. I was in the grip of a crack cocaine addiction that i knew i would die from. WCR welcomed me with open arms. I did what was suggested and by the Grace of God I have not touched crack cocaine in over 6 years. It was not easy, I gave up a few times but the guys in the house gave me the support i needed. If your reading this and have a similiar issue pick up the phone and dial the number. Its all good............. I no longer fear PAYDAY's.
By: Logan M.
Drug-Rehab.org - Trusted Rehab Placement in the Bay Area
I spoke to a counselor named Kevin who was very friendly and took the time to listen to my sad story about my daughter and was very patient with me. He really cared and spoke to my daughter for a while who finally agreed to seek treatment, we were so relieved! He found us a program that we all thought was a good fit and she's been there for a week now without leaving and sounds good on the phone. So far so good! Thank you Kevin for peace of mind and the best night's sleep our family has gotten in years.
By: Steven M.
New Life Recovery Centers Inc.
Never in my life have i met those that actually inspire you for true greatness and are there around the clock if need be, Chris and Sophia are phenomenal in many different aspects and have been there to listen and to understand where I'm coming from they're awesome and actually care about everyone no matter how big or small if you would've told me I would be running marathons before I met them I would've laughed in your face until I came across them
By: terry113
Amicus House Inc.
Best Investment of My Parents LifeMy father convinced me to take a chance and dropped me off at Amicus. I was broken and broke and thought it was going to be another waste of his money. Didn't want to let anyone down again and had given up on myself. As usual- he knew better.Keeping it simple. Amicus helped me change. Been clean since 2009! Yeah!!!

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