By: Basudeb D.
City Wide Taxi Dispatch
This review is not about my experience with CWTD Cab ride but about character of one of their leased Cab owner. I live in a gated housing complex in Oakland, Ca. There are 12 houses in this complex. Some areas inside the complex are marked red "Fire Lane" by City of Oakland and Oalkand Fire Dept for emergency vehicle parking only. Everyday at night and sometimes during the day a City Wide Cab #360, CA DMV Reg #16001U1 is parked in the Fire-Lane. I believe the Cab owner also lives here or around the complex. It's not that the Car is just sitting idle there. The owner actually use our Fire lane as parking spot.Several times I brought this to the attention of CWTD and they acknowledged that this Cab is leased to a driver. They told me to call tow company, but we can't call to tow since this is a private property. It looks like CWTD tries to wash up their hand as if it is not their problem. I just like to inform CWTD that ultimately they have leased Cab to a drive who is irresponsible and do not care safety of other homeowners in the complex. It is the responsibility of CWTD to train their drivers where to park and where not to. If something happens to our complex and emergency vehicle is unable to park, we will held CWTD responsible
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By: Jenny C.
American Taxi Cab
I recently traveled to San Francisco and was well taken care of by this cab company. They were friendly, had super clean vehicles. Our driver was very professional & did not scare the heck out of me (drove safely).

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